Thursday, November 19, 2009

More on the Stavanger Rape Wave

Cultural Enrichment News

Below is a follow-up newspaper article about the non-Western rape epidemic in Stavanger, once again translated by our Norwegian correspondent The Observer.

Stavanger Muslims, like Muslims in the United States after the Fort Hood massacre, feel that they are being unfairly stigmatized by the actions of a tiny minority of their co-religionists — who just happen to commit the vast majority of rapes in Stavanger and other Norwegian cities.

From Aftenbladet:

Angry at Aftenbladet and the police

On Wednesday evening a meeting hall in the International House in Stavanger was crammed full of immigrants. The room practically simmered with anger and frustration over the rapes that had taken place in the city lately, and most of the anger was directed towards Aftenbladet and the police.

The meeting hall was simply too small when Stavanger SV [Stavanger Socialist Party] invited people to a dialogue meeting to discuss the sexual assaults and taxi-rapes that have occurred in the city recently.

Several of the attendees had to stand outside in the corridor or squeeze together in the door opening to listen to a parliamentary politician from SV, Akhtar Chaudhry, present a stern message to the immigrant community in the city.

“There is no excuse for rape; you don’t have to be a Muslim to understand that,” Chaudhry told the audience.

The majority of the attendees were immigrant males, and several of them expressed frustration over the rapes and the media coverage that these had generated.

Feel cornered

“As a Muslim I was very angry at the media coverage. It was unacceptable. People now believe that all Muslim men are rapists. It was a big mistake for Stavanger Aftenbladet to publish this article. The newspaper should have contacted the Muslim community prior to publishing this article,” the local representative of Stavanger Labour Party, Mubarak Ali, told the audience. He was referring to Aftenbladet‘s article about non-Western males being responsible for the majority of the sexual assaults in the city.

Rakeem Hatinoor, who has lived in Stavanger for ten years, said that the mood between the Norwegians and the immigrants in the city has changed.

“When I arrived in the city there was a good relationship between Norwegians and immigrants, unlike in many other Norwegian cities where this relationship was pretty strained. But the mood changed after this article was published. We need to learn from the past and not end up in a situation where immigrants remain isolated in their own ghettos,” Hatinoor told the crowd.

“It is horrible to stigmatize an entire ethnic group. The police have only managed to cause tensions between the various ethnic groups in the city,” someone from the audience said.

“In their article Aftenbladet was guilty of generalizing, and they managed to drive Muslims into a corner,” another one said.

Throwing away his taxi permit

Several of the people at the meeting wanted to talk to Aftenbladet afterwards to express their disappointment with the newspaper. One of the men, Mahood, told the representative from Aftenbladet that he would tear up his taxi permit.

“I can’t continue to drive a taxi and be told that I’m a rapist.”
- - - - - - - - -
Taxi owner Amir Saleem Sheik felt that men and women had an equal responsibility to stop the rapes. He condemned the rapes, but said that the Norwegian society was moving in the wrong direction.

Las Vegas

“Girls as young as 16 have offered me condoms and suggested that we should have a good time together. Grandmothers have their handbags full of sex toys and ask me if I want to come along to a strip tease. Where are the ethics and the moral in this society? Is this Las Vegas or what?”

But Akhtar Chaudhry, the parliamentary politician from SV, said that it was Saleem Sheik who was going in the wrong direction.

“This can never be a debate about sex and morals. This is a question of respecting the laws of the country, and ensuring that women are able to feel safe at all times.”

Chaudhry had no sympathy for those who wanted to turn Aftenbladet into a scapegoat.

“You feel stigmatized, but what have you done? I haven’t read one single letter to the editor or a newspaper comment from you, nor have I seen any of you trying to set up a meeting to discuss the issue. The press has a job to do. One of the most powerful women in the country (Gerd Liv Valla) wrote a book about how poorly she was treated by the media, but did it help? If you’re not happy you should contact the media and use it to your advantage,” Chaudhry said.

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Unknown said...

Hm - funny guys, these muslims..
If young girls wave their condoms at you, and grandmothers invite you to play, then why should there be this rape-wave?
You'd think that there is enough opportunity to gratify your sexual desires without raping the tiny portion of women who do not invite strange men for sex..!

Do muslim-males think that all women lose their right to remain inviolate because the immoral majority should be punished, and that it is they who should be doing the punishing? How wonderful life must be in the west for muslim-men..They get to be rspectable, their women know their place, but and for their sexual gratification the streets are full of subhuman playthings...

But maybe muslims are terrible hypocrites, and do not practice what they preach, because their randy prophet never did either?
Maybe they think they are holy as long as nobody sees what they are doing, and if they wear beards and pants that are too short?

Traeh said...

"It's horrible to stigmatize an entire ethnic group," says the Muslim. Pardon me, but what "ethnic" group are Muslims? Islam is not a gene pool. There are Muslims of all colors. Islam is an ideology, and the Muslims who push the ethnicity and race card are liars helping the destruction of the West. I'll bet Hindus, Buddhists and other non-Western immigrants, regardless of ethnicity, are not doing a whole lot of raping. What is it about Muslims' ideology that leads to so much rape of non-Muslims? The answer, for anyone who has studied Islam with even a bit of thoroughness, is clear. The problem is the Islamic belief system, with its debasement and hatred of non-Muslims, and its plans to subjugate them eventually under the religious dictatorship of Islamic law.

As far as I'm concerned, the non-rapist Muslims have no right to complain about anything unless and until they admit that there are elements in the core of Islam that promote things like the rape of non-Muslims. Any decent, non-rapist Muslims must admit to the horrific aspects of Islam, or else those aspects will never have a chance of being reformed. And if the non-rapist Muslims don't admit to the dehumanizing doctrinal elements in Islam, then as time goes by, those apparently good Muslims become more and more responsible for and complicit in what they have refused to admit is wrong, what they have refused to help reform. To those Muslim men who have never raped anyone -- the longer you fail to admit to the dark elements in Islam that need to be thrown out, the longer you fail to speak up against those verses in the Qur'an and those actions of Muhammad that violently offend against the human rights of non-Muslims as well as Muslims, the more there is really little difference between you and the rapist Muslims. The clock is ticking. Put up or shut up.

laine said...

This is exactly the deflection Muslims use with each one of their depredations against their host societies:

Most Muslim men are not rapists, therefore the fact that most rapists are Muslim is of no account.

Most Muslims don't commit honor killings, therefore the fact that most honor killings are committed by Muslims...

Most Muslim men are not terrorists, therefore the fact that most terrorists in the world today are Muslim...

There is clearly an X variable that underlies Muslim propensity to commit all the above crimes, and that is Islam.

Muslims make absolutely no attempt to hinder their co-religionists from committing what we in the West call crimes but they call following the law (sharia law).

Muslims make lousy citizens in the West because they come with the built in propensity and DUTY to flout our laws which often conflict with sharia. Notice the anger and contempt of the Muslim NON-(rapists, honor killers and terrorists) is always directed at the non-Muslim VICTIM population, NEVER at the Muslim perpetrators.

Why do we allow ourselves to be browbeaten this way, adding insult (Islamophobe!) to injury (rape, terrorism)?

They need to be told "Your cultural group has brought us increased crime. Blame your wrongdoers for any publicity and increased vigilance you may suffer as a result. Better yet, police your youth better yourselves. Don't make it our problem. We are not raping or terrorizing you. And if we were, you wouldn't be willing to keep it quiet".

Muslims need to be called every time on their big scam of caterwauling loudly about their own imaginary sufferings (someone looked at me the wrong way!) to distract from the actual physical injuries their co-religionists inflict on the infidel population.

Where is the shame, the embarassment any decent person should feel about ongoing Muslim atrocities? Instead, they attempt to make US feel guilty, following the maxim "the best defense is a good offense". So they are doubly offensive.

Next time, ignore their feints and keep pointing the finger at the atrocity until they shut up.