Monday, March 22, 2010

Repeal It or Feel It Redux

I liked the Baron’s slogan so much that I asked him to create an image to go along with it. An hour later, he gave me this:

Repeal it or Feel it!

Remember his image, “I’m a Fan of Disproportionate Response”? That one spread far and wide. In fact, I recently saw it utilized as someone’s avatar.

I hope this one spreads the same way. As the Baron says, images are good propaganda and ought to be freely distributed. The current members of Congress need to feel the heat. Let us pray that this image helps to build their discomfort level.

Consider it a contribution to the campaign to return to self-governance. You know, the kind of polity we had before Marx came along, permitting Democrats and their RINO friends to promulgate the lie that government was a solution to anything beyond the protection of our sovereignty.

Want to see the ugly aftermath of “we’re the government and we’re here to help you”? Visit Detroit.

Meanwhile, steal this image and spread it as far and wide as you can.

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Ann-Marie said...

Consider it hereby “stolen” and spread.

Nairb said...

Thanks. Stole it.

PatriotUSA said...

Done, and I spent the today
teaching my son to shoot and
learning how to use guns.

Stolen and will post later

Godffrey said...


I read in your previous post where you first unveiled this new slogan that you believe the system can be fixed. I disagree and although this may not be the right thread to discuss it I think I should state my reasons as to why the system cannot be fixed. Simply put it is too powerful. Nationalists are gaining strength here and in Europe but it is by baby steps and not by leaps and bounds. The PVV has a good amount of seats in the Dutch parliament, the BNP might win it's first seats in the British parliament, and we might get some more genuine conservatives in November, but I feel it's not enough. Our opponents are better funded, better organized, and have the government and the media on their sides. They can handle the loss of some congressional seats and eventually they will start fighting back with all they have, which is more than all we have. I think things can only be fixed if we take the entire system in one fell swoop. Otherwise it will keep rebuilding itself and grinding us down through lawfare and attacks in the media. Unfortunately things are still comfortable enough for enough people that a mass revolt against the system seems incredibly unlikely. I hope that you are right, though. I would prefer that we take our country back by peaceful and democratic means. After all, if it comes to war our victory will not be a sure thing.

Anonymous said...

Soon to be nicked. Just waiting for the right opportunity to use it - sure as nuts there will be one soon, as McNutter is bound to bring out a new, daft law.

Svartwulf said...

Verily, I hath stolen this in the name of Vikings! It's on my blog now along with my latest article about said bill!

M. Simon said...

Baron did “I’m a Fan of Disproportionate Response”?

I'm impressed.

I saw "Repeal It or Feel It" over at Vanderleun's and am going to help spread it.

Good work!!!

Baron Bodissey said...

M. Simon --

Yes, I made that graphic back in 2006, during the war in Lebanon. The largest version is here.

The post about it is here. I stole the the fist-and-lightning-bolt graphic from Naval Air Station Lemoore. I had to rotate it about 45 degrees, though.

1389 said...

Posted a thumbnail with a link back to this article at 1389 Blog and at 1389 Message Blog.