Sunday, November 22, 2009

Culturally Enriched Murder in Lappeenranta

Cultural Enrichment News

The article below concerns an enricher-vs.-enricher murder — possibly an honor killing — in Finland. Many thanks to KGS for the translation.

According to YLE:

Two Men of Pakistani Background Arrested in Possible Honor Killing

Those arrested in the murder in Lappeenranta are of Pakistani background.

The victim murdered in Lappeenranta on Thursday was revealed to have came from Pakistan. Also the two men who are suspected of murdering the woman came from Pakistan. The police have them in custody.

The police told of the background of both the victim and those arrested on Sunday. The police will bring the men arrested to the Lappeenranta District Court on Monday.

The killing occurred in a private residence in the city of Harapaista. The murdered woman was 34 years old and lived in Lappeenranta. The woman was killed with a knife.
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Detective Chief Inspector Kari Hyyryläinen did not provide any information on the victim nor on the victim’s connection with those arrested nor on any details of the case. He wouldn’t comment on the possibility of it being the question of an honor murder, but said all options will be investigated.

In some Islamic circles, but also in some other cultures, families or men control the women’s behavior in the family and assess the punishment for licentious activities. In the worst case, a woman can be killed.

Already on Friday, the police said they apprehended one suspect at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Of the four held on Friday, two were released.

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