Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dutch Election Night News

As we reported earlier this evening, Geert Wilders and the PVV did well in the Dutch municipal elections today, especially in Almere. Our Flemish correspondent VH has been beavering away all night, translating news articles as well as Mr. Wilders’ speech in Almere.

First, from De Telegraaf:

Wilders: Tomorrow all of the Netherlands

ALMERE — “Today the Hague and Almere, tomorrow all of the Netherlands!” That was what PVV leader Geert Wilders told his supporters during the election rally in Almere. According to the preliminary results of the local elections, the PVV in one blow is the biggest party in Almere and the second biggest party in The Hague.

“When some six months ago we decided to participate in the municipal elections in Almere and the Hague, we were laughed at: ‘oh, they will surely not succeed in that.’ The leftist press thought it would not work anyway. We were cursed and intimidated, but we are the largest party.”

Wilders also responded to SP party leader Agnes Kant, who said during a debate that he was a threat to society. “Agnes, thanks so much!”

“Today the national campaign has begun. What can be in The Hague and Almere, can also be in the Netherlands in a while. This is the springboard towards our victory on June 9.”

Below is Geert Wilders’ victory speech in Almere, as published on the PVV website:

Dear people,

It looks as though we are the largest party in Almere and the second party in the Hague.

When some six months ago we decided to participate in the elections in Almere and the Hague, we were laughed at. “Oh, they will surely not succeed in that.” And now the biggest.

The entire left-wing octopus came into action against us. Every day the state broadcaster showed an anti-PVV program, left-wing demonstrators came to Almere, posters were destroyed, and of course there was the familiar amount of intimidations, insults, and curses. Agnes Kant [Socialist Party, SP] even said: “Mr. Wilders is the threat to our society.” Well, thank you, Agnes.
- - - - - - - - -
But the leftists’ church had forgotten one thing: here we have deployed one of our best people. And look who is the big winner tonight! That is only one person. That is our super-cannon. That is our own Raymond de Roon. Raymond: Congratulations! And of course, Almere: Congratulations! And from here also applause and congratulations for Sietse Fritsma and his team in The Hague!

Raymond put up a rock of a campaign. He was everywhere in the city. Raymond has made clear the choice that lies before us. Either the way of hope and optimism, or a program of danger and Islamization. Almere has chosen. And now it is the turn for the Netherlands.

Dear friends, one thing is very important now. I wish to whisper a number to you. For this success is really great. What can be in Almere, later on can be in the entire Netherlands! This is our springboard to victory on June 9. Today Almere and Hague, tomorrow the Netherlands!

The campaign for the general elections has just begun. And I have good news. Maurice de Hond [a major polling bureau] conducted a poll today, and with 27 seats the PVV is the largest party in the Netherlands!

The figure I want to whisper you is the number 5. Because that is the list number of the PVV in the elections on June 9. Our 5 will be the winning number for the Netherlands. With that number we will reconquer the Netherlands. The leftist elite still believes in the multi-nonsense and the coddling of criminals and the development aid and the European super-state and high taxes. But the rest of the Netherlands thinks very differently. That silent majority also deserves a voice. And on June 9 that voice will sound loud and clear.

Then hundreds of thousands of Dutch will choose list 5 — the Party for Freedom. The voters today in Almere and the Hague have opted for a new, better, and stronger sound in their city. The sound of the PVV. And I predict to you: on June 9 we together with all those Dutch people who want a safer and stronger Netherlands will gain a resounding victory in the national elections! We can become the largest party in the Netherlands. Thank you!

Another one from De Telegraaf:

“Muslims have nothing to fear in Almere”

Almere — Muslims have nothing to fear from the PVV. This is what party leader Geert Wilders said Wednesday in the city where his party became the largest in the municipal elections. “If they stick to the laws, they are equal to everyone else, and they have no reason to fear,” said Wilders.

He called the election a great day for the PVV. “If you become the largest or second-largest party then you should try to join in,” Wilders said. The PVV leader hopes that the other parties in Almere will not close out the PVV. “The voters have spoken. One must take democracy seriously,” Wilders stated.

Raymond de Roon, leader of the PVV in Almere, will conduct the negotiation during the forming of a coalition. Wilders said during the evening that the results in Almere are not to interfere in this. “We must see what parties want to work together with us.”

De Roon showed gratitude to his voters: “I promise them more security and less Islam in the city”.

Also from De Telegraaf:

Leefbaar Rotterdam [Livable Rotterdam] wants recount

Livable Rotterdam [the party founded in Rotterdam by Pim Fortuyn] wants a recount of the votes that were cast during the municipal elections Wednesday in the city. So said party leader Marco Pastors after it was revealed that the PvdA and Livable Rotterdam have become almost equal in size. 96 percent of Wednesday’s votes have been counted, the two parties may count on 14 seats each.

That recount is particularly necessary because, according to Leefbaar Rotterdam, quite a lot went wrong at some polling stations. According to Pastors, members of polling stations helped people to vote and in completing authorization forms.

A spokesman for Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said that first the remaining 4 percent will be counted. Aboutaleb will then catch up on what exactly happened in the polling late Thursday. “But there is no question of a recount yet,” the spokesman said.

From Nieuw Religieus Peil:

Irregularities with immigrant voters in Rotterdam / Feyenoord

Rotterdam has moved Stadstoezicht [City Guards] into polling stations in the Feyenoord district of Rotterdam. The municipality determined there were “occasional irregularities”. It was mainly reported that several adults went together into one voting booth, such as immigrant voters who do not speak the Dutch language. Several adults in one voting booth is not allowed under the Elections Act.

Rotterdam also decided to replace the chairman of the polling station in the immigrant neighborhood Roterdam-Afrikaanderwijk [at the Afrikaanderplein]. In one polling station in the Rotterdam (immigrant) district Delfshaven the entire staff of the polling station was replaced. “It is a combination of overcrowding which makes it very difficult to monitor properly. They did well enough establish that there were irregularities”.

Earlier in Feyenoord there had been ethnic tensions running high within the PvdA (Socialists).