Friday, October 31, 2008

The Total Destruction of White People

Minister King Samir ShabazzThe man in the photo at right is displaying what’s colloquially known as a “’tude”: an attitude of smoldering anger towards the world in general, and — in his case — against the white people of America in particular.

He’s Minister King Samir Shabazz, the leader of the Philadelphia chapter of the New Black Panthers. His goal, proclaimed emphatically, repeatedly, and publicly, is to destroy white people.

So is he a racist?

No. He can’t possibly be one, because he’s a member of a historically oppressed group, and only members of the privileged elite oppressive majority can be racists. If his organization succeeds in its goal and destroys white people, leaving the surviving remnant a minority in the land, perhaps then his program would become “racist”.

But don’t bet on it. I expect that there would have to be a waiting period of several thousand years to make up for their past transgressions before white people could ever claim victim status in Minister Shabazz’ brave new world.

Just as a matter of interest, he’s no fan of Barack Hussein Obama. From the point of view of Minister Shabazz, the Messiah of Hope and Change is a traitor to his race, a puppet for his white masters.

According to

New Panthers’ War on Whites

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve.

Minister King Samir Shabazz wears his on his forehead. Right between the eyes.

“If you want to stop the revolution, that’s what you got to hit,” Shabazz said, pointing to the target tattooed onto his forehead. “I fight my oppressor, and I give him the target.”

Shabazz is chairman of the New Black Panther Party’s Philadelphia chapter. In black beret atop dreadlocks and a black military uniform, he spends most weekdays near City Hall condemning “crackers” and exhorting black passers-by to rise up against their “slavemasters” — and to give him $2 for the party’s semi-annual newspaper.

Minister Shabazz outlines his political program:
- - - - - - - - -
  • On whites: “I’m about the total destruction of white people. I’m about the total liberation of black people. I hate white people. I hate my enemy…”
  • On Jews: “I don’t care how much they try to promote the Jewish Holocaust. The African people have suffered a hell of a cost…”
  • On Barack Obama and voting: “He’s a puppet on a string. I don’t support no black man running for white politics. I will not vote for who will be the next slavemaster.” Besides, he added, Obama is “a Negro who doesn’t even support reparations for black people in America.”
  • On white supremacists: “They’re sissies; they want to put their feelings on a flier. Well, come into the black neighborhood with that rhetoric and we will show you what a strong awakened black man looks like.”
  • On the Phillies: “They can kiss my ass. The Phillies are not doing nothing for our ‘hoods.”

Hmm… I’m not sure how baseball got mixed in with all the violent revolutionary politics.

He’s 38 and has children, but he won’t say how many or provide any more details about his personal life, partly for security reasons but also because this reporter is a “cracker.”

He listens to “revolutionary, cracker-killing hip-hop” on his headphones and says things like: “I’ll get black to you on that.”

And he says that he never worries what response his violent rhetoric might provoke in listeners.

“The only thing the cracker understands is violence,” said Shabazz, whose face also bears the tattoos “Freedom,” “BPG” (Black Power Gang) and “NBPP” (New Black Panther Party). “The only thing the cracker understands is gunpowder.

“You got to take violence to violence.”

This is an extreme example of classic ghetto mau-mauing, designed to make a shiver run up the effete spine of the average suburban dry-Chablis-and-runny-brie honky.

But this is Philadelphia, home to MOVE, and the city has a history of violent revolutionary black liberation movements, groups that are too far off the scale for even ACORN and Jeremiah Wright, not to mention Barry Soetoro.

I think these guys mean business.

Hat tip: VH.


Anonymous said...


What a cool sounding word! I'm going to try to work it into some conversations over the weekend, on the links, at he club:

"Outstanding tie, Sutart, it's got SHABAZZ!"

Have a great weekend.
Thanks, GoV!


spackle said...

Ah yes. Another ghetto philosopher king.

PRCalDude said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall for some of your dinner conversations with Dymphna. Does she ever call you a racist?

Dymphna said...

PRCalDude said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall for some of your dinner conversations with Dymphna. Does she ever call you a racist?

Heavens, how would the Baron know *that*? We're usually too busy interrupting one another to notice these finer points, e.g., what the other actually has to say.

OTOH, the flies on the wall do indeed get our attention...and they promptly meet death via rolled up pages of The National Review, preferably not the current issue.

In point of fact, I often observe (note I said "observe", not complain) that the Baron fails to notice some of the tensions between the blacks and whites in our county. He sees us all as getting along famously.

So far, the other ethnicities are too small and too busy making a living in a very foreign place to evoke tensions one way or another.

We live in a house that was formerly owned by a black woman, a widow who wanted to move to a place with less land.

A friend of ours (also black) told me on good authority that when she decided to sell, Miz I. absolutely refused to let a black family -- *any* black family -- have her property. He claimed not to know why, but on investigation I found out that she'd felt bullied by a larger family (of which my friend is a member) and was determined to get hers back on her persecutors.

So just think of us as "The Revenge of Miz I".

Was she racist? Nah...just really pi**ed off.

Now me, I'm a genderist myself. The first thing I notice is whether you're a boy or a girl. On that depends whether or not I call out the dogs...or would, if we had any dogs. You know how it is, the world is awash these days in "mean girls".

BTW, you yourself are still a waycist. It's good to know that some things don't change.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Since it's Halloween and all, may I suggest you dress up like Shabazz this year?

"Gimme all yer f*ckin' candy or I'll eat ya all up, dawg!"

PRCalDude said...

BTW, you yourself are still a waycist. It's good to know that some things don't change.

What's a waycist?

Anonymous said...

Frank Rizzo understood how to Move radical groups out of Philadelphia.

Conservative Swede said...

What's a waycist?

It means you are way too far right. Or otherwise, racist but with a silly accent.

no2liberals said...

Philly certainly does have an interesting history, first our nations freedom, then the various racist radical groups.
Shabbie is just another mouth, a malcontent. If he is such a bad boy, then he should come into my 'hood, spouting his drivel.
With a name like that, which is also the name of another race baiter, of Farrakhan fame, he is most likely part of the muslim ghetto in Philly.
Yeah, he would definitely shake up the delicate sensibilities of the brie set, who don't understand which end of the tube the bullets come out of.

Dymphna said...

Con Swede -

no, no...maybe you missed that discussion? We have to keep up with the new meanings or we're lost...

First remember that "socialist" is the new "racist" -- or so the socialists whinge and whine should you correctly identify their pollitical philosophy. See recent statement of same in The American Prospect

Thus, the umm..."dialogue" goes something like this:

Person A: Your plan to redistribute others' wealth is socialism.

Person B: You're calling me a racist! The label "socialism" is nothing but a cover for "racism"

QED: Socialism is racism...

...unless you're Elmer Fudd, then it's "waycism".

Will whichever clever commenter first used "waycism" on this blog please step forward? I don't remember who did it, but you sure provided a laugh -- and a word likely to stick.

We all be waycists now.

no2liberals said...

Wasn't it graham, who first used that word?
Anyway, I know your real motivation for posting Shabbie's image on this thread, on this day. It's All Hallows Eve.
So, in the spirit of the occasion, which is not one I generally recognize.....Trick Or Treat!

Dymphna said...


I think you're right; it was he who came up with "waycist"

This word has real possibilities:

a waycist = a white racist

a baycist = a black racist

a chasist = a Chinese racist...

and so on.

In the spirit of Hallowe'en, I ran across this in our links:

Solar Light Cross

Imagine a graveyard filled with these things...this is beyond kitsch into some realm of what must be a painful lack of taste.


no2liberals said...

Uhhh...hmmm...those are more...campy?
I don't think I've ever been to a cemetery at night, but driving by one, and seeing that....?
What is the light source? Tritium?
Hope that stuff doesn't wash down, and create a George Romero scenario.

Conservative Swede said...

Ok, Dymphna I get it.

So then
racist = Russian racist

Message to Bodissey: this is a recursive definition. And it will regenerate Russians at a scaring speed (and endlessly!)

X said...

That's one way to get the population back up...

I'm not sure I can take credit for inventing waycism - in fact 'm pretty sure it was Zenster, though I could be wrong - but I think I can say it better than all of you. So many years of watching the Carry On films, you see... :)

Dymphna said...

Con Swede--

Archonix is right: you've solved the Russian demographic problem. Maybe they'll give you the Lenin Prize.

Is there still a Lenin Prize?

Anonymous said...

"Waycist" means a racist Elmer Fudd.

Conservative Swede said...

Thanks for the nomination Dymphna. However, I believe the Lenin Prize is for the very opposite achievement, to killing off a high number of Russians.

Czechmade said...

ConSwede, do you know the sweet fact that the cap used by Lenin was a Stockholm workers cap? It made him neutre in regard to the variety of working etnic people within the Russian Empire.

Afonso Henriques said...

"What's a waycist?
It means you are way too far right."

... and I thought it was just a stupid word that had became a stupid fashion on this blog.

Then Buchannan (or how the hell his name is spelled. You know, the Catholic guy, friend of Reagen) is the perfect waycist.

xlbrl said...

This is what happens when we cannot master fourth grade math. Not only are Afericans wildly outnumbered by Caucerican devils, but they have now slipped to the status of second largest minority, and the first is known to have significant antipathy for the second.
These odds are just terrible.
And I don't see any Afericans moving to Detroit or New Orleans, so it may be that Mr. Shabazz is monopolizing stupidity.

Czechmade said...

Countless fools...some of them may be one day unfortunately successful...

Unknown said...

"Aferican"? Is that a deliberate contraction of "African-American" or a misspelling of one or the other word? (Honest question, not trying to nitpick.)

ohshutupalready said...

Weren't the first African slaves traded to the "crackers" for RUM by AFRICANS? Hmmmm...

Henrik Ræder said...

Not Africans, Arabs. Historical fact.

Henrik Ræder said...

Waycist = taken from the word racist meaning somone who is bias against someone with the last name way, usually gerard or mikey way from the band My Chemical Romance.

As screwy as any other explanation :)

Unknown said...

Ho hum... this Shabazz clown is just another angry black man wanting to blame others for his woes.

Anonymous said...

I guess this dude missed the fact that white people make up the vast majority of gun owners in America. Besides, no matter how sad white supremacism is, black supremacism is the most hilarious thing that ever happened on Earth. Whenever I want to laugh, I look these people up - I mean, the least accomplished group of people believing that they're the best is funny.