Monday, October 13, 2008

The Severe Depletion of Social Capital

This essay by Takuan Seiyo is not new; it appeared in the New English Review last February. Even so, some choice quotes are worth repeating:

Even such work as is not exportable is increasingly performed by imported labor. Plasterers from Poland plaster Paisley, Filipino nurses nurse in Atlanta, and Indian IT coders code in Düsseldorf. All for the better, perhaps. But, also, tubercular Mexicans pluck chickens in South Carolina, and poisonous physicians from — in the immortal words of the Rt. Hon. Jacqui Smith — “all walks of life, communities and religions,” are busy blowing up Britain, and Nigerian nightclub barkers hassle passersby in Tokyo, and lavish welfare payouts to idle Kurd and Somali immigrants provide the frisson of S&M ecstasy that the coldness of Norway and Sweden otherwise denies to bien-pensant Scandinavians.

London is becoming a Capitalopolis — an extraterritorial hub of the global megadeal, where the world’s sharpest financial brains gorge on so much profit that the droppings from this horse, augmenting the oil stream from Scotland, are sufficient to feed the idle birds in the rest of the British Isles. Already, the collection and disbursement of said oats afterproduct feeds the largest government bureaucracy the Anglosphere has ever known, at least on a per-capita basis.

What remains to the natives is panem et circenses. Great Britain, along with most EU member countries, is coasting toward the 50:50 ratio: public expenditures that constitute 50% of the GDP, and 50% of the population that either works for or receives aid from the government. Without having to work, the yobs get their ale, porn, and footie, and immigrants from the 7th century get flats, monthly cheques, and government exemptions from life in the 21st century. Meanwhile, British indigenes are coerced to repeat daily that 7th century people come from all walks of life, communities and religions.

If there are differences in this between Western countries, they are differences in degree, not in kind. The capital explosion has created a large, distributable surplus. People who don’t want to work don’t have to. Equality-pushing, nonequal elites have found new ways to collect and redistribute this surplus in ways that satisfy their moral vanity while perpetuating their hold on power. When you rob Peter to pay Paul, Peter may successfully resist. But when you rob Peter to pay Paul, Pablo, Pavel, Panya, Bakhta and Boumedienne, the mobocratic features of democracy work decidedly for them and for the income redistributor, and against Peter.
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The postmodern, Western elites, though uniformly left-liberal, have been friendly to capital, as they depend on its droppings for campaign donations and payoffs to their state-dependent constituencies. When capital decided that Mexican labor was the answer to a shortage of Americans willing to work at manual labor for low wages, or that imported Pakistanis held a similar answer for Great Britain, the ruling elites were all too happy to oblige. But the foreigners were not needed in the first place, for there is no work that Americans or Brits “won’t do.” It’s just a question of more pay for work and less payoff to idleness.

And now Britain is under siege by the descendants of the alien people it brought over, and by their chain-migrating kin; while the U.S. has perhaps 30 million people whose first allegiance is to Mexico or Guatemala, and the 120,000 members of armed Hispanic gangs in Los Angeles alone are akin to ten divisions of a foreign occupying army.

Daily life in a Western European or American city is a lesson in the severe depletion of social capital caused by the ruling elites’ dumping of millions of Third World immigrants onto their subjects, allegedly for economic reasons.

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spackle said...

"But the foreigners were not needed in the first place, for there is no work that Americans or Brits “won’t do.” It’s just a question of more pay for work and less payoff to idleness."

Agreed. Although if things changed tomorrow I fear there would be at least a generation of massive nationwide crime before a work ethic returns. That "payoff to idleness" has been so ingrained in our culture and the belief that "I should be rich for just being me" so widespread that most hard work no matter how high the pay is "beneath" most people. One only has to talk to anyone 18-30 to find this out.

xlbrl said...

At root is the terrible human desire for universality. As you have described, the elites of Europe and America are already on the same page, with the same program to promote it.
Weakening the civilization is a prelude to destroying it. It has always been communist dogma that it is better to rebuild than 'reform'.
The final mad ilusion that the elites indulge is that the masses will not turn on them during the descent. The French Revolutionaries found out differently.

watling said...

I agree with xlbrl. It's much easier for our Communist leaders to implement their one-world government idea if national unity has been eroded by waves of immigrants who don't give a damn about the nation they now inhabit.

Any national government's primary responsibility is to the people of that nation. However, too many Western governments - and the UK's is one of the worst - have shown equal or greater concern for third worlders who fancy a more comfortable existence in the West.

Not only have our leaders taken in millions of third worlders but they have also told them they don't need to bother adopting the culture or language of their new host country. The inevitable result: divided communities, disgruntled indigenous people and contempt for the politicians who created this intolerable situation. Yet any expression of dissatisfaction with government policy in this area is regarded as thought crime.

We are in uncharted waters here. It certainly cannot be a coincidence that many Western governments are busy implementing the same suicidal policies. In Europe the creation of the EUSSR - despite the inconvenience of Ireland's rejection of the Lisbon Treaty - is one of the last few steps before the world government fantasy can be realised.

Maybe there is something in the Illuminati conspiracy theory?

Anonymous said...

"Although if things changed tomorrow I fear there would be at least a generation of massive nationwide crime before a work ethic returns"

It could happen but i fear it would happen even if things wouldn`t change tomorrow

Dave Skender

laine said...

Instead of exporting the ideas and habits that made every last Western/European settled country a success to what used to be recognized as backward societies, those primitive cultures are now being invited to swamp Western civilization, bringing all their pathologies intact. In fact, official multicult excuses, even glorifies these pathologies and makes no demands for betterment through assimilation because that would be "racist".

How can this global socialism and affirmative action program end in anything but disaster, starting with the third world nations that will starve as the West can no longer afford to feed them? A thousand dollars squandered on Welfare for some immigrant layabout in London or Oslo could feed tens of families in Africa where the cost of living is so much lower.

This is yet another example of leftist false humanitarianism triggering ultimate genocides like millions of unnecessary malaria deaths amid African children after DDT was outlawed. Of course, the aim of our sado-masochistic elites is to destroy whites (except themselves) for their fictitiously unique sins but the collateral damage is going to be immense.

In fact, self-sufficient (armed) conservative whites will be the last to go. Their fellow citizens of whatever color trained to rely on handouts and liberal redistributionists without the Hollywood kind of wealth that can buy protection will be at the mercy of the ugly forces unleashed during societal breakdown. It will be Katrina writ large with no cavalry large enough to save the thumb-sucking infantilized.