Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Culturally Enriched Wedding Brawl

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Further Update: According to Debbie Schlussel’s site, these fractious people from Iraq are Chaldean Christians, and not Muslims.

It’s yet another example — remember the Assyrian Christian “youths” in Södertälje? — of atavistic tribal behavior, which is not always dependent on religion.

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Update: Video has been Youtubed. Thanks, Vlad!

The text of this article (which is from a British paper, but concerns events in Michigan) doesn’t identify the ethnicity of the wedding-store brawlers. However, even if you don’t watch the embedded video, you’ll recognize the trademark clan-based Muslim behavior as described in the report: the offended female phones her family to report a perceived slight, and all her male relatives descend en masse to wreak violent mayhem in the store and repair the damage to the family honor.

I can’t embed the video, so be sure to open the article and watch it. The store owner identifies the brawlers as from “the hills of Iraq”. Here’s the news story from The Sun:

Bridezilla Erupts in Wedding Shop

THIS shocking video shows an angry bride-to-be trashing a wedding dress shop after an argument with staff.

The woman and her pals were caught on CCTV after entering the store to purchase a dress.

A staff member refuses to make alterations to the woman’s frock — and an almighty brawl ensues.

Owner Hekmat Putruss said when he told the “bad-mouthing” bridezilla to leave she flipped out.

He said: “She started threatening me, saying ‘you don’t know who I am, I’ll call my husband to kill you, to teach everyone here a lesson’.”

Three men later turned up at the shop and burst in while it was filled with customers.

The video footage shows one of the men shoving Mr Putruss into a showcase and tackling him to the ground.
- - - - - - - - -
Another man spits on Mr Putruss’s wife and slaps her face.

Mannequins in the store in Oakland County, Michigan, US, are picked up and used as weapons.

Police finally arrive at the store and arrest the three men who were later charged with assault.

Mr Putruss said he and his family sustained injuries from the attack and the estimated damage bill would come to around £10,000.

He said: “They just attacked without notice … this is a clothing store, a women’s clothing store, we don’t expect things like this to happen.”

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laine said...

Barbarians with a gigantic sense of entitlement welcomed as immigrants (though they see themselves as colonists). What could possibly go wrong?

PatriotUSA said...

Great catch and post, Baron.
How long will it be before CAIR
and the other trollist Mussie
organizations jump in to scream
racist behavior against Muslims?
Will it be the ususal she was
the victim becuase she was a Muslim, and it looks to me like she is. The store owner has the
RIGHT to refuse service or ask
a person to leave if they are
or are going to be a problem.

This still is the United States
last time I checked, not the
fetid, incestuous, lands of
Saudia Arabia, Sudan, Iran
Yemen. They are never the ones
to cause trouble or be the guilty
party. CCTV has proven otherwise,
one more time.

spackle said...

The dark side of cell phone technology. Any group with a tribal mentality can call and have a violent mob at their side as fast as police backup. I know someone who works at a well known hospital in NYC. A gypsy was being treated and got into an argument with her doctor about treatment. She got on her cell phone and within 30 minutes about 20 family members were there and began to kick ass, break things and steal from the other horrified patients and their families.

Findalis said...

This had to be a set up. Why would a woman already married need a wedding gown?

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Muslim is starting to become a taboo word much like negro has been for decades. One could therefore say that muslim is the new negro-word.

PatriotUSA said...

Maybe she was on 'another'
marriage after her first,
second or whatever failed to
her 1st, 2nd, 3rd husband?

Oops, that can't be correct.
She would have ben an honor
killing target or stoned to
death. Unless she is such a
Barracuda, her father was
giving her away. Perhaps
that may explain such civil
behavior in the store by her
'slighted' male family
members. Here is a great
example why Muslim immigration
needs to be stopped NOW.

Tipsico said...

According to a local blogger here in Detroit (, the shop owner and the rioting family were Iraqi.

Ilíon said...

"The text of this article (which is from a British paper, but concerns events in Michigan) doesn’t identify the ethnicity of the wedding-store brawlers."

In the video, they look Arab/Middle-Eastern. And the shop owner, who is Arab/Middle-Eastern, inplies that they're Iraqi; that is, implying that they're either Iraqi Arab or Iraqi Kurd.