Sunday, October 19, 2008

Racial Solidarity Trumps Everything…

…except where white people are concerned, of course. Then it’s racism. But it’s OK if all the other races practice it.

Colin Powell has made it official:

Colin Powell Backs Barack Obama

US President George W Bush’s first Secretary of State, Colin Powell, has endorsed Democratic election candidate Barack Obama for the White House.

Backing Mr Obama over John McCain, the Republican Party’s choice to succeed Mr Bush in November, he said the Democrat had the “ability to inspire”.

“All Americans… not just African-Americans” would be proud of an Obama win, he argued.
- - - - - - - - -
Mr McCain said he was not surprised at his “long-time friend’s” decision.

He pointed out that other former secretaries of state had backed his own candidacy, naming them as Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Lawrence Eagleburger and Alexander Haig — all Republicans.

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign announced it had raised a record monthly total of more than $150m (£86m) in September.

The total figure of $605m dwarfs the total of Mr McCain, who chose to stay within the public campaign financing system.

Hat tip: Henrik.


talnik said...

To paraphrase Gerald Ford: If Ronald Reagan were alive today he'd be spinning in his grave.

Fjordman said...

Oh, we lost the Cold War, as we have said here many, many times. But Obama hasn't been elected yet, and I suspect we haven't been told the truth about how much support he really has.

One of the most disturbing things about this whole business is how biased and censored the major media outlets in the Western world are. This is generally the case anyway, but you seldom see the effects of this displayed as clearly as you do with Obama. He's a Marxist, and since most Western journalists are either Marxists or fellow travelers, they support him. Leftists essentially control our media and our education system and have made the task of infiltration a lot easier for Muslims.

V. S. Naipaul writes about how conquered peoples have been deprived of their identity and had it replaced with Islamic myths. The modern West is a very strange case where people had to a large extent been deprived of their history even before Muslims got there. Every single aspect of European or Western history has been systematically discredited for decades by the radical Left. Many young Westerners would be hard-pressed to articulate a single reason why their civilization is worth preserving. They would say something about the glories of Arab science, the backwardness of medieval Christians, the evils of European colonialism and Adolf Hitler, and that's just about it.

In AD 30 Jesus died. In AD 1961 Barack Hussein Obama was born. I say no more!

Anonymous said...

Everybody gets to be racist except whitey! Them's the rules Baron, and don't you ever forget 'em!

Anonymous said...


Back in the joy of my youth, in the Bronx of the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, basketball became the preferred way to waste my time. Eventually, my skills led me and some friends to travel to other neighborhoods in search of new competition. Some of these neighborhoods were more “diverse” and less safe than my own. News of my travels reached my father and I was subsequently summoned to a "Denis, me boy-o" meeting in our living room.

My father had grown up in Ireland and came to this country in 1927, in time for both the Great Depression and World War II. He was a practicing Catholic and, to my knowledge, had no particular bone to pick with black folks. When he found out where I had been traveling to play ball, he shared the following advise with me; "right or wrong, don't ever expect them to take your part against their own."

It was good advice then, as now.

Afonso Henriques said...

This is the third comment I write. I thought I shouldn't publish the other two.

All I wanted to say is that this is too funny.

Congratulations to all the usefull white idiots who have considered ethnic minorities to be "their own". You have chosen to create a Multicultural Nation instead of a European/Western Nation. Be happy with it. Really. Just don't attack us when we start cleaning our non wanted minorities be it muslims in Serbia or whatever else. You people have considered that you cannot treat well people you see as "the other" and as such, you have made them part of your Nation.

Minorities here were never seen as part of the Nation. At best, were part of the State or Empires. Foreign people here have historically had vallue as individuals, not as a constituitive peoples of the Nations, not as "our own".
Please, just do not bomb us...

A Nation is bonded by common blood, genetics, Fatherland, place of origin, CULTURE, TRADITIONs, History, feelings, metaphisics and sense of the Transcendent/Divine. That's what made Europeans especial. They had their Nations and in a broader sense, their Civilisation that was, in a way, their "meta-Nation".
Now we have nothing. Fjordman, we have nothing indeed.

I wonder if it is morally wrong to preserve the rest of Europe... I don't know any more...

And yes, Bela, now that the Americanos have fallen, Russia IS the West; The West is Russia. I never thought that Northeast Europe, the area less romanised of Europe, would became its light house.

Now, I don't know if there will be a massive war or if we will disapear in three or four generations...

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

We will slip into the shadows as if nothing had even happened. In a hundred years from now the history of europe will have been totally rewritten. Hitler will go from being the ultimate villain, to the first west-european in modern times who fought for muslim supremacy. What will happen to icons like Churchill and DeGaulle, will they be reshaped into jihadists or simply erased from history entirely?

Anonymous said...


It's more likely that the Muslims will claim that Churchill and DeGaulle were "secret" Muslims, like they claim Goethe, Napoleon and King Offa were. Haven't you heard the latest? William of Orange is a "secret" Muslim now. Shakespeare, Wellington, Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie, Leonardo DaVinci -- hey, they are all gonna turn up as "secret" Muslims sooner or later.

Unknown said...

What can I do an as American citizen at this point?

What can we do as Westerners who will not submit to Allah or leftist fascism?

Blogging is not sufficient...

Fjordman said...

Queen: You bet. They've already claimed that Shakespeare was a Sufi Muslim. Europeans in general were evil white racists who raped the Earth and created global warming - except Shakespeare, Pasteur, Copernicus, Huygens, Kepler and Galileo. They were closet Muslims. What is funny is that the very concept of "theater" hardly existed in medieval or early modern Islam. There was no Muslim Shakespeare because there could be no Muslim Shakespeare. It's yet another part of the Greco-Roman heritage which was not "shared, preserved and passed on to us" by Muslims since they were never interested in it even at the best of times.

Muslims forcefully rejected most of the Greco-Roman heritage, from democracy and secular laws via pictorial arts and sculpture to wine. The only part of the Greek legacy they were interested in was the scientific legacy, and even that they failed to internalize.

We have nothing in common. Nothing.

Joanne said...

Okay, Colin Powell has just joined the long list of Temporary Useful Idiots for Obama.

I thought, until recently, that black/white relations had greatly improved in the United States, but WRONG!

christian soldier said...

I have a couple of links to this issue + my own 'take' on my blog...
Racism is alive and -sad to say--WELL in America...and most of it is NOT on the part of whites...

Fjordman said...

Regarding our "shared heritage," I could add that Jesus himself probably spoke Greek. Hebrew had been dead as a spoken language for centuries in Roman times, but it was the language of the Hebrew Bible, the core religious text of the Jews, and a young Jew such as Jesus of Nazareth would almost certainly have known some Hebrew. He would most likely also have spoken the languages of the two previous great empires that had ruled the Levant, the Aramaic of the Persians (and the Assyrians before them) and the Greek of Alexander the Great's empire. The one language he didn't speak was Latin. The extent to which he spoke all of these languages is disputed since this has important theological implications, but it's likely that he knew something of all three.

Jesus, who founded the religion which was to become Christianity, himself probably spoke at least some Greek. I'm pretty sure Muhammad did not. Paul, the person who shaped Christianity, was a Jew like Jesus, but he was also a Roman citizen. Although the relationship between the Roman state and the adherents of the new and emerging religion was complex and uneasy (some of the earliest Christians were executed by Roman authorities, including the founder himself), Christianity quietly grew and eventually conquered the Roman Empire from within.

Christianity was a Roman religion from the very beginning. It would be fair to say that it was born out of a Jewish conceptual universe, but was shaped in a Greco-Roman environment and baptized in a spring of Greek philosophy and Roman law. Indeed, one of the reasons why Greek natural philosophy was so quickly assimilated into European universities during the Middle Ages, in sharp contrast to Islamic madrasas, was that the earliest Christian theologians were familiar with Greek philosophy and borrowed from it to a significant extent. For the early Muslims who came from the Arabian Peninsula, the Greco-Roman legacy was something alien. This does not mean that they never borrowed from it when it suited them; they did. But it was never "theirs." For Christianity it was one of its two parent cultures, the other being the Jewish legacy as contained in the Hebrew Bible. This had very real practical consequences, for instance in the positive Christian view of pictorial art which came from the Greco-Roman parental culture. This was never shared by Muslims.

One could also add that both Christians and Jews, as did many of the pre-Islamic cultures in the Middle East from ancient Egypt and Sumerian Mesopotamia to the Persians, accepted wine and beer as a part of their culture, even as a part of their religious culture. Muslims never did.

Afonso Henriques said...


Hitler has many defects but he never supported the colonisation of Europe by muslims, neither the penetration of islam into Europe.
The same cannot be said of De Gaul who, not only offered Algeria to the muslims after hard fights of many honoured Frenchmen, but who also supported the first massive wave of immigration from North African muslims to France.

Churchill basically created the Second World War that would lead to the decolonisation of many muslim lands, that is. Churchill contributed indirectly to establish many of today's muslim states.

Hitler may have liked some traits of islam like the cult of personality, but to say that he was pro-islamic is another thing. He was anti-Jewish and I believe, anti-Semitic in the broader sense possible. I think we cannot classify Hitler or Churchill as pro-islamists.
But De Gaul's lack of sensibility created big problems to the whole Europe. In fact, whoever insists on the greatness of France after Napoleon can only be 1) a radical French Nationalist 2) an enemy of European Civilisation.


Fjordman, are you re-writing History?

Afonso Henriques said...

After all I need to alter my views.

I thought Mr. Powell was at least loyal to his ethnic group, to his "Afro-American" Nation and that he was only serving America because it was his larger Nation...

But, after seeing this video it is clear that it is not racial, well it is, but it is not mainly racial. The truth is, Mr. Powell is a socialist of the worst kind.

My ignorance came from the European, in this case Portuguese media who passed the news in the fashion:

Even Bush's loyal puppy, Colin Powell, admits that Obama is the best for America. In this way, Obama apeals to youth of all races, all non whites, white women and also Republican fascists. That is, only white racists vote against him and as so he has already won.

senatortombstone said...

Fjordman wrote: "Obama hasn't been elected yet, and I suspect we haven't been told the truth about how much support he really has."

Fjordman, are you referring to the "Bradley Effect" by any chance?

Bela said...

afonso h:

1.In this very blog, you can read about the Hanjar Muslim SS division led by Amin Husseini at the behest of Hitler. There are many images showing Hitler and and Husseini cordially sitting together.
I mentioned several times your lack of sophisticated knowledge of the European history and posting unsubstantiated opinion (crap) decreases the intellectual quality of this forum.

Google: Amin Husseini the Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler.

2.Your adulation of Russia - where you have never been - bordering the insane for Russia is a mono-cultural country, without the history and influence of the Enlightenment that shaped Europe. With her Cyrillic alphabet, the strong Orthodox religious leaning, her brutal past and present, shrinking population, Russia is ill prepared to be a beacon of Light for the Whole Western Mankind. Even less for the Vatican:
ask the Catholic clergy about the Orthodox Pravoslavie (Eastern Orthodox Church.)

You never elucidated us, stupid bloggers as to HOW Russia supposed to LIBERATE Europe from the yoke of the elected Moroccan mayor in Holland.
Will Putin shot Sarko? - because of his arabization project?

Why don't you read our sister forum at Brussels Journals?
Why not?
Do you read ONLY your own long essays?

no2liberals said...

Many of us knew this endorsement was coming. I didn't care days ago when I first heard about it, and I care even less now.
I came across this by Rush Limbaugh in an email he sent out today.

"Secretary Powell says his endorsement is not about race," Limbaugh wrote in an e-mail. "OK, fine. I am now researching his past endorsements to see if I can find all the inexperienced, very liberal, white candidates he has endorsed. I'll let you know what I come up with."

I am looking forward to Rush skewering Powell on the radio Monday.

Also, I found an image of a bona fide, certified racist, here.

Bela, Ruck Fussia.

Freedom Fighter said...

Baron, Dymphna, Greetings and salutations.

Fascinating...look friends - this is maybe about race, just a little, but it is more about Colin Powell wanting to do what advances Colin Powell.

He's always been like that.

When the GOP controlled Washington, he sucked up to them and the Republicans stoo-pidly rewarded him as the poster boy proof See-We're-Not-All-Racists even though his military career was at best indifferent and well, political, a bit like Wesley Clark's. So Powell and the GOP used each other.

As I show in the story I've linked to, Powell has no logical reasons for crapping on McCain, a friend of long standing, but he's been leading up to this for months.
His stint on MTP was a bunch of unchallenged Obama talking points, and the timing was obviously coordinated with the Obama campaign.

Watch and see if he doesn't become a special envoy or ambassador of some sort.


Freedom Fighter said...

Oh and PS..Hitler did indeed have plans to use the Arabs as part of the Nazi war machine. Apart from the Grand Mufti Husseini's forays into Bosnia and other Muslim areas in Europe that have already been mentioned, Hitler's grand plan was to foment an Arab uprising against the Brits in the Middle East.

One of my father's best friends, Ronnie Newman was an ex-sergeant in Montgomery's 8th Army and he told me personally as a very young boy how he and his mates marched into Cairo after El Alamein and found the City all decked out to welcome the Afrika Corps as liberators.

Hitler's plan as worked out with Hussieni ( and some sources say Ibn Saud was in on it) was for the Afrika corps to smash through the Brits, run through Egypt and Palestine ( where Husseini had the Arabs ready to sabotage and collaborate with the Nazis) and pass through Vichy Syria and Lebanon to push through Iraq with the aid of the Arabs and link up with the Nazi troops in the Caucusus and commandeer the oil.

It's also a matter of record that a number of ex-Nazis ended up finding congenial living and employment serving the fascist governments of the Arab world after the war.


History Snark said...

Powell was never on our side. He worked with Bush senior because he had to follow orders (and it suited him, I suspect). Bush Junior adopted him believing that this was a loyal conservative. But it's been clear for years where his political loyalties lie. I can't believe anybody was surprised by this. I assumed it had happened months ago.

Robohobo said...

"Everybody gets to be racist except whitey! Them's the rules Baron, and don't you ever forget 'em!"

So true, so true. I tried to not be the type that bought into the stereotypes until recently. I guess that in my naivete I thought we could get past the things that divide us. Then came Rev. Wright. He showed me what I suppose a large number of blacks in the US think of us white people. I hope it is not true, but....

Now, Powell. He shows that skin color does matter. To him.

I remember that BHO is of Luo descent and most likely the descendant of slave owners and traders. But he has bought into the American 'Black Experience' and their hatred.

Why has this cipher not released his real records? Is what he really is that bad? I fear so. We may only get the country back the hard way.

History Snark said...

Robohobo, remember he's also half white, and was largely raised by his white grandparents. None of which matters. It's all about what ethnicity gives the most advantage. A generation or two ago, he would have proclaimed his whiteness from the treetops.

laine said...

Several years ago, maybe even before the Internet was widespread, a study was done that showed North American whites to be the least racist of all peoples. (It would never get done or published today). Blacks and Asians were found to be significantly more racist, especially against each other, with blacks accusing Koreans and others of being gouging store-owners-capitalists in black ghettos and Asians accusing blacks of being thieves and layabouts.

Over 90% of blacks are going to vote for unqualified Obama because 50% of his melanin is dark. Apparently he is black enough after all to pass for black. The descendants of slaves are going to vote for the descendant of slavers. This is blatant racism is presented as "natural and healthy" whereas every white vote against Obama (the vast majority against his socialism, not color) will be called racist.

Obama has single handedly set back race relations in the USA fifty years. Blacks are going to put him in the White House out of the same bitterness and sense of entitlement as drove them to release double murderer OJ.

The teeny contingent of conservative blacks will have to recant in Obamerica and many have already done so. Powell never was a true conservative, just a carpetbagger as was rightly diagnosed above. He hears his new master's voice.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Afonso, as others have noted, your assessment of Hitler and Islam is lacking. In the Balkans, in Palestine and in north Africa, coorperation between the Nazis and the Arabs was extensive, and the Nazi regime basically funded the Great Arab Revolt in Palestine 1936-1939. Not only is the practical coorperation well documented, there are also some quotes by Nazi dignitaries that Islam would be a much better religion than Christianity for the True Aryans.

Afonso, Fjordman isn't rewriting history. He just happens to know more of it (much more) than most people, and since we've largely been fed a sanitized wersion at our schools and our media, seeing the real versions can be quite surprising. For the link between the Nazis and the Muslims, see The Terrorism Awareness Project. It's no coincidence that Muslims carry plackards with the slogan "God Bless Hitler".

Finally, the neo-Nazis in Köln (Cologne) have declared that Islam really isn't that bad an idea, and that the Pro Köln people with their Jewish connections are not friends of theirs.

I hope the deadly embrace of Islam by Nazi goons will produce some benefit :)

The comments by Fjordman about the close link between Christianity and Greek philosophy are important. I've come to understand this better and better over the last years, but Fjordman is (again) much ahead of me.

As for Powell, I used to refer to him as one I'd like for president. Not anymore. Not only does he turn his back on his Republican friends in a difficult hour, he does so with a bunch of hollow clichés in support of the hollow man. That's not integrity, that's opportunism.

But then, my personal opinion is that he should have turned his back on the Republican hawks at a much earlier time, namely when he was supposed to present the 'evidence' of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction in the UN, evidence that was later show to be worthless. I remember myself watching his presentation and thinking "This is too thin".

If he had resigned his post instead of going ahead with evidence he knew to be too fickle, he could have prevented a war that I consider quite pointless - and expensive, too. In that case, he would have had the standing to become a real American president.

Oh, if anyone wants to look for fascist traits in current American politics, the Democrats are the place to look. But it will require some actual knowledge of fascism to identify those.

Bela rants on about Russia in the usual strawman fashion. I see no need to comment on that.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Freedom Fighter got the story about Rommel in Africa right. I had wondered what Rommel was doing in Africa at all, so far from the war theater in Europe, but the German need for oil, as well as the potential of millions of eager, Jew-hating soldiers under his flag, seems to explain everything.

Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood had just risen to fame, could easily supply the soldiers.

Exterminating the Jews in Palestine (plans for building gas chambers were already on the table) would fit straight into the wicked brain of the Führer.

Turkey, under the one-party rule of Kemal Atatürk, could probably easily be pursuaded to join the stronger side. They were with Germany in WWI and joined the Allies in WWII only extremely late.

Cutting those pesky British supplies to Russia through Iran (us Danes built the railroad there :) would be exeedingly helpful, and Iran herself under Palahvi I might have joined the Nazi cause, for a lethal blow into the Russian underbelly.

It is endlessly fortunate that Montgomery stood his ground in Africa...

no2liberals said...

John Bolton.

"Ultimately, what most risks "provoking" Moscow is not Western resolve but Western weakness. This is where the real weight of history lies. Accordingly, attitude adjustment in Moscow first requires attitude adjustment in NATO capitals, and quickly, before Moscow's swaggering leaders draw the wrong lessons from their recent successes."

The first time a Russian TU-22 was allowed to fly over sovereign nations, without being shot or forced down, Russia confirmed what it already knew, the resolve of the NATO countries wasn't there.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Bolton rocks!

He has lots of experience and a solid, classical will to stand the ground for his nation. I have his book, but didn't read it yet.

Bela said...


This is a serious warning to you from the RACIST State of Louisiana.

Any disparaging word - even if it's true - about Russia is considered on this forum as sacrilege, hateful rant against the Greatest Nation On Earth, genocidal Russia! is not permitted.

You can bash anybody but Ivan the drunk Russian mafioso is protected.

watling said...

Since blacks make up only about 14% of the population of the USA, BHO will need an awful lot of whites to vote for him - even if all the Hispanics (about 15%) vote for him too.

Given these statistics I fail to see how BHO's success can be assured. Hopefully someone with a better understanding of the election can enlighten me.

no2liberals said...

Bela, henh.
Warning duly noted.
/but not internalized

no2liberals said...

Good instincts.
No, B-HO's election isn't assured, far from it. Even if he did get all of the Black and Hispanic votes, which he won't, he would need a huge percentage of White votes.
Currently, B-HO's lead in polls has been shrinking, and that's without the Bradley Effect entered into the equation. At this point, four years ago, Kerry had an eleven point lead over Bush, in the polls. Currently, there are about twelve percent who claim they are undecided, which I find unlikely, but possible.
In the primaries, B-HO took an early lead over Hillary, and hung on to win it, but it was worth noting he couldn't close the deal, only run the clock out.
He is attempting to do the same thing now, but the clock isn't moving as quickly as B-HO would like.
Unless something remarkable happens, like this, it will be a late night on 4 Nov, and quite possibly numerous court challenges to the elections.

Dymphna said...

@Henrik R Clausen

Bolton rocks!

He has lots of experience and a solid, classical will to stand the ground for his nation. I have his book, but didn't read it yet.

Henrik, Bolton rocks *and* rolls. His short tenure in the UN was so refreshing it shone a too-bright light on politics as usual. An ugly revelation.

I briefly reviewed his book here:
Catch the 'Stache
(For that title, I was paraphrasing Yeats' poem to Anne Gregory.

To Bolton, I say:

"...only God, my dear,
Could love you for yourself alone
And not your great moustache."

BTW, I bought it paid for my copy of Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations. Worth every penny, especially what he has to say re the fact that cleaning up the State Department would take a generation or more.

Oh that the gods would grant him eight years at the helm of that vessel from hell. Those currently in charge -- and those going back a number of presidents now -- seem determined to run our ship of state straight into the rocks. Their driven purpose appears to be the destruction of the US.

Colin Powell is just one sad example. Bolton, otoh, is -- as Atlas says -- the ultimate insider who could actually make the thing seaworthy.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Bolton backed by an able president would be great to clean out the administration. However, I think it'd take some monumental failures before that becomes an, ehm, Option.

Talking of former ambassadors to the UN, I also recommend Dore Gold: Tower of Babble (hey - it's back in stock!). While I disagree with his assessment of the Balkan situation, his analysis as a whole is healthy, and exposes the problems of 'moral equivalence' and other evils that are killing the used-to-be-useful organisation.

thll said...

DESullivan referred to advice given him by his father, "right or wrong, don't ever expect them to take your part against their own."

A principle that few whites would agree with were it practiced by their own whilst at the same time 'understanding' 'minorities'' observation of it.