Friday, November 13, 2009

Cultural Enrichment in Stavanger

Cultural Enrichment News

The Observer sends the following translation of an article about the latest rape statistics in Norway, which — surprise — turn out to be significantly culturally enriched.

First, a note from the translator:

This article is from town of Stavanger on the western coast of Norway. It concerns the big increase in rapes and attempted rapes in the city, and the fact that non-Westerners are behind almost all of these rapes.

The editors of the local rag, Stavanger-Aftenbladet — which by the way is an outlet for politically correct journalism — have realized at last that it’s no use trying to hide the facts in these cases anymore, and they have finally published a very politically incorrect article about the matter.

And why not? Anybody in the city with half a brain knows that the perpetrators are non-Western males.

It’s funny — when I was young, women could walk around freely in Stavanger at any hour of the day without having to fear for their own safety. Back then there were hardly any non-Westerners in the city. I was probably 13 or 14 before I ever saw a black person. Now there is a big immigrant community in the city, and crime rates have gone through the roof.

The most amazing sentences in this article are: “The majority of the attackers are from countries where Islam is the prevailing religion.” and “…during the last three years, all reported sexual assaults in Oslo were committed by non-Westerners.” From the Norwegian MSM, no less!

Here’s the translated article:

One out of eighteen is a Norwegian

Non-Westerners are over-represented in the rape statistics in Stavanger.

According to police sources Aftenbladet has been in contact with, there were seventeen reported sexual assaults committed in Stavanger in 2008-2009. Included in these numbers are the six so-called ‘taxi rapes’. In only one of the seventeen cases was the perpetrator an ethnic Norwegian male. In all the other cases the rapists were described by the rape victims as non-Western males. The majority of the attackers are from countries where Islam is the prevailing religion.

Aftenbladet has asked the deputy police chief of Rogaland Police Department, Hans Vik, for statistical data on all reported sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults committed in Stavanger in the last two years, and for information about the ethnicity of the perpetrators. The police have declined this request, and as a result Aftenbladet can’t report accurate numbers. But based on reports found in Aftenbladet‘s own news archive, we have managed to identify seventeen sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults committed since January 1, 2008.

One criminal conviction

Police sergeant Kari M. Kjellstad at the Stavanger police station previously told Aftenbladet that the police have received reports of four sexual assaults during the first 6 months of 2009. One of the cases involved three perpetrators; this case has not yet been solved. One man was convicted in another case. In the last six months of 2009 one incident of sexual assault has been reported to the police; the alleged rapist in this case was a taxi driver, and a 34-year-old male has been charged in connection with this case. In every single case the perpetrators have been described as non-Westerners.


So far this year the police have received five reports of sexual assaults or attempted sexual assaults committed by taxi drivers. Four taxi drivers have been charged, and all of them are from non-Western countries. The last case was dismissed by the police, but the alleged perpetrator in this case has also described her attacker as a non-Westerner.
- - - - - - - - -
In May 2009 a 28-year-old male from Guinea tried to rape a woman in Pedersgata [Peder’s street] He already had a previous conviction for a very brutal sexual assault at Jernbanelokket [main bus and train terminal in Stavanger] in 2005, and has recently been convicted of the attempted rape in May.

A 22-year-old woman was attacked and raped in some bushes at Lervigtunet [Lervik square] in Storhaug [Stavanger suburb] in September. The attacker has not yet been apprehended, but the woman described him as dark-skinned with thick curly hair.

Three women on separate occasions were sexually assaulted last weekend, Saturday October 31 and Sunday November 1. They were attacked while walking home from the city center. The women were on their own when the attacks happened. In all three cases the women have described their attackers as non-Western males.


The woman who was attacked in Rudlåparken [the Rudlå park] described her attacker as a man of Somali origin. Three weeks later a 26-year-old Somali male was apprehended by police and charged with attempted rape. He was caught shortly after the attempted rape of the 26-year-old, while he was attempting to rape a second woman in Storhaug. The 26-year-old has been placed in police custody for four weeks.


The only Norwegian perpetrator involved in the sexual assault cases was a 27-year-old male from Aust Agder [region in Southern Norway]. In September he was sentenced to four years in prison for rape. The perpetrator in the court case was found to be slightly retarded with an IQ of only 68.

Earlier this year, Aftenposten commented on a report published by the Oslo police. This report concluded that during the last three years, all reported sexual assaults in Oslo were committed by non-Westerners. There were 41 reported sexual assaults in 2006-2008 in the city.

In seventy-two percent of the reported sexual assault cases in 2007 the perpetrators have been described as non-Norwegians.

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Self-defence and defence of women and children, is the first law of nature. If a society has become so civilised, that it does not have the above mechanism, then evolution will take care of it.

No wonder Muslims are so confident. Everywhere they look, all they see are Western men jumping to accomodate their demands. Just look at Gen Casey and the rest of the US military, bowing and scraping to Muslims.

The Casey cringe

Anyway, I'm confident this won't last. The more we are in Afghanistan, the more attacks in the US and the UK from the enemy within. Sooner or later, despite all the denials, the truth will be out. In fact the UK is getting damn sight tougher for Muslims then the US.