Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Winds of Change in Sweden

As regular readers know, Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) are the only anti-immigrant political party in Sweden.

Good news about SD came in just before post time: the party is now polling at 7.2%, up more than a percentage point since the most recent previous poll. With that percentage — and especially since they are trending upwards — not only are they guaranteed seats in next year’s parliamentary elections, but they will also be in a strong position to influence the formation of a coalition if the vote generally favors the center-right parties.

Kent Ekeroth is the international secretary of Sverigedemokraterna. Last month he gave a speech about Islam and Europe during SD’s Landsdagarna (National Days), their highest executive meeting. Below is a subtitled version of Kent’s speech, broken up into two parts. Many thanks to Henrik W. for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Part 1:

Part 2:

A full transcript of the speech is below the jump.
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Part 1

(0:00) Hi, everybody! Can you guess what I am going to talk about today?

(0:10) Islam. As you know, it’s a favourite subject of mine. Islam and the Islamization,

(0:20) which I believe is the most important issue of today. It’ not only one of the fastest growing problems in Sweden and Western Europe, but also one of the hardest phenomena to deal with.

(0:35) Every civilization eventually comes to a crossroads where it expires, either in war or with a whimper, or else has to fight for its survival.

(0:52) Europe has faced Islam on the battlefield. The Islamic wars of conquest carved out an empire from Spain in the west to India in the east.

(1:05) In the 15th century, Constantinople was taken, and in the 17th century Vienna was under siege. The last siege of Vienna was lifted by the Polish king, whose cavalry liberated the city on September 11th, 1683.

(1:21) This is a date that figures prominently in the Muslim consciousness to this day, as we saw on the 11th of September, 2001, in New York.

(1:32) And these conquests in the name of Islam are not surprising: Mohammed himself spread Islam by the sword, and, according to Muslim scholars, Muslims have a duty to wage wars of aggression on non-Muslims until the whole world is subject to Sharia.

(1:51) But today we don’t face a military threat in Europe. We are not facing extinction in a regular war, but Sweden faces expiration by a whimper.

(2:08) We have entered a new phase of an ancient war. We did not start it. Neither the US nor Israel is guilty of starting it, as frequently claimed.

(2:19) This is 1400 years old and hasn’t changed significantly during this period. We see a process in which Muslim immigration leads to Muslim enclaves and demands for separate legislation.

(2:34) And the motive is the same as during the Arab and Turkish wars of conquest — that Islam should dominate but not be dominated, as Mohammed expressed it.

(2:48) Qaddafi, the Libyan dictator, spoke to the Arab news channel Al-Jazeera in 2006 about how Islam would conquer Europe; “without swords, without guns, without military”.

(3:04) He stood in front of millions of viewers and spoke about birth statistics and immigration, about when Turkey will join Europe, and he said it was just a matter of time before Islam would dominate Europe. Other political and religious leaders in the Arab world say the same thing.

(3:24) The imam Abu Base, one of Al-Qaeda’s most prominent supporters, has said that Jihad and immigration walk in lockstep, and that without immigration there can be no Jihad.

(3:36) We’ve seen the effects of these thoughts; in 2005, an act of terror was committed in England perpetrated by Muslims who were born and raised among the British middle class,

(3:50) and you’d think they were Westerners — but they were not. They were Muslims first. Yasser Arafat, the terrorist, said that the wombs of women are the first weapon of Arabs.

(4:04) And the right of return, as they demand of Israel, is another example of how they use demography to win. Interestingly the Alliance — the Swedish governing coalition — seems to be aware of exactly what I’m speaking about,

(4:20) since we heard Billström — the minister of migration — says that “we should be kind to them, so that they will be kind to us when they are in the majority”.

(4:30) That says a lot about…


… says a lot about the misguided and hostile-to-Swedes policies of the Alliance.

(4:46) And this idea of Jihad as warfare, by many different means, goes back all the way to Mohammed. Demographic expansion and stealth Islamization when they are few and weak, regular war and coups when they grow strong.

(5:06) What we experience in Europe today is absolutely not new, it’s happened before. Lebanon and Kosovo are two recent examples of this development. We are simply in an earlier phase than they are.

(5:24) I must point out that all Muslims are not participating in some huge conspiracy to take over Europe. Some are, for example the Muslim Brotherhood, who co-operate with the Social Democrat Brotherhood movement, which in turn is represented in the Swedish parliament. But the demographic angle is still very problematic, without it having to be a conscious process.

(5:45) Islamization is about how society adapts to the laws of Islam, and happens as a result of the desire of normal Muslims to live according to Islamic law, values, and norms. It becomes a natural consequence of Muslims wanting to live like Muslims, with all this entails.

(6:11) The result is that Islam in general and the Islamic law of Sharia in particular permeate society and in a democratic society like ours it means our societies become ever more Islamic. This is just simple mathematics.

(6:31) A year or so ago it was revealed that there are half a dozen Sharia courts in England, in a Western country, which is absurd all by itself. As it turns out, this was wrong: there weren’t half a dozen Sharia courts in England, there were close to a hundred Sharia courts in England.

(6:46) Not long ago, Sharia even became part of official English law, in family law, where it is already being applied, in a Western country not far from us.

(7:00) Nobody asked for this development except the Muslims, the Islam-friendly politicians, and the multiculturalists who can’t be said to be anything except useful idiots. Sweden, along with Great Britain and France, are among the most-afflicted countries.

(7:16) We have about half a million Muslims in Sweden today, and considering our lack of cultural self-assurance and the totalitarian curtailing of freedom of speech for those who don’t share the ideology of multiculturalism, we realize that Sweden is very far gone indeed.

(7:34) We’re also one of the few European countries that do not have a party critical of Islam or immigration in the national parliament. That’s unique for Sweden — we’re the exception here. Unlimited mass immigration and a culture that ostracizes all of those who don’t hold with the multiculturalist creed makes the situation extreme.

(7:56) The ideology of multiculturalism is a bit like the Emperor’s new clothes — the political establishment denies the obvious reality that normal Swedes are experiencing:

That the multicultural project is nothing but social engineering, that it does not work.


(8:22) The problem is that people are forced to accept this fictive description of reality or else face repression, be exposed in the media as something they are not, be fired, and even be subjected to physical violence. The problem is that even so, the truth remains.

Part 2

(0:00) The truth remains no matter what the proponents of multiculturalism tell themselves. The same applies to Islam, which is no religion of peace, no matter what Muslim apologists claim.

(0:13) We Sweden Democrats are exposed to public vilification because we’re honest enough to oppose the totalitarianism, the oppression of women, and the violence that is Islam. That does not mean we’re wrong.

(0:30) To do what’s right is not always easy. One of my political role models, Winston Churchill, is an example. When he warned people about another totalitarian ideology, Nazism, in the 1930s, he became the subject of massive criticism at home, and amongst other things, he was called a warmonger.

(0:49) But he was right nevertheless. He would not bend or let himself be dominated by the cowards who would kneel before the enemy, hoping to appease his brutal appetites.

(1:00) Churchill would not bend, he would not kneel — and we Sweden Democrats won’t either.


(1:17) The relativism of the multiculturalists affects their ethics and morals, to the extent that they are no longer capable of distinguishing between good and evil, right or wrong, nonsense or common sense.

(1:27) Everything ends up in a grey area, where every culture is as good as any other, even those totalitarian forces that would oppress us.

(1:37) Forces that repress their own women, oppose science, and are the enemies of peace. The one standard seems to be that everything Swedish is bad, and that anything a small group of insatiable demand-machines disapproves of, our elites will disapprove of too.

(1:51) And the demographic developments result in Muslim enclaves like Rosengård in Malmö, or cities like Rotterdam, where the Mayor is a Muslim due to the high number of Muslims in the population. Mohammed is the most popular name in many Western cities, and 40 per cent of the students in Antwerp are Muslims.

(2:14) Malmö is not far behind. And when their numbers grow large, politicians begin to cater to them. We saw a grotesque example of this in Malmö not long ago, when Mayor Ingmar Reepalu forced a tennis match to be played with no audience because Israel was playing Sweden.

(2:31) He said expressly that he had to consider the Muslim vote. That’s how a political takeover happens. There are now millions of Muslims living in Dar al-Harb, the House of War, which is what they call non-Muslim territory. This could be the end of the open and free society we cherish.

(2:56) We’ve seen violent riots in France, where the government list of “no go zones” contains over 700 areas. We’ve seen destruction in Rosengård to the war cry of “allahu akhbar!”, seen society bend to Islam. Seen how Muslim immigrants attack Swedes, women, Jews and homosexuals.

(3:17) How the police, the ambulances, busses, fire-fighters, cars, schools and construction workers are attacked by imported gangs in repayment for our giving them shelter. If this is their thanks, I have only one thing to say:

(3:29) “Thank you, and goodbye. Go home!”


(3:50) Islam can, and should, be criticized just like any other ideology. A religion is just a set of opinions. And in this case, they are opinions regulating everything from how to go to the loo to how states should interact.

(4:05) Islam is diametrically opposed to the Western values our societies are built on. And Islam is an ideology which seeks global domination, and has been from the very beginning.

(4:16) We often hear an argument that Islamism exists, but also a moderate Islam. The question you should ask yourself is: Was Mohammed a radical or a moderate Muslim?

(4:30) A man who, according to Muslims, was the role model, the perfect man, the man whose example the Muslim should strive to follow. And his example is this: A man who executed war prisoners, a man who took slaves, had sex with 9 year old girls, ordered assassinations of political enemies, and started unprovoked wars of conquest.

(4:51) This according to Islam’s own holy writ. Is that moderate?

(4:59) Islam is no better than Mohammed and the Quran, and the Quran encourages violence against non-Muslims. There is no message of love directed at non-Muslims in the Quran. They’re given three choices: to forcibly convert to Islam, to accept a life as Dhimmis — second class citizens under Apartheid-like circumstances — or to be killed if they refuse.

(5:24) This is something that has been taught by Muslim scholars and practised by Muslims for 1400 years. The consequences of the contempt and hatred of non-Muslims caused by this is made plain every day.

(5:38) In Darfur, in Africa, in India, even here in Sweden. To this day, Copts are tortured and murdered in Egypt, Christians in Turkey, Sikhs in Kashmir, and Buddhists in Thailand.

(5:52) But if you point this out, then you are an Islamophobe. You could ask if those who died in the September 11th attacks in New York were Islamophobes, did they have an unfounded fear of Islam?

(6:07) The more Islam, the less freedom. The more Islamized a society gets, the less development and well-being in general. What I want to say is that we need to fight this imperialist ideology and the social changes it unavoidably entails.

(6:25) Millions of Europeans and Americans gave their lives sixty years ago to defend freedom in Europe. It required, quoting Churchill, “blood, sweat, and tears”.

(6:38) And today we are on our way towards giving up everything that so many sacrificed themselves for. We are on our way to a silent, whimpering extinction. This is a boundless shame.


(7:00) To be an optimist isn’t very easy these days. Under the guise of religious freedom, people are working on undermining our freedoms, curtailing our freedom of speech, claiming an imaginary right not to be offended.

(7:13) The political and intellectual establishments have committed themselves to mass immigration and Islamization. The most depressing thing is that our leaders — who should stand up for our societies, for the Judeo-Christian values they are built upon — do not.

(7:28) Instead they pretend everything will turn out right if we’re just kind enough to the forces opposing democracy that would oppress us. They participate willingly in what Ronald Reagan called “the treason against our past, the destruction of our freedom”.

(7:43) But there is hope, and it comes from us. It comes from the people, not from the elites in denial. We see signs of the winds of change, in Sweden and in Europe where many parties advance that have seen the danger of Islamization and multicultural society.

(8:00) And we grow. In 2010, we’ll enter the parliament and it will be the beginning of the end of this multicultural madness.


(8:18) It is we who stand against the Islamization of our own country. It is we who stand for the freedom so many have sacrificed their lives for. It is we — and nobody else — who will make sure Sweden will not expire with a whimper. In 2010, we’ll take our Sweden back. Thank you!


SPEAKER VOICE: Kent Ekeroth receives standing ovations from both the leaders and other party members…


Zenster said...

(4:30) A man who, according to Muslims, was the role model, the perfect man, the man whose example the Muslim should strive to follow. And his example is this: A man who executed war prisoners, a man who took slaves, had sex with 9 year old girls, ordered assassinations of political enemies, and started unprovoked wars of conquest. [emphasis added]

The "assassinations of political enemies"? And yet Western leaders cannot and will not recognize how they are faced with a foe that has no compunction about killing whomever gets in its way?

How is it then, that Western leaders continue to fearfully prink about in a mincing effort to avoid the criticism of those who are firmly committed to killing these selfsame appeasers?

Isn't it long past tea for those countries whom Mohammed prescribes political assassinations against to begin adopting a bit of the same handiwork in retaliation to Islam?

Unknown said...

Islam is not a religion. It is a system of mind control that has been honed to perfection for 1400 years.

Islam exists only to expand the area under its control and to intensify its intrusion into every aspect of public and private life. It has absolutely nothing else to offer.

Admittedly, for many such total external control over their lives is their definition of 'peace' to be met with 'submission'.

For the rest of us it is the gates of Hell. The notion that you can ever stop fighting for your freedom is a fantasy. It is an eternal battle.

Engineer-Poet said...

Great work with the transcripts!  That is going to get into search engines and be cited by others.