Sunday, March 21, 2010

Counterjihad Films

Counterjihad FilmsMost readers have probably observed all the video productions by Vlad Tepes and Kitman we have featured over the last several months. Vlad has been particularly productive, subtitling videos at what seems an inhuman rate — until you realize that we chain him to his laptop and make him subsist on gruel and bog water while he does all those subtitling jobs for us.

Kitman does both translating and subtitling, sometimes working independently, and sometimes in consultation with Vlad the Subtitler.

All of these recent productions have been characterized by variations on the “Counterjihad Films” theme as part of the credits at the end of each video, often accompanied by Vlad’s whimsical animations. Watching one of them last night inspired me to collect some of the more recent videos and put them in a list on our sidebar. I asked Vlad for help, and he produced the video list while I made the CJF logo.
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You can see the results partway down the sidebar: look for the smaller version of the “Counterjihad Films” logo. We’ll update the video list from time to time, replacing some of the older items so that the list doesn’t become too cumbersome.

I highly recommend Turban and Swastika, one of the most important documentaries of our time. It details the connections between the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Third Reich, focusing on the creation on the SS Handschar Division of Bosnian Muslims during World War Two.

For videos in addition to those on the list, see Vlad’s Youtube channel.


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