Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Last Shtetl

There have been a number of recent reports about increasing attacks by Muslim immigrants against Jews in Scandinavia. The following article from the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten focuses mainly on anti-Semitism in European countries other than Norway.

Camelot, who translated the article for Gates of Vienna, includes this introductory note:

The article below reports the growth of anti-Semitism in other Western European countries as well as Norway. In my view, this is a symptom not only of increased immigration, but also a sign that the Muslim communities are becoming braver and more “daring”.

The translated article from Aftenposten:

Increase in harassment against European Jews

by Per Kr. Aale

European Jews feel more insecure and threatened. Last year, the highest number of anti-Semitic incidents since the 2nd World War was registered.

“Cancer Jew, cancer Jew!” yelled the two Moroccans loudly.

Shalom Dov Ber van Halem (22) was on his way home from Sunday supper at his parents’ house in Amsterdam when two Moroccans on bicycles started shouting at him.

“Cancer Jew! Hitler didn’t finish the job!” they yelled, and then went away.

Van Halem continued walking, but was suddenly knocked to the ground by a heavy blow to the back. The two Moroccans had run over him. A third one came running, and all three threw themselves on top of the young man.

“We hate Jews! You kill people in Gaza,” they spat at him, while kicking and beating van Halem, who suffered severe injuries.

Raphaël Evers is a Rabbi in the orthodox Jewish society in Amsterdam. He says that the hate against Jews is getting worse every year.

“The Jews here can never feel safe. Usually it’s racist statements being made, but many have also been attacked,” he says.

According to the Dutch authorities there has been a significant rise in the number of attacks on Jews, especially during the war on Gaza last year. In most cases it was Muslim immigrants who carried them out.
- - - - - - - - -
The situation in the Netherlands isn’t unique. Anti-racism organizations and institutions registering anti-Semitic incidents report a large increase of attacks on Jews and synagogues. Jewish children are being bullied, people are being knocked down, synagogues are smeared with racist slogans. In several cases, firebombs have been thrown against synagogues. The Jewish Agency, an organization connected with the Israeli government, wrote in a report that there were more attacks on European Jews last year than in any year since the Second World War. The report concludes that the Israeli military offensive in Gaza last year led to a wave of anti-Semitic incidents.

The side curls wave in the wind when the Jewish man in a black caftan comes down Lange Kieviestraat on his bicycle. Outside the Kosher King store, two people converse loudly in Yiddish. Here in Antwerp, Belgium, around 22,000 Jews form their own community. They have their own schools, doctors and shops with kosher food. Many are Hasidic, ultra-orthodox Jews who follow the Torah strictly. Now, the community is shaken by the increasing anti-Semitism.

At the Restaurant Hoffman, Mochi Hoffman serves kosher food. He acknowledges that the situation has become more difficult.

“The other day, there was a football match where the fans started singing old Nazi songs,” he says. He and other Jews that Aftenposten speaks with confirm reports of increased anti-Semitism. Synagogues have been attacked, cars smashed, and walls painted with anti-Semitic statements.

“We see incidents almost daily. People are scared. The higher unemployment rate has contributed to making the situation worse,” says Diane Keyser, a member of a forum connecting Jewish organizations in the city. Almost all the attacks are carried out by young immigrants from the Middle East. But Ms. Keyser emphasizes that the relationship with the many Muslims of Antwerp is mostly a good one.

“There’s a small group of young people who make all the trouble. Except for that, we live next to one another, though not with each other.”

Antwerp is a lively Jewish society. At Restaurant Hoffmann, most of the customers speak Yiddish. Alongside Jerusalem, London and New York, this is one of the largest communities where this language is still being spoken. While many of the Jewish communities in Eastern Europe were exterminated during the war, Antwerp is often called the last shtetl, Yiddish for village.

Recently the US State Department made public a report stating that the anti-Semitism in Europe had increased, especially during the Gaza conflict. “Such incidents include attacks on Jews or synagogues, desecration of cemeteries, and allegations about Jews having an especially great influence over the country’s politics and media.”

Last year the Center Against Racism in Belgium registered well over 100 attacks against Jews, twice as many as the year before. In the Netherlands, over 100 anti-Semitic attacks were carried out in January 2009 alone, more than the whole of 2008. In Great Britain, the Community Security Trust (CST) reported 924 attacks, the highest number since they started counting in 1984.

France has the largest Jewish community in Western Europe, but several thousand have emigrated to Israel during the last couple of years because of the hatred against them. The French Jewish Community registered 832 incidents last year, a 100% increase compared to 2008. According to the American Pew research institute, many Europeans have a negative attitude towards Jews, especially in Spain, Poland and Russia, but also about 20% of the French population share the same view.

The Jews have been living in the Netherlands for several hundred years. At the beginning of the Second World War there were 140,000 of them. 75% were killed by the Nazis. Bloeme Evers-Emden (83) survived Auschwitz.

“The anti-Semitism is a lot worse now than before the war. Today, Jews are attacked on a regular basis; that didn’t happen back then. The anti-Semitism has become more violent,” says the fit lady. She tells us that the Dutch Fascist Party (NSB) spread a lot of propaganda about the Jews before the war, and that Jews couldn’t hold certain jobs or join certain clubs.

“But our lives weren’t threatened as they are today. Then came the war and the Nazis, and the situation became a totally different one, of course.”

Rabbi Raphaël Evers says he is harassed every time he goes out.

“We Jews don’t feel at home in the Netherlands anymore. Many people talk about moving to Israel.”

Shalom Dov Ber van Halem tells us he is the object of racist remarks almost every week. He has been beaten several times.

“Sadly, anti-Semitism has become an everyday thing here in the Netherlands. People aren’t shocked anymore when they hear about such incidents. I regret that,” says the 22-year-old.


Findalis said...

Not just in Europe, but in Canada and the US too. There are certain Universities that Jews are not allowed to be part of, no Jews are allowed in various neighborhoods or towns, and according to the CHRB Jews are not a protected minority.

When the last Jew is dead, guess who is next?

Takuan Seiyo said...

I am sorry but I have no sympathy for the Jews of Antwerp. After all, they are reliable voters for the Socialists and shun and mistrust Vlaams Belang. They are getting what they have been voting for. It is largely the same story in the rest of Europe, and a precursor of things to come, on a far larger scale, in the United States and Canada.

Baron Bodissey said...

Takuan --

You need a bit of nuance here.

The liberal disease among Antwerp's Jews is confined mainly to the Reformed congregations. The Orthodox are among the staunchest supporters of Vlaams Belang, and, as the article mentions, there is a huge Hasidic presence in Antwerp.

Look up some of our earlier articles on VB and the Jews. We did a lot of legwork on this back in late 2007 and early 2008, during the Charles Johnson Wars.

You are not doing justice to the Jews of Antwerp.

Your larger point is well-taken, however. "Suicide Jews" are prominent in Europe as well as the USA.

Takuan Seiyo said...

You know far about this issue than I do, and I am therefore modifying my opinion accordingly, at least with respect to Belgian Jews. For some reason what has stuck in my mind about this was a NYT article about Vlaams Belang in which Ultra-Orthodox Antwerp Jews were quoted as to how they mistrust and fear Vlaams Belang, and the whole Jewish community there was portrayed as anti-VB. I wonder if NYT had an agenda in that.
With respect to France, however, a country that I know well and the home of more than half of Europe’s Jews, I stand by my statement. Just like in America, French Jews have been the intellectual spearhead of the Communist and Socialist parties, and have published copiously about the wonders of immigration of the beautiful Third World peoples. French Jews have been reliable socialist voters. Now they get pummeled on the streets and burnt out of their synagogues by Maghrebian ad-hoc einsatzgruppen. I do not condone that behavior of course, nor feel that it is just deserts. But I feel anger that French Jews have contributed much to the destruction of a country I like, and that makes it more difficult to empathize with their plight.

bewick said...

"Cancer Jew" ? Next it will be "cancer Christian, Hindu (insert as appropriate".
The real cancer is Islam and it will kill us. Severe Radiotherapy may be required!!

Anonymous said...

Well, the good thing is that they have a place to move to. The ethnic Dutch aren't that lucky. It's sad that this is happening though. I can't say I'm fond of Jews, but I don't hate them either, I just resent their attitudes sometimes related to how they see the countries they live in. Still, the policing in Europe is a joke and I hate seeing this happen. People should be safe... I recall incidents of blondes dying their hair due to immigrants too.

What I do respect about them is that they move to their home country if they feel unwelcomed in this case. I wish Muslims would do this.

Takuan Seiyo said...

The home country of Dutch and Flemish Jews is not Israel but Holland and Flanders. They have been there for hundreds of years and contributed much to those countries.If they have to move to Israel, it's a tragedy not only for themselves, but for their European homelands too. Those countries are replacing their own doctors, lawyers, artists and entrepreneurs who happen to be Jewish, with Muslim barbarians. That is also why the activity of leftist multiculti Jews such as Job Cohen is so revolting and perverse.

Rocha said...


The tragedy of jews began when they were dispersed in the Roman Empire. While disliking muslin antisemitism the return for Israel is a good side effect. More so because it strenght the ethnic jews there.

Now it's really time to them to leave Cisjordania, transfer population on Gaza and pay Arabs for the land they stole from them.
Do to the arabs what germany did to them (reparations for GOD SAKE!)

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

"Cancer Jew" ? Next it will be "cancer Christian, Hindu (insert as appropriate".

Christianity is probably weakest in my country than in any other western country. So therefore it will most likely be "cancer atheist" or alternatively "cander secularist" over here. You take your pick lol.

Anonymous said...

Takuan, I have no problem with Jews living in Europe. I have a problem with them using the countries they're in as simple pieces of land from which they can jump to the other piece of land. Besides this, I have no problem with them, especially if they see themselves as Dutch people that are Jewish. I don't mind people like that.

Takuan Seiyo said...

I am not going to enter into a discussion on this, as it’s one of the issues that people have been discussing for centuries, with much passion. Also, we have a different cultural background. I recall that Afonso once commented that in Portugal one is exposed 100% to anti-Israel propaganda, hence it’s impossible to acquire positive information. So I’ll just state what I know based on reading and personal experience as a visitor in the Middle East.
The tragedy of the Jews began not with the Roman Empire but with the Assyrian Empire, 700 years earlier. I know some Christian denominations whose adherents believe that the Anglos are the real Jews, descendants of the 10 “lost” tribes, but the Jews are not Jews but European Khazars. So following their thinking and yours, most pure Britons ought to be repatriated to Israel, while the Israelis ought to be repatriated to the Caucasus.
What about you? Assuming that you are of Portuguese descent, what right have you to be in Brazil? You stole the land of the real Brazilians, and you ought to be repatriated to Portugal.
That kind of thinking leads to nowhere but satire. Basically, 85% of Europe ought to be repatriated back to Central Asia. No, actually all of us ought to be repatriated to Africa, for that’s where we really came from, 70,000 years ago or whenever.
You are wrong with respect to land the Israelis “stole.” The Israelis are certainly no innocent lambs, but other than small transgressions they either bought their land from the local Arabs before 1948, or conquered it in the 1967 war which they did not initiate. Again, ask yourself, how many countries you know that do not sit on conquered land, and why is it that only Israel is demonized for it. You ought to take a look at this, as it deals with history that’s probably unknown where you live.

Takuan Seiyo said...

I have my own problems with Jews as a left multiculti-leaning group, but jumping between pieces of land is not one of them. It would astonish you how many non-Jews have been hopping from the Old World to the New and to the Antipodes, even in the past 10 years. And if you were to examine the question of Romanians hopping to Italy and Poles to the U.K., that would have to modify your statement too.

Anonymous said...

Takuan, I didn't say that I'm a fan of Romanians moving to Italy and Spain considering they move there just for money, but I failed to see the part where they start to tell Italians how to manage their country and cry about how they are treated and demanded to be treated in X way. I would find it legitimate if the Italians told the Romanians to move back home or the vast majority of them or whatever. My statement applies to all people who do a certain thing. Actually, I sided with the Italians on a lot of their measures against immigration from my country and how to deport people based on the fact that it's their country. I mean, I would disagree with Europeans starting to force Jews to move to Israel, that is completely idiotic and moronical. It's just that I find it stupid for someone who lives in someone's else country to tell them how to do things so that they have a benefit. If Romanians would start to tell people how to do things in their own countries, I'll be the first one to tell them to stfu. I'm going to bed now so I can't really explain this position in full detail.

Also, genetically, I'm not really Romanian.

Takuan Seiyo said...

Re: “Someone who lives in someone else’s country.” I don’t believe that you have thought the issue through. Jews have lived in Italy for over 2000 years -- since before many who are considered “real” Italians. They have lived in Europe since before peoples such as the Hungarians. They have lived in America since the 17th century, a 100 years before there was a United States. Without the sacrifice of one Jew, Haym Solomon, perhaps there wouldn’t have been a United States. Without the fights of another, Uriah Phillips Levy, there still might be corporal punishment in the US Navy and Thomas Jefferson’s home might be a hole in the ground. So whatever you feel the Jews are not doing right as a group, you have to rephrase it in a different way.

Anonymous said...

Takuan Seiyo,

Not only Jews bought most of the land, but:

1. Jews bought most of the land.

2. The rest was taken in a defensive war (check international law on that).

3. Jews were driven out from lands they bought before 48 in today's Jordan, Syria, the Gaza strip and the West Bank, including from places were there was continuous Jewish presence for thousands of years, mainly east Jerusalem and Hebron (where nearly the entire Jewish community was massacred by Arabs in 1929).

4. Between 48 and the mid 50s and again some years later almost a million Jews had to flee or were driven out from Arab-ruled countries and Persia, leaving all their property behind. Most of them were resettled in Israel. These refugees and their descendants constitute the majority of Israeli Jewish population today. Don't they deserve reparations?

5. To begin with the Muslim Arabs conquered the land as part of their imperialistic project. They were imperialists-colonialists just like the Europeans, Romans, Babylonians and Assyrians. They still are in the business of getting a hold on more lands, forcing Arabization and Islamization on the natives or driving them out (see Sudan - that's how a country becomes Arab Muslim land). Does that mean they have a right to every last grain of sand of the huge territories they conquered?

6. During their wars of conquest they have conquered, subjugated and killed Jewish communities throughout the Middle East, starting from Mecca and Medina themselves as you can read in the Quran. Jewish communities that predated them by centuries or millennia. According to the Amazigh (Berbers) tradition their legendary leader against the Arab conquering army, Al Kahina, was a Jewish woman. Under Arab-Muslim rule Jews were often oppressed and humiliated and their numbers diminished greatly.

And after all that they say the evil Jews "stole" the land from the poor Arabs. Have they no shame?

Rocha said...

Takuan Seiyo,

Yes following my reasonig and that of these people Anglos should be repatriated. But that is bull and we know it.

"What about you? Assuming that you are of Portuguese descent, what right have you to be in Brazil? You stole the land of the real Brazilians, and you ought to be repatriated to Portugal."

Do not assume i'm 100% Portuguese ( =D ) and proud of it. We have the right to be here we did'nt stole the land. We CONQUERED it. Same thing with Israelis, if a was in the 30's, 40's, 50's i would be totally anti-israelli and even now i do not hold love most of the jews i know (liberals, liberals and a liberals). The land was stolen because the brittish turned it to the jews not the real owners the arabs. Now in 48 and in 67 the israelis really conquered it, so they gained right to the land.
The problem? Since they don't repatriated every arab and they can't colonise fast enought they are in a very dangerous crossroad.
The best way in my humble opinion is to transfer the population of Gaza and leave cisjordania for good.
Paying reparations is a way to buy peace.

Rocha said...


As i'm a really curious person let me ask. German, Hungarian or Gypsy?

Anonymous said...

In 2000 Israeli PM Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat the Gaza strip, almost all the West Bank, a settlement in Jerusalem and reparations for the property of Arab refugees. Arafat rejected it and started the second intifada.

In 2008 Israeli PM Ehud Olmert offered Mahmud Abbas 93-97% of the territory and the rest in land swap, making it 100% in size, a settlement in Jerusalem and reparations for the property of Arab refugees. Abbas didn't accept it and said the positions of the Israelis and the Palestinians are still very far apart.

The Arabs demand that besides an Arab Palestinian state next to Israel, the Arab refugees and all their descendants will be settled inside Israel, immediately turning it into a binational state, and within a couple of generations, since their birth rate is far higher, into (yet another) Arab Muslim state. In other words they will not accept a non-Arab non-Muslim sovereignty on even one grain of sand.

The Euros, with few exceptions, support the Muslims/Arabs, the US is well on its way to the same position, Iran is on its way to nuclear weapon and no one is going to stop it (Obama made sure Israel can't do it either), so Israel will not survive. When Israel is gone and millions of Jews are dead the Euros will say it was our fault, if not cheer for it as the greatest moral achievement of the 21st century. After all, the West doesn't have real reporters or historians anymore, just people who use their positions to push their insanely naive political agenda.

If you think, like most Westerners, that Israel is the strong side you are fools. The Muslims are extremely strong, except militarily for the moment. They own most of the oil reserves, they are 1.3 billion people which is a huge market, they have lots and lots of money to spend on spreading their religion, supporting terrorism, "donating" to Western universities, "donating" to NGOs, financing propaganda and various lobbies (for which they have also many people, being such a huge population), buying political influence and shares in the media. And now they have also growing populations, that is voting power, in Western countries.

And while you're bragging about European IQ, they fooled you and the Jews all the way. And they managed to divide the infidels. And the infidels are still arming them, even with nuclear weapon.

Let's hope that we're all wrong and the Left is right.

Takuan Seiyo said...

doom and gloom,
“...the Euros will say it was our fault.”
You are wrong. They will build lavish museums, have festivals of dead Israeli music and name restaurant dishes with names like Sabra ratatouille – at least for a while, until Muslims have reached 15% of Europe’s population.

Rocha said...


Israel is preety hard on the Arab population (it has to be), so why not learn from Machiavel, do all the evil once, the good in parcels.
Make a puppet state, a real one with a Quisling. Then the improvement of Arab life will chage the situation. Is Syria really attaking Israel? Jordania? Lebannon? Egypt? the trick is to do that to Cisjordania.

Takuan Seiyo said...

Whom are you asking?

Rocha said...


What is your opinion about it?

Anonymous said...


"You are wrong. They will build lavish museums, have festivals of dead Israeli music and name restaurant dishes with names like Sabra ratatouille – at least for a while, until Muslims have reached 15% of Europe’s population."

Yes, you're right, LOL, I forget we're talking Europe. If there's one thing Hitler got right it's mocking European hypocrisy.

Takuan Seiyo said...

Opinion about what. Israel?
I have only a partial opinion. The country is in such a difficult situation that no choice they can make is a good one. I think that they have to arrive at a total separation from Arabs, despite Israel’s own liberals who like multiculti. The issue is how to achieve that, and I don’t have a good idea. They have many people there in responsible positions who can’t sleep at night because they keep thinking about what to do.
Note that, again, you have been misinformed with regard to the provenance of the land. There has never been a Palestinian nation. In the 19th century there were Arabs living there but there were also Jews. When European Jews started moving there in the 20th century, they bought additional land from the Arab owners. Having a legal title to land is good enough for me. What they didn’t have was sovereignty. The sovereignty was bestowed on them by the United Nations in 1948, on a small portion of what had been Ottoman territory and later a British protectorate. I don’t see any problems there.
As to your opinion about the Jews you know, it doesn’t differ much from my own, at least with respect to liberalism. But that doesn’t affect my opinion about Israel. Besides, the Israelis are quite different.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

"The Muslims are extremely strong, except militarily for the moment."

Strong? They are delusional lunatics hellbent on conquering the world or destroying it if they can't achieve the first perogative. But strong? Not really. The only thing they will achieve is getting their homelands glassed and windexed. Our only problem is how to deal with the millions of mahoundians on our own soil. To be honest I believe there will be another holocaust in Europe. They might be aggressive and very violent but we are still the majority. There's not a chance they can win unless we drag out this current situation to last for decades while they are breeding us out.

Stella said...

2.2.2010. A Song of Yearning
Come Home Beloved People,
Your land is waiting for you
With open arms,
Like a yearning Mother!
Why do you linger?
In places that don't want you,
That have never wanted you.
And have made it abundantly clear,
Why do you spurn
The loving call of Yisrael?
And endure the voices of hate?
Screaming from the roof tops?
Salivating for your blood,
Screaming for your death?
Why do you shut your ears?
To the wailing of Rachel?
Weeping for her babies
Into whose eyes
Nails were driven!
They'll never change!
They'll do it again!
Come home, Beloved People!
Bring solace to the heart of Rachel!
Make peace with your G-D!
Come home, please come home!