Monday, November 23, 2009

The Librarian and the Lawyer

I wish I could be more charitable to this woman who is now our First Lady, but her hubris is horrendous. Almost as bad as her wardrobe. The sad thing is that she pays people to advise her on her choice of clothing but she wears this kind of thing anyway. Ah well, at least winter is coming and she will have to dress more warmly. Think of it as a change of weather we can believe in.

Laura and Michelle

The world definitely needs many more librarians than it has now.

The world also needs to get shut of a whole lot of lawyer-types. You know the kind I mean: you hire one to resolve a problem and find out that a phone call on your behalf is worth more than a week’s worth of groceries even if you do all your shopping at Whole Foods, including their useless toilet paper.

Here’s to the librarians. They teach children to love reading; they forgive adults some of those horrendous overdue fines. Whilst talking to you, they run their hands over a book as though they were soothing one of their children.
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Oops…almost forgot the fB update.:

New coughing pattern has developed. Is he getting better or is it pneumonia setting up shop in his lungs? Only time will tell: another doctor visit tomorrow to read the entrails of a duck - or a swine - and give us the news.

He seems to feel better, but the cough is unsettling (if you have parents’ ears). On the other hand, the doctor’s ears and her stethoscope will provide enough information to know if he can leave for home and start that new job he’s been offered. They’ve been nice enough to keep his spot open until he gets better.

Good thing he has such an understanding employer because we went through his Sallie Mae loans tonight. The same people who wrote the health care bill must have written the college loan paperwork. Remember how obfuscatory those credit card “disclosures” are? Square that and you have Sallie Mae. Corruption, one of thy names is “higher” education. What a mess.

The fB's girl friend is beautiful, however. I think I’ll keep her.


Robohobo said...

Class will always tell, won't it?

PatriotUSA said...

One would like that all the
wealth she and Barak have
accumulated over all those
years of fleecing the tax payers
that she could dress better
than this? Well, maybe not
as even when she tries to look
nice and dress up, it leaves
much to be desired.

X said...

I'm married to a librarian-by-birth. They have a dark side, especially if you crack the spine of a book in front of them. They're liable to return the favour.

Praying for the future baron. A job in this climate? I wonder how long it'll be before Obama takes credit for it.

spackle said...

And whats with all those belts she wears practically hiked up to under her chin? Also, according to a gossip obsessed friend of mine she cant stand the patron Saint of TV. Oprah. Hmmm?

Kathy said...

She shows she has no class or respect for either the position she holds as the wife of a national leader or for the people of that nation.

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

I remember several years ago when the movie "Pearl Harbor" came out. I went to see it (it wasn't that good) and afterward I was at work and one of my female co-workers asked me what I thought of it. Foolishly, I blurted out what I really thought: "We won World War 2 because our women wore sexier clothes than the enemy's women!"
Well, it was worth saying that just to see the look on her face.

Now, SKANK is considered to be the standard. What do you think our chances of winning are today?

Anonymous said...

How can you compare a lowly librarian to someone with a REAL career. Michelle was a top hospital exec who earned over $300,000 a year doing a job so vitally important that it was simply eliminated when she left it. She was a living, breathing bribe to the Chicago machine. Nice work if you can get it...

babs said...

Sorry D,
I kind of like her whole drapes and belted look... Certainly different from Laura and much younger.
OTOH, best wishes to your son and his new employment. I got sick at the beginning of Oct. and still have a cough! Send him off with the cough (as long as he doesn't have a fever).

babs said...

Well 6 etc...
I do agree with you there. It is amazing that the Obama's got away with what they did.
If ever there was a couple that was jiggered into the presidency it was them...
The very idea that she made $300 thousand plus at a job that seems not to be necessary now makes me sick.
Oh yeah, that was an earmark!

Unknown said...

While I'm not a fan of the current administration, I am concerned that posters on this page appear to have nothing more constructive to do than whine about someone wearing comfortable clothing.

There are far more important things to expend your energies on people, don't waste it on pettiness.

Dymphna said...


Thanks for the heads-up on the cough. The doctor warned him as much -- about it lingering, I mean. I think he will need to wear a sign at work: I have already had the swine flu and am not contagious. This cough is due to my asthma. Please do not run fleeing from the store". Or words to that effect.

I wish I could agree with you on the wardrobe. Yes, she is younger than Laura, but the clothing is a major malfunction. No matter how hard she works at it she will never be thin and lithe. She's simply not an ectomorph. The belts look bizarre.

After the fashion treat this weekend of seeing how a young woman dresses (and being utterly relieved at how graceful and normal it looked),I think I'm going with my own intuition on this one. IOW, I wish the Closet Fairyl would break in one night and steal all those belts.

I'm glad you're on the mend. Hadn't seen you in the comments lately and figured you were either traveling or sick.

Dymphna said...


Come out of the closet where you must be hiding with all those awful belts. Your trollity is definitely not a secret and your hectoring lecture sounds like the bad fairy at the christening.

If I want to put up a post about the Pope's shoes, I will. But I can be secure in the knowledge that inevitably Someone-Who-Knows-Better will come along to tell me how to better use my time.

You obviously don't read this blog very often or you'd know that just about 99% of what appears here are "important" issues and most of them are dead serious. Doing that every day, year in and year out will make one dysphoric quickly...just ask all the bloggers who had to stop writing for just that reason.

Thus my small gallows humor post after ten days of caring for my son, who was very ill with swine flu. There were fleeting moments during the worst parts in that fortnight in which I wondered if my son was going to die.

So spare me your lectures from on high. Stand at the mirror instead and address whomever shows up.

I posted this photo because:

1. I needed the break to laugh for a few moments.
2. It's my blog and I'll laugh if I want to.
3. Take your &^$%$*Q#^ moralizing and move along.
4. You don't reveal your gender, but I'll bet you're a trollette...


It's hard to believe you aren't fond of the current administration since you sound just like them.

Don't let the door hit you, etc.

Unknown said...

dymphna, i do in fact read your site almost daily and find myself in agreement with much of its content - this is the very reason i found this post and its comments to be petty and far below your usual standards.

if you wish to take umbrage at my comment, as you appear to have done, that is of course your prerogative.

just as it is mine to find your fashion policing to be petty....

.....along with your reply.