Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Deporting Illegal Somali Immigrants

Well, at least there’s one country that has decided to help preserve its identity by deporting en masse illegal Somali immigrants that it deems harmful to its national interests.

What country do you think it is? Racist Austria? Racist Denmark? Maybe racist Switzerland?

No, it’s that friend of freedom and staunch ally in the War on Terror, Saudi Arabia. According to Refugee Resettlement Watch:

Saudis Deporting Somalis While We Give Them Tea Parties and Welcome Them to America

I don’t often use this particular internet epithet, but for this story I will. OMG! Saudi Arabia is deporting Muslims.

Saudi Arabia, uber rich home of Mecca — the epicenter of Islam, the Religion of Peace — is deporting Somali illegal aliens back to Somalia. Yet we welcome them to America!
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We probably wouldn’t have ever heard this story except that a planeload of deportees from Saudi Arabia was recently refused landing at Mogadishu’s airport.

A plane from Saudi Arabia which was carrying Somalis who had been deported from that country is said to have been denied clearance to land at Hargeysa airport.

The plane is said to have tried to land at Mogadishu airport but aborted after being informed that Mogadishu airport was insecure. It then proceeded to Hargeysa to offload its human cargo. However, airport officials declined to have it land there forcing it to fly back to Saudi Arabia.

Reports say the plane was carrying Somalis who had been deported from Saudi Arabia and was told about the insecurity at the airport after it was established that it was carrying the Somali deportees.

Read the rest at Refugee Resettlement Watch.


Independent Accountant said...

If the Saudis want to discourage illegal aliens from Somalia, all they have to do is have the Somalis declared apostates. Then behead them. That will get the message across.

Afonso Henriques said...

Oh come on!

The States of the Golf are a model in what concerns immigration.

We have much to learn with them.

El said...

hate to beat my own drum, but i've predicted this in my essays. even forced deportations are impossible if the home country won't take the people in, give access to its airspace, or let planes land from the deporting country. why the somali government doesn't want them back is less obvious (remittances?), but not really all that relevant. expect a lot of this with respect to european countries too in the next 20 years.

watling said...

... and according to this article Pakistan is deporting 50,000 Afghan refugees.

Quite right too. I mean, why should Pakistan have to put up with a load of Muslim refugees when there are plenty of Western countries who will take them?

Gregory said...

And America has the damn Somalis refusing cab rides to people with dogs or alcohol at Minneapolis airports. Shhheeesh.

Afonso Henriques said...


I think Europeans still have the power to impose the refugees in (at least) North African States.

The American Way: Exporting democracy!

Anonymous said...

Abdi somali.
we are travellers in this damn world and no body knows were he/she would land tomorrow? let the bulshet irish "sudians" ( the godamn guys are not real sauds) deport genuine somali man and women but when peace comes to somalia there would be visa bans form some countries lyk saudi arabia which would be difficult to come to somalia. every deed is counted and today is ur stupid day let me wait for my day?