Monday, November 30, 2009

Fjordman: NYT Friedman compares US democracy unfavorably with China

Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at Democracy Reform. Some excerpts are below:

American journalist and author Thomas Friedman has written several columns in The New York Times during the fall of 2009 where he questions the Western democratic system. There are perfectly legitimate reasons for criticizing certain aspects of the democratic system, but I’m not sure if his are the right ones. If I recall correctly, Mr. Friedman applauded exporting democracy to an Islamic country such as Iraq, but he wants the democratic system abolished in the USA because it doesn’t support his Leftist pet causes.

The main reason for California’s decline is a decline in IQ among those who inhabit that region. This is again caused by mass immigration. The underlying structural problem for the USA now is that US national debt is rising even faster than US national IQ is declining. As long as this trend remains unchanged, continued US decline is all but assured.
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I remember hearing about a mother who tried to figure out how to deal with the concept of free will when dealing with her rebellious young daughter who wanted to wear clothes her mother didn’t approve. She came up with the idea of presenting her with two different sets of clothes, both preselected by the mother. This would maintain the illusion of free will while the mother had in reality made the decision beforehand.

This is essentially how Western “democracy” works. In the USA in 2008 you could vote for an open-border Leftist candidate or an open-border “right-wing” candidate who wanted to implement the Leftist agenda at a slightly slower pace, as Western “conservatives” have been doing for generations now.Once or twice every decade, Leftist writer Noam Chomsky says something worthwhile. One of his best quotes is that “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.” This is exactly what Western elites are doing today.

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Taranis said...

I heartily agree with this assessment. In addition to what he said, the reason countries like China are currently succeeding over the U.S. economically is that despite the fact that China is considered a communist state, it actually functions more capitalistically than the U.S. does. China's embracement of free enterprise and their lack of regulation has allowed them to become a net exporter of goods (the U.S., which used to be the largest net exporter, has lapsed into a net importer at an embarrassing rate) and succeed in the global market. The working conditions in China may be considered unacceptably unethical, but it has allowed them to exceed the U.S.'s productivity, despite the U.S. still having the status of the most productive workers in the world (quantity beats quality in this case).

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

The same poitical dumbness is relevent to Scotland and the U.K. it is not the democratic set up as such that is wrong, but the quality of the politicians there are just no brave men or visionaries.

There is something wrong with the iq argument it just does not fit into the political dynamics, if democracy was based on iq then we would be even further down the neoliberal road to oblivion than we already are in Europe.

OffendedMan said...

@4Symbols -

I agree, the IQ argument is not relevant here. The "new Californians" know exactly what they are doing. Stupidity is not the problem - simple greed and the breakdown of a shared community are doing the damage.

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