Thursday, November 26, 2009

Obama Makes the Cover of GQ

Yet another magazine has fallen under the spell of Obama. This fact makes our reader and tipster REP most annoyed:

Which is worse with respect to the picture below?

(a) That our President is seen with a GQ getting into a car, or,
(b) that it is the edition with him on the cover?

Obama with GQ

Gee, REP, at least he didn’t use it to hide his face, hmmm? Might have been too obvious, maybe?

Now that you mention it, this photo reminds me of the girl who shows up at work sporting a big fat diamond engagement ring on her left hand. You know, she flashes it persistently, until you’re forced to ask her about it. In an offhand voice that rises as she speaks she says, “oh, this little ol’ thing? Sweetie, I’m engaged to be married!”
- - - - - - - - -
Obama and the media are a twosome after all. They’ve been in bed together since the Senator began his campaign for president. Simply consider the GQ cover one of the vast numbers of baubles given him by his besotted media, their legs tingling with excitement.

Just wait till Time puts him on the cover as “Man of the Year”. And have you thought about the the forests that will go into making the countless magazine covers for his ceremony at the Nobel Peace Prize coronation? Ah, REP, we have miles and miles of shiny images to go before this is all over.

Isn’t he the guy who has mentioned himself over 12,000 times in his speeches?

Ye gads! Don’t tell me someone’s been keeping track? Does this 12K total take into account his campaign or is it just since the inauguration last January? I've grown accustomed to the sound of him listening to himself. He’s a media creation; you can hear the echoes of the MSM in his inflections and intonations. Some linguist is going to have great fun in fifty years or so.

The galling thing is that with the many problems facing our country (for starters - Afghanistan and troops - he still hasn’t announced his decision) he takes this heavy reading for the long weekend?!?!

A big seekrit: the GQ cover is hiding the Penthouse Michelle has forbidden him to read. Shhh…

I began telling people on January 22 that this would be the worst-run White House in history. Anybody still think I was overstating the matter?

Well, nobody ‘round here thought you were wrong. But the “worst” anything can have a fascination all its own. It would be more fascinating, of course, if BHO weren’t so hell-bent on destroying our economy and our future.

By the way, REP, you forgot his infamous golf games. This president has no gravitas but who would dare tell him? Please, let’s not break his heart. Incompetence is bad enough. A broken-hearted incompetent would be downright dangerous.


Papa Whiskey said...

What's really creepy about this is that GQ has several covers for its annual "Men of the Year" issue, one for each of several honorees. (I got the one with Clint Eastwood.) That means either Bee-Ho chose the one with himself on it or one of his aides did, knowing which one The One would like best.

no2liberals said...

Actually, B-HO has already been named Time's Man of the Year in 2008.

Like a kidney stone, this too shall pass.

Zenster said...

BHO reminds me of "The Cat" in that Brit-Com series, "Red Dwarf", who cannot walk more than ten feet without stopping so he can pull a mirror out of his back pocket and pause to admire himself.

no2liberals said...

BTW, Happy Thanksgiving to all.
I hope all of you have as much to be thankful for, as I have.

Here are a few things to add to the Holiday cheer:
The liberals are asking us to give Obama time. We agree and think 25 to life would be appropriate.

Have you heard about McDonalds new Obama Value Meal?
Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it.

Q: What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?
A: A fund raiser.

Q: What’s the difference between B-HO and his dog, BO?
A: BO has papers.

Profitsbeard said...

And security is now so lax at the White House, a Muslim-sounding character -Tariq Salahi- and his trophy blond wife sneaked into a State Dinner for Obama and the leader of India this past Tuesday, November 24.

If the guy had been fitted with one of Islamic Terror's latest "rectum bomb" plastique suppositories, (which are not picked up by metal detectors) Tariq could have blown up the President and the Prime Minister Singh of India in the White House.

Maybe the Secret Service is showing their contempt for Obama?

joe six-pack said...

Gee, I NEVER thought one of those guys could EVER do us a favor. (Just kidding, sort of)

Right Truth said...


You cut off the bottom of the picture. He has on a jacket, slacks and SANDALS in winter in Washington. Must be missing Hawaii or Kenya.

no2liberals said...

Certainly glad that didn't happen.
The idea that Biden would be in charge is even more terrifying than the devil we know.

laine said...

Since Obama is batting a thousand at wrong toxic choices for the United States, a sign of marxist commitment instead of incompetence, how can Biden be worse?

Mere fools are randomly right some of the time. Biden is not a born and bred communist who hates this country and is purposely bringing it down like the big O.