Saturday, November 14, 2009

Errand of Mercy Completed

Butler As Dymphna mentioned earlier, the future Baron has the swine flu, or something very similar. His version comes with a high fever and now a bad cough.

So the Scion of Bodissey has been conveyed to the family Schloss, and is now resting in a comfortable suite in the east wing. His bedchamber is sumptuous, yet comfortable, and its french doors open onto a balustraded portico that overlooks the Japanese garden and the orangery.

The family physician-in-residence is on hand to monitor his condition. The domestic staff have been alerted and are available to attend to his every need. Needless to say, the wine steward is among them, and has retrieved from the cellar a selection of suitable vintages whose medicinal value will aid the future Baron during his convalescence.

[Nothing further, m’lud.]


Dymphna said...

I'm glad the fB's here where I can keep an eye on him.

When he arrived, his temperature was 103.6 and his cough was incessant. It was causing him to be unable to keep any liquids or food down. He kind of crawled to the couch.

After unguents and medications and a few ice packs, his temperature went down to a more comfortable 100 and both eyes were focusing again.

With the decrease in coughing, he was able to eat some beef and barley soup, though not much (in truth, it's really barley and oxtail soup, which has a much better flavor. But when you admit they're "oxtails" people tend to stutter "no thanks").

Now it's almost like old times around here: the Baron in his office working and the fB loafing around reading Bernard Cornwell... whilst coughing and sniffing so we can tell he's alive without having to go check (parents are such primitive types. We just want to be sure they're breathing).

On Monday he gets a visit to the family doctor. There's a new junior in their practice and she's cute as a button. Maybe he'll have good luck and she'll be on duty? It's an ill wind and all that...

Thank you to everyone for the kind emails and the messages in the first post. Prayers and thoughts most gratefully cherished.

Papa Whiskey said...

If your patient runs out of Bernard Cornwell books or wants a change of pace, I commend him to the spy novels of Alan Furst, which I've been devouring of late. Set in the Europe of pre- and early World War II days, they're wonderfully written and quite gripping.

Dymphna said...

Papa Whiskey--

I read a review of his work recently and told the Baron about it. When I got to the library, I'd blanked his name. OUR library wouldn't be caught dead with the magazine that had the review (? Weekly Standard? National Review? First Things?) so I went home empty handed.

Thanks for giving me back his name. A definitei trip next week. We're all out of British mystery/spy novels so it was good to have a fresh find like this.


Félicie said...

My wishes for the speediest recovery!

Anne-Kit said...

We LOVE Bernard Cornwell in our family too! Has the fB read the Saxon novels? You won't run out of Cornwell books in one bout of Swine flu, surely ...

Baron Bodissey said...

Anne-Kit --

We started out with the Saxon Chronicles. I can't wait for the next volume.

It was all because of "Lords of the North". I saw that after I became a Danophile, so I had to read it.

Cugel said...

Bernard Cornwell is enjoyable, but, Baron, you'll want to instruct the majordomo to place a few Vance novels by the Heir's recuperative bed.

A note to the wine steward: the 1947 Eschazeaux is sublime; one sip and all is health and beauty. Of course, you might have a devil of a time finding the spider-silk-obscured nook in the wine cellar where it lies, but all good things come with difficulty.

Seriously, speedy recovery. You were wise to bring him home.

Baron Bodissey said...

Cugel --

The fB has already read my entire collection of Jack Vance -- which is comprehensive. Last night he decided to re-read the Tschai series after he finishes Cornwell.

As for the wine -- even Schloss Bodissey finds that beyond its means. :(

X said...

Inexpensive bourbon is good enough in a pinch. Just add some to grape juice. Not wine, as such but, y'know, any port in a storm. Or sherry.

Dymphna, what's that about ox tails? I love ox tail soup! If nobody else wants it I'll have some. :D