Monday, November 16, 2009

Leaving Islam

Betuel is a brave young woman who was born in Germany of Turkish parents, and decided to leave Islam when she was nineteen. Her case is reminiscent of Rifqa Bary’s, except that Betuel waited until she attained her majority before notifying her parents of her decision.

During a visit to Turkey Betuel’s parents attempted to imprison her and force her to return to Islam. Rifqa Bary may face something similar if she is sent back to her parents and they decide to return to Sri Lanka.

Betuel tells her story in this video:

Later on today there will be a rally in support of Rifqa Bary next to the courthouse in Ohio where her case will be heard:
- - - - - - - - -
A Rally for Rifqa’s Civil Rights
November 16th
“Dorrian Commons Park”
Across the Street from Franklin County Juvenile Court
11am — 2pm

Atlas Shrugs has the rest of the details. Robert Spencer will also be on hand.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.


Henrik Ræder said...

A religion that has death penalty for apostacy is not a faith, it is a system of coercion.

Zenster said...

Henrik Ræder: A religion that has death penalty for apostacy is not a faith, it is a system of coercion.

However immoral Islam's death penalty for apostasy might seem, it is actually quite fitting. As a militant ideology, it makes sense to penalize any desertion on the field of battle with capital punishment.

Since Muslims are always on the "battlefield", the penalty is constantly in force. All that remains is for non-Muslims to realize that they are confronted with an enemy who is perpetually at war with them. Once this concept finally sinks in, we will begin to see a significant change in attitude. Until then, it will be the usual endless string of terrorist atrocities.

Let's be serious about this; The death penalty for apostasy is part of shari'a law and, therefore, cut in stone. C U T ... I N ... S T O N E. Got that? Even attempting to alter this one aspect of shari'a law is apostasy, or heresey, or blasphemy or whatever convenient excuse some other more pious Muslim can bother to think up of as an justification for murdering his less pious brother in arms.

None of this is going to change. Not now, not anytime soon. Quite possibly, not until Islam faces an existential threat precisely for such tyranny on its part. What can be changed is Western civilization's willingness to countenance such a barbaric credo whilst erroneously according it all of the protections normally awarded to other truly benign faiths.

Stripping Islam of its unmerited religious protections is a first and vital step towards rejecting this wolf-in-the-fold that our multicultural Traitor Elite™ have loosed upon us.

JustTra said...

Zenster, I hadn't thought of Islamic apostasy as a battlefield desertion, but that's a good analogy.

The analogy I have made is that because Islam is a political system and intends to control the state, anyone who leaves it is committing treason and is therefore subject to capital punishment.

BTW, I was at the Rifqa rally today. It was a treat to hear the speakers: Pam Gellar,Robert Spencr, Simon Deng, Nonnie Darwish, James Lafferty and Jamal Jivanjee.

Profitsbeard said...

A lovely and reasonable young woman.

May she get the hell out of Europe before one of her relatives finds her.

There are many quiet places in America where she could elude their mad "honor" and build a strong, free career, well-armed, and fully-supported by concerned, compassionate neighbors.

I wish Betuel a bright future.

And congratulate her for waking from the Nightmare of Islam.

laine said...

Zenster's point has explanatory power (within the craziness that is Islam - the outpouring of a narcissistic greedy war lord).

Muslims describe all (as yet) non-Muslim lands as Dar al Harb, House of War. They are busy building their forts/indoctrination centers/mosques, raising funds to support their jihadi army, and intimidating the natives through thousands of demands and sheer numbers of bearded and burka'd "camp followers".

Any Muslim deserting his/her "post" is eliminated according to the teaching of the warlord Mohammed as a lesson to others against apostasy. This loyalty to their Islamic ideology trumps all normal blood ties as fathers and brothers kill recalcitrant daughters and sisters.

Have you ever heard of a single case where a Muslim mother in order to save her daughter breaks the family compact and informs the police of their menfolk's intentions or sacrifices themselves to save their child? Me either.

It is truly an abhorrent ideology of death and hatred when even mother love doesn't exist in any form a civilized people would recognize.

Instead of the gold stars the soviets used to hand out to prolific mothers strengthening the regime, their sister totalitarianism Islam awards mothers notches on their bedposts for number of children martyred. Look at those Palestinian mothers smiling and handing out candy to celebrate their childrens' murders and suicides. These are not normal people. They are villains visiting here from the 8th century.

Henrik R Clausen said...

There are quite a few secret apostates around. That is good for them personally - but it is orders of magnitude more important to have some with the courage to stand up and tell the world that they got out of Islam!