Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hiding in Slotervaart

Cultural Enrichment News

The following article from De Volkskrant, as translated by our Dutch correspondent Bolleke, is about the plight of one elderly couple in the culturally enriched neighborhood of Slotervaart:

Hiding in Slotervaart

Slotervaartby Peter Hilhorst

It is worse than during the war, thinks a couple in Slotervaart (Amsterdam) who are under attack by Moroccan neighbors. Their despair is gripping. They want to feel they are protected.

She came walking out in wooden sandals. I was recording for the television program “De Ombudsman” in the Amsterdam borough of Slotervaart. If I cared about injustice, I had to hear her story.


Her apartment looked more like a bunker. For the windows blinds were hanging. Through the half-closed blinds, I saw the windows covered with the unsavory remnants of eggs that neighborhood children had thrown against them. Sometimes rocks were also thrown through the window, she told me. “Since I opened my mouth as the only one.” Everywhere things were packed in boxes. She came towards me. Her husband remained standing. They want to move after forty years. They couldn’t stand it in this neighborhood any longer.

Next door to them lived a Moroccan family with seven children. These children had no respect for them. For anyone. On the street boys hung around and shouted at her: “Hey whore, you want to [satisfy] me for three euros?” Her husband was not happy that she had asked me inside. “They have already seen that he is inside.” I asked who “they” were. They were the street terrorists who intimidated them. “I lived through the war,” said the man, who must have been over seventy, “and this is worse than the war.” Then he began to cry. With his big hands he tried to wave me away, and left the room. They felt like hiding in Slotervaart.

She was homesick, the lady told me. Nostalgia for the days when Slotervaart was a teacher’s neighborhood. A white teacher’s neighborhood. “The people of Morocco have nostalgia for their country, but I have nostalgia for the neighborhood of the past.”

- - - - - - - - -
Now they are leaving. But moving is not easy. They are afraid to let a moving van drive up in front of their house, because “then they will know where we go”. So every day they smuggle a few packed boxes out. But can their generous closets and television be transported unseen? It seems a problem that they have no answer for.

The desperation of the couple is complete. I asked what they wanted me to do. But their answer was as short as it was shocking: nothing. They didn’t want me to do anything. And they certainly would not tell their story on television. They were afraid of reprisals from the neighborhood youths. I offered to contact the police or District Chairman Ahmed Marcouch. But they didn’t feel like it. The police often came to them. It did not help. And in Marcouch they had no confidence whatsoever.

“But don’t you want something done against this harassment?” I finally asked in despair. The man got very restless. He wanted me to go away. When I asked whether I should come again, he shook his head no. Hastily I wrote my name and phone number. In case they changed their minds. They didn’t want to give me their names and phone number. When I went the door I tried to tell them again that what was happening to them was unacceptable, and that action should be taken. But with a conversation at the opened door, she got totally nervous.

Shelter or flee. These seem the only options these people have for themselves. They no longer believe that it makes sense to speak out or stand up for yourself. This is what they have learned. It brings only problems. They have also lost any trust in others. Nobody can even help them.


It is mainly this defeatism that makes their despair more moving. They behave like children who are so bullied that they dare not even say they are bullied, out of fear of being harassed even more. So they hide in their bunker in Slotervaart.

But that’s how bullies win. They can continue with impunity. To call a halt to them, it is necessary that the victims open their mouths. Without a formal complaint the hands of the police are tied. Without a complaint, the housing authority and the district government can do very little.

The first thing that should happen is that victims must know that they can open their mouths. That they feel themselves protected. This is not the case. Therefore it was a miracle that this lady in her sandals came out in the first place.

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Zenster said...

Like it or not, approve of it or not, this sort of thuggery will produce the exact same sort of result that shool bullying does: Eventually, someone is going to go postal.

Much as with the typical school shooting, it won't necessarily be the truly culpable individuals who get their comeuppance. The upshot in Holland may well see a bunch of young kids knifed to death because they are softer targets and such an act will inflict more pain upon the parents who, literally, bred up this problem.

Whatever way you cut it, this whole situation is leading towards something really nasty. Remember:


EscapeVelocity said...

What a sad, sad story.

dr_rhubarb said...

I'm sure these people spoke out in the beginning, I'm sure they found the usual PC claptrap that painted the perpetrators as victims and the actual victims were required to appease their tormentors to achieve a solution. It is the liberal madness that we see enacted again and again across the spectrum, from small domestic incidents to ethnic cleansing.
Truly the political elites cannot seem to learn from experience and continue the same failed policies in every arena of life.
It is much like domestic violence where the woman blames herself and appeases al the way to the grave.

Svartwulf said...

In the end, the only way to truly confront violence is with violence. It's not pretty, and I'm sure most people would consider it morally wrong. So much of Modern Western culture is about avoiding violence. Unfortunately, violence won't avoid us.

It leaves only hard choices.

laine said...

Leftist leaders are sadistic in their drive to control. They have taught their chosen weapon, Muslim youth that they can say or do anything with impunity, especially to a white victim.

Police priority is now avoiding offense to any non-white person including no proper investigation of any crime they have committed. If the complainant is white, then he soon learns that his brown victimizer can bully him at will, the police are obstructive and more likely to turn the gimlet eye on the victim looking for racism than the victimizer and since community leaders are the ones who created this situation in the first place there's no use contacting them either.

One might feel sympathy for this elderly white couple if they were not likely among the brainless sheep who kept voting for leftist politicians with their suicidal policies, especially immigration.

Anonymous said...


"Truly the political elites cannot seem to learn from experience and continue the same failed policies in every arena of life."

They can't learn from experience because they refuse to recognize any reality that interferes with their theories. Theirs is a church, not a university, their body of knowledge is based on dogma and articles of faith, not on reason and empirical evidence. Any evidence that threatens their cosmology and any heretic will be suppressed - by marginalizing, scorn, censorship, loss of position and income, demonization, and if all these fail, by law. Thus experience doesn't exist for them the way it exists for rational people - as a test to their theories. Any experience must be interpreted according to their dogma.

Axiom: Violence is always the result of oppression*. Thus the existence of violence proves the existence of oppression. Thus the more violence there is the more appeasement, concessions and accommodation are required. Axiom: Whites are always the oppressors and "people of color" are always the oppressed. Thus the existence of violence of "people of color" proves the existence of white oppression. The more violence there is the more guilty whites are. The only solution to violence is to stop the oppression. The only way to stop the oppression is to take from whites the power to oppress. Thus the solution for Muslim violence in Europe is to import more Muslims into Europe. Only when whites become a minority in Europe they will lose their power to oppress. Solving the problem of oppression will end violence. Conclusion: Turning Europe into a caliphate will bring world peace. This is where the Left and the Muslims agree.

* (Except in one case - when the perpetrator is white or perceived as white and the victim is a "person of color". Only in the case of whites/people who are perceived as white violence is a natural tendency or a product of their own culture.)

WAKE UP said...

There is no answer to this problem except (1) a cessation of all Muslim immigration to the West(2) repatriation of existing Muslim immigrants back to Muslim countries (3) ringfencing of those countries (4) attrition (5) constant vigilance (6) patience, and taking the long view - it has taken several centuries to get into this mess, it'll take almost as long to undo it.

The Observer said...

The only way that indigenous Europeans can stop this type of harassment is by forming vigilante groups whose main focus is to look after the wellbeing of their own people. It’s the same tactic used by any violent criminal gang, and unfortunately it’s the only one that works.

Why do these Moroccan kids get away with this vile behaviour? I’ll tell you why, it’s because nobody has beaten the living crap out of them yet for terrorising this old couple. Would this have happened to that couple if they had a son in the Hells Angels? I seriously doubt so. The Hells Angels would have found these thugs and meted out a punishment that they would never forget, and I can guarantee that the kids’ behaviour towards this elderly couple would have improved drastically to put it mildly. And the word that this couple were off limits would have spread on the streets pretty darn fast.

A gang doesn’t have to consist of more than a half dozen people to be truly effective, provided that the gang members are willing to go to any lengths to ensure people treat them with respect. And they would only have to resort to violence a couple of times before people would start to realize that the gang is not to be messed with. It’s the tactic of choice for any self-respecting criminal biker or immigrant thug.

Normal law-abiding citizens might not like to hear this, but it’s still a fact.

dr_rhubarb said...

spot on doom & gloom

costin said...

" They no longer believe that it makes sense to speak out or stand up for yourself. This is what they have learned. It brings only problems. "

This kind of defetism is characteristic also for the elites, the "aristocracy" that made this situation possible in the first place. Ignorance and defetism, this is what will conquer NL..

Early Light said...

The government has neither the balls nor the intelligence to do its job. So, either the Religion-of-Peace stormtroopers prevail on the streets, and begin a holocaust of infidels, or the oppressed infidels fight back, and begin a holocaust of Muslims (which will undoubtedly victimize many who are innocent). Either way, the devil wins. (But, only the battle, not the war...)

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Yes. Happened to me when I was a schoolboy. I was small for my age, and an older, bigger, stronger, boy started bullying me. I went postal for a few minutes. Nobody ever tried bullying me again - even the oldest boys.. Luckily, most kids in this country can't get their hands on a gun ...

But did I go telling tales? Did anyone else?

No, we sorted the problem out ourselves: and that's exactly what will eventually happen throughout Europe. Except we're older now and know how to get our hands on weapons.