Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Machete in Paris?

Paris machete I first became aware of this photo on Sunday, when all the tips about the weekend riots in Paris and Marseille started coming in. I have yet to see a news story about it in English, although Geenstijl reported on it in Dutch, and has a larger version of the photo here.

The crowd in the picture is reportedly part of last Saturday’s riot in Paris, and the man in the foreground seems to be holding a machete. Unfortunately, the resolution of the photo is so poor that it’s hard to tell for sure.

If you look closely, the outline of his leg seems to be visible through the blade, as if he were carrying a light saber rather than a machete. Or does the blurring effect just make the machete seem translucent?

If any of our French readers know more about this story, feel please free to leave details in the comments.

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Orlando said...

Reminds me of the movie Gangs of New York.

Fjordman said...

I don't understand how the French think. On the surface, France looks screwed. On the other hand, France is a revolutionary nation. Maybe there is some mini-Charles Martel in hiding somewhere. If so, he better show up soon.

I would still rank Britain as the Western European country most likely to first get a civil war caused by mass immigration and Multiculturalism. Denmark follows as number two and possibly Holland as number three. Both Belgium and Sweden are pretty bad, but too repressive to be first in line. Germany is too weighed down by her history. This leaves France as a potential dark horse.

admin said...

Details and videos about the circumstances can be found on the French blog fdesouche.com.

Here's a tinyurl with the translation from Google. http://tinyurl.com/y96kwcs

Louise said...

Fjordman, when?

Southern Wolf said...

Judging from what seems to be a squared off end it may be a sharpened lawn mower blade in the photo.

Unknown said...


video here

Unknown said...

Riots in France by Algerian immigrants after the loss from Egypt 2 0


In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...


The next U.K. election will look like any other post war election but it will soon become clear that politically the U.K. is disintegrating into factions, then the political elite of both left and right will be swept aside for the new strongmen of the left - right battle.

Watch out for the lower social class and the underclass rediscover their political appetite and right wing sentiments, in its current form parliamentary democracy is a dead man digging his own grave.

Unknown said...

Don't nurture too many illusions about the French, Fjordmann. They are not the fiery revolutionaries anymore but a folk of selfish, short-sighted sheep bred from kindergarten to university into Political Correctness. While Germans have been made felt guilty with the sad events of WWII, the French endure the fake guilt of colonialism and slavery. There is much to say about this (many old Algerians or elders from Black Africa openly regret this era of plenty). If you wish to learn more about this race riot:

The match Algeria-Egypt in Cairo also caused havoc by "Franco"-Algerian supporters in various French cities, in particular Marseilles.
Tonight is the return match. The army have been deployed in Paris. Yet expect hustle and bustle.

Die Zeit ist fern, wann Gott in Frankreich lebte...

X said...

Forty, don't confuse the urban elite with the rest of France. The urban French are as you describe but, unlike most western countries, the majority or a massive plurality of French citizens still live in or very near rural farming communities and are still filled with a much freer sense of life. They ignore the rules when they see fit, they're still heavily christian and very traditionalist, and they resent the intrusion of les parisienne into their lives...

Well, to be fair, the resent the intrusion when it's note designed to increase their farm subsidies. But, and it's a big but, they will fight more readily than the urbanites and they're far less tolerant of immigrant populations in their midst and more much nationalistically inclined.

pistache said...

Baron, I can't be 100% sure, but on this (almost hd) video


it looks like a machete, yes.

Anyway, in this piece


a journalist explains how he was beatten that day - by "youth" (teenagers, even, in this case). But what's the main blame in this text? "the cops did nothing"...

Baron Bodissey said...

pistache --

Thank you very much. Yes, that almost certainly is a machete, whether home-made or bought at the French equivalent of Walmart.

Paris is looking like Rwanda.