Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Second Edition of The Infidel Bloggers Nominations

The Second Edition of The Infidel Bloggers Awards is underway.

As far as I can tell, it’s still nomination time, and they have a whole bunch of categories:

Best Overall International Infidel Blogger

Best Overall Canadian Infidel Blogger

Favourite Non-Politically Correct MSM Pundit

Most Despised Politically Correct MSM Pundit

Favourite Apostate Blogger or MSM Pundit

Blogger or Pundit most likely to be charged under Hate Crime Laws

Blogger or Pundit most likely to be assassinated by Islamists

Biggest Pro-Censorship Ass-Hat in the Known Universe

I nominated a few people, but I didn’t hit every category. For example, I have no idea who to suggest for the MSM not being conversant with many of those folks…which is how I intend to keep it: they ignore me, I ignore them and it all works out fine.

Well, actually…I do make an exception for Neil Cavuto and Jake Tapper sometimes.

Anyhow, Blazing Catfur asked for this plug regarding the awards, so here you are.

Y’all ought to give it a go. Be original. Nominate some of the smaller, really good bloggers, like Downeast Blog. He really is underappreciated, and he’s a Belgian who likes America.

Speaking of Belgians, how about Brussels Journal? Paul Belien can’t get work because of his efforts on behalf of the counter jihad. No one else has made that kind of sacrifice.

Try The Canadian Sentinel (not always SFW, but definitely a counter jihadist).

Or just scroll your way through our blog roll on the left side. Lots of good ones deserving of recognition.

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Anonymous said...

"Blogger or Pundit most likely to be assassinated by Islamists"

How wise is this ?

Dymphna said...


The best person to ask is at the link above. Some commenters on that post share your concern. I suggest you add your voice to theirs.

The English Patient said...

Are you aware that you're recommending a blogger who advertises the racist, neo Nazi British National Party...?

The Downeast Blogger no doubt means well BUT he carries the logo of, and advertises support for, the BNP. This is an infamous British group which, this very week, is DEBATING what to do about the fact that the law requires it TO ADMIT NON WHITE MEMBERS.

Do you really want to recommend bloggers that support such racism?

Dymphna said...

Kosher Ninja--

Tell me, what is it like to let into your circle only the perfect, the faultless, those without sin? Do y'all sit around watching the mere mortals and clucking your tongues over our sins?

Here in America we have a KKK member (who claims to be retired) but he keeps getting voted back into the US Senate. I don't like him, but the Democrats do. As they did the unindicted cowardly killer, Teddy Kennedy.

Outlaw Mike lives in the midst of the moral cesspool that is Belgium. Belgium is famous for having more than its share of pedophile parliamentarians. Compared to them, the BNP is Sunday school.

Besides, ask around: we're a raaaaacist blog. PJM kicked us off their rolls of the illustrious bloggers for being bad. We're here in the Outer Darkness with Outlaw Mike and we like it just fine.

To answer your question, YES, I really do want to support Outlaw Mike's blog. I have exchanged emails with him over the years, seen pictures of his family, and shared his concerns for the future his children face in Europe. IOW, I know him to be a fine, principled person.

Hey, everyone, go nominate DownEast Blog: he stands for Israel, he loves America, and he's a good man.

X said...

What the BNP is actually debating is an issue that has been percolating through the ranks of the party for several years - changing its constitution to allow non-whites to join the party. A ruling that they have to do this to comply with some human rights law or other just sped up the process.

Yes, they're a pretty odious party (whom I wouldn't personally vote for given their other economic manifesto commitments) but, when you're fighting a war of survival, you can't be nice about it. You fight the nasty by being nasty back.

Given the imminent collapse of UKIP thanks to the shenanigans of its higher echelons there are no other parties with any credibility even touching the issue of the EU and immigration.

The ideal function of the BNP would be to force the other parties into addressing issues that people actually want addressed. They only gain electorally as long as the major parties refuse to deal with islam, the EU and immigration.

If it does come to them gaining power, well, better our fascists than uncle Mo's.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...
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In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

The danger with the B.N.P. for the anti-jehad movement is that they may offer short term leverage but if the main political parties mobilise mass populism against the B.N.P. the anti-jehad movement could be destroyed as a consequence.