Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Incompatibility of Political Islam With Our Society

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I’ve reported previously on a relatively new French anti-jihad organization called Vérité, Valeurs et Démocratie (Truth, Values, and Democracy).

VV&D recently published a concise explanation of why Islam is incompatible with the French Republic and French society. Our French correspondent l’échappée belle has translated the text for Gates of Vienna, and our Flemish correspondent VH was good enough to convert the accompanying graphics into English-language versions. VH also redesigned the first graphic with an American political context in mind:

The incompatibility of political Islam with our society

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here is a simple explanation why the Islamic ideology is incompatible with the French Republic, and why the model of the organization of society promoted by Islam is incompatible with secular French democracy

1. Democracy: France (and the U.S.A.) (1)


National representation → Constitution [law] → Judiciary/Executive → Nation/Citizens → religions

1. The French nation, “one and indivisible” is composed of citizens. The nation is at the origin of the Legal Code and is sovereign. Sovereignty is delegated to the National Representation (those who represent the Nation and its citizens) via the vote.
2. The National Representation gives the country its Constitution which acts as a framework for the Law and the organization of society (Executive/Judiciary)
3. The Executive and national representatives establish laws within the constitutional framework.
4-5. The Legal Code regulates the operation of the government, the judiciary and society
6. The Executive Branch manages the cabinet.
7. The Judicial Branch manages the court system.
8. Religious beliefs are the private business of the citizens. Cultural practices are unregulated, as long as they don’t constitute a threat to the public order (the Executive and the Judiciary decides what is considered as a threat to the public order).

Article 2 of the French Constitution:

“Its (the French Republic’s) principle is: government of the people, by the people and for the people.

(1) The organization of French society has been purposefully simplified in order to emphasize the democratic principles which guide French institutions.

Now let’s examine the society that Islam has actively promoted for 1400 years.

2. Islam

- - - - - - - - -

  • Muhammad (Dictator prophet) →
  • The Koran The Sunnah — Hadith, Sirah (Foundation of Islam) →
  • Texts →
  • Experts (Interpretation of the texts) →
  • Sharia →
  • Mosques/Koranic Schools (Apparatus of indoctrination) →
  • Sharia →
  • Government (The government is under the authority of Sharia law) →
  • Sharia →
  • Male Muslims, Female Muslims (Faithful of an inferior status) [Slaves] (No believing man or believing woman, if God and His messenger issue any command, has any choice regarding that command. Anyone who disobeys God and His messenger has gone far astray. — Koran 33:36 )
  • Dhimmis → Religions (Christians and Jews are under Islamic authority)
  • Despicable creatures not belonging to Islamic society (Infidels)

If you are not a Muslim, and if you are not a Jew or a Christian having accepted the domination of Islam (a Dhimmi), then you are an Infidel.

Oh ye who believe! Truly the polytheist (Christians, Jews, pagans) are unclean. — Koran 9:28

In Islam, it is not only Infidels who are unclean, there are also dogs, pigs, blood, pus, vomit, and excrement…

In Islamic society, the principle source of law is the foundational texts of Islam: the Koran and the books of the Sunnah, which describe the model of behavior which must be imitated by all Muslims.

The government can only make decisions which are in accordance with Islamic Law. The faithful must totally submit to Sharia, without discussion, forever. Islam means “submission”.

The Muslim is subservient to Sharia; the woman is subservient to the man; Dhimmis and slaves are subservient to Muslims. As for Infidels, Islam does not even give them the status of humans. They are ranked with pigs and excrement.

This is the society that the proponents of Islamic ideology are pushing France towards, that which has already imprisoned hundreds of millions of Muslims. Violence, absence of liberty, disdain of humanist values, rejection of Democracy, oppression, fanaticism, and backwardness.

This society has nothing in common with French society, which is why there is a complete incompatibility between a Democratic society and an Islamic society controlled by Sharia.

Don’t take our word for it, go check for yourself. The texts of Islam are available everywhere, and have not been modified for 1400 years.

No Muslim organization in France has suggested that they be altered, nor do they have any intention of doing so, and they are taught today in mosques and “cultural centers” right next door to you.

Note: The original credit for the translation was wrong, and has been corrected. Aplogies to l’échappée belle.


Zenster said...

The texts of Islam are available everywhere, and have not been modified for 1400 years.

No Muslim organization in France has suggested that they be altered, nor do they have any intention of doing so, and they are taught today in mosques and “cultural centers” right next door to you
. [emphasis added]

When will people finally begin to understand that Islam's backwardness and tyrannous barbarity ARE CUT IN STONE?

There is no benign aspect to this pseudo-spiritual dungheap. It is designed specifically to promote Muslim male dominance and ensure the total destruction of all other rival cultures on earth.

Any meager contributions Islam may have once made to humanity were long ago outweighed by its obliteration of other cultures' historical record and the abject misery that trails in its wake like some demonic camp follower.

Islam is a millstone around humanity's neck and our world's progress depends upon dismantling this Muslim license-to-steal at the earliest possible moment. Every year that this obligation is postponed means the untimely death of untold thousands of innocents. Every year we defer this onerous task, our world is burdened with even more YEARS that it will take to heal the running sores that Islam inflicts upon all around them.

The only "peace" that the Religion of Peace offers us is the "peace of the grave".

laine said...

Zenster's diagnosis is right. Islam IS the problem.

Anyone who practices it correctly is incompatible with the West as he is compelled to advance religious law (sharia) over western law, ending secular government. There is no separation of mosque and state except temporarily in Turkey.

Among the shirkers of duty who are called "moderate Muslims", any one of them may turn at any time toward the obsessive dark side as they demonstrate over and over.

The only Muslims who are acceptable in western society are those who denounce Islam as practiced by the majority and who push for reform at risk to themselves and work AGAINST sharia. These are a tiny minority.

The rest are a big blob that are of little if any net economic benefit to the host country. The blob gives cover to jihadis who move freely in Muslim communities and mosques without being reported to western authorities by the fictional "moderate Muslims" who are therefore enabling Muslims, not moderates giving up their radicals. The blob also generates ongoing activities to flip the switch on excitable believers to "go jihadi" with even their families claiming they had no idea. If true, what's to stop another family member from following his relative's smoking footsteps? Nothing.

Begone with this mostly parasitic and dangerous bunch. Stop letting them in at least while we decide how best to achieve egress of the ones already here.

Matter of fact publicity of the damning truth as this French group are doing is a necessary step.

Another should be shaming of their leftist enablers like Armstrong in another thread for their ignorance and dhimmitude.

thll said...

Freedom and tyranny are mutually exclusive. The West and Islam are mutually exclusive. Something's got to give.