Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coughing in Stereo

We did our best to keep out of the emergency room, but we failed.

Dymphna and the future Baron both woke up today with coughs that were significantly worse. Since each has asthma and is thus at risk, we decided that it was better to visit the emergency room on a mild and sunny Sunday afternoon than in the middle of night, or at some other time not of our own choosing. So off we went.

DoctorsThe ER doctor took note of their serious condition immediately, and ordered X-rays. Each has bacterial pneumonia, and the fB has it in two lobes, so his is more serious. The doctor thinks the fB has a strain of bacterium that is resistant to the antibiotic he was prescribed last week, so both patients are now on a newer wide-spectrum antibiotic. They also came home with a cough-suppressant narcotic that we know to be effective, but which many doctors are maddeningly reluctant to prescribe.

It’s too early yet to assess the effects of their new treatment regimen. When we left for the ER this afternoon, neither of them had enough breath to be able to speak very much. Tonight they’ve been talking a little, so that’s encouraging.
- - - - - - - - -
My fever peaked early this morning at 101.4° (38.6°C), which is very high for me. It laughs out loud when it sees Ibuprofen coming, but it backed off when I threw some Tylenol at it, and stayed away all day. My cough is slight, so I don’t think I have pneumonia (yet; knock wood).

The future Baron and Dymphna have bedrooms at opposite ends of the house. Standing in the kitchen this evening I could hear almost identical coughing fits, one in my left ear, one in my right. Not the kind of sound a father/husband wants to hear.

I’ll give you another update sometime tomorrow.


nimbus said...

Oh dear. Get better soon! Crush garlic, mix with honey, and swallow. Can't hurt. May help.

Robohobo said...

I will apply prayer liberally for you and yours.

EileenOCnnr said...

"Each has bacterial pneumonia...."

Can I ask, how did the doc determine this? Is he certain it's not viral pneumonia (caused by the H1N1 virus)?

Keep an eye on those two! And yourself as well!! :-/

Mikael said...

Do get well soon, all of you!

Anonymous said...

I hope you all will get better. I was in the ER too and had surgery. I had a tiny odd of getting respiratory failure if I didn't do that. :( I'm fed up with being almost 20 and having more surgeries in my record than both my parents combined. Life hates me.

Baron Bodissey said...

Thanks to everyone for the get-well wishes.

I have been without significant fever for more than 24 hours now, so I may be out of the woods. When Dymphna and the fB wake up I'll have more to report.

Eileen --

Yes, I asked the doctor exactly that question. He said that viral pneumonia produces a different sort of x-ray, with a more diffuse spot or cloudiness. Bacterial pneumonia shows as a compact, concentrated spot. He was very confident in his diagnosis.

Both of them began with viral infections and moved on to the pneumonia, which is a common sequela for people with a history of asthma.

I had the same original infection, but because my lungs are not compromised, I may with luck ride out the virus without my resident pneumococci running amok. We'll see.

Call Me Mom said...

My prayers to you all.

Cobra said...

HOT WINE,and then, more hot wine.
That's the cure...
And do not mix it with Tylenol...