Monday, November 30, 2009

Czech Muslims Ready to Welcome Geert Wilders

A Czech political party recently invited Geert Wilders to visit the Czech Republic, and then abruptly withdrew the invitation.

Now a Czech Muslim organization is ready to welcome Mr. Wilders with open arms. According to De Volkskrant, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Czech Muslims want to talk with Wilders

The Czech Muslim organization “Libertas Independent Agency” is planning to invite Geert Wilders to screen his film Fitna and to debate about it. This is what the Czech media reported Tuesday.

Earlier this week a senator of the ruling Civic Democratic Party had suggested that they would invite Wilders, but that plan was blocked by other politicians. Now the Muslim organization takes the initiative.

Spokesman Luke Lhotan thinks that showing the film and conducting an open debate is the best way to approach anti-Islamic sentiments. “We have seen what happens when prejudices are ignored, as in the twentieth century when anti-Semitism was largely ignored. That did not prevent the Holocaust. We decided to learn from history.”

Lhotan will send the invitation to Wilders by e-mail. It is unknown when he will do this. The organization’s preference is to see Wilders in discussions with the only Muslim spiritual leader in the Czech Republic, imam Emir Omic.

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filthykafir said...

If adequate security can be provided Mr. Wilders, and if a fair format for the debate can be agreed, I hope the event takes place. The invitation, from this brief description, sounds sincere, and I believe we counter-jihadists have a, limited, obligation to engage Muslims who are acting in a civil manner; some good may come of it.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is sincere, and not an attempt to lure Wilders into a trap.

boru said...

Nice overture to Mr.Wilders but completely useless as demonstrated in all debate and dialogue with a leaderless muslim entity. This is the Czech muslim way of indicating their perceived superiority and independence over the Czech government.Just the idea of needing "adequate" security to attend a civil debate justifies his statements and nullifies any counter argument against him. Is it a trap? Who cares. It's not worth the risk or the aggravation.

Czechmade said...

The 5,5 muslims running here around need badly media attention.

Meanwhile we have more than 1 000 people weekly joining the movement on the face-book "We do not want islam in the Czech Republic".

Meanwhile islam is quite useful to identify our zombi politicians and 90% commentaries under many articles online are strictly and toughly antiislamic.

The ugly head of islam is adorned with many quotes from the unholy koran and references to translated videos from the less fortunate Western nations.