Monday, October 20, 2008

More Conspiracy Theories

A former member of the FPÖ thinks the Mossad assassinated Jörg Haider, according to The Jerusalem Post:

While local Austrian authorities declared an inebriated Haider to have died as the result a high-speed car crash last week, Karlheinz Klement, a former member of Haider’s ex-party, the Freedom Party, asserted that the Mossad had assassinated him. Klement’s conspiracy thesis is circulating among Austrian neo-Nazi and right-wing internet forums.

Of course! The Mossad — I should have known…
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If you read the rest of the article, you’ll understand why the Israelis still have a problem dealing with Austria. Jörg Haider was not as bad as he is painted here, but he still said any number of appalling things during his political career. Attitudes like his understandably give many Jewish people pause, even if he did say those things cynically, for the purposes of political gain.

The current FPÖ and BZÖ policies towards Iran and Israel are not encouraging, either. It makes life difficult for those of us who are trying to forge a Counterjihad alliance that includes Jews, European nationalists, and Israelis.

We’ve got our work cut out for us.

Hat tip: Carl in Jerusalem.


xlbrl said...

It makes perfect sense that the Mossad conspiracy theory is as twisted as Haider's life. Why wouldn't it be?
This doesn't really make your work more difficult, it simplifies it.

Richard said...

Maybe Haider's death isn't such a bad thing. As you said, we need allies, not more enemies. The enemy of your enemy is your friend. And to some that may be at least until we rid ourselves of the common enemy.

Personally I do not understand anti-semitism and I think the voters Haider had behind him are better of voting for someone who stands for the free world and firmly opposes Islam. That way we can make progress. That way someone like Wilders can find Europeans like himself and really put some effort to fight Islamisation on an international level.

Someone will step up. That's the thing. Fortuyn was killed and now we have someone who is even less compromising and gathers even more people behind him: Wilders. A movement cannot be killed by killing the leader. A new leader will step up and being even more aware of the risks it will be someone even more determined than the previous one.

I am hoping this will happen in Austria as well and that it won't be someone who is an antisemite. As you said it, all nationalists from the Western cultures need to make a fist together.

Western Initiatives said...

The Mossad? No. Never. Don't be ridiculous. It would be absurd to think the Israelis get up to this sort of thing. Never. Are you on drugs? And is that a tinfoil hat you're wearing?

On a serious note, I suppose it's instructive for us that you fellows publicly celebrate the killing (or death?) of a European nationalist leader. At least we know on which side of the battlefront you place yourselves.

Czechmade said...

We need many leaders able to generate other leaders and/or cede their positions to the more able, creating not only clear leadership but a whole structure - which if fragmented in many pieces looses nothing of its vigour or convinction.

Leader should be here not to be glorified, but to prove that principles he stands for are freely transferrable and available for all.

Sam Grant said...

All these conspiracy theories fail the test of Occam's razor. Haider was seen to get drunk and take off in his car. Nobody made him do that, and once he did, his death requires no further explanation. Sports cars, high spirits, alcohol, and mountain roads make a lethal cocktail. Four times over the legal blood alcohol limit, twice the speed limit, and you want some other explanation?

Anonymous said...

As Sam Grant says it. Anyone who has been on the streets as a paramedic, cop or fireman knows from experience how a combo of alcohol and fast car usually ends.

I'm still glad he didn't hit any car coming from the other direction.

xlbrl said...

Grant and Takekaze--
I've already posted that Mossad had better things to do.
But if I was going to kill this guy, Ozcam's Razor is exactly how I would cover it.
We may assume he regularly gets bombed and drives at high speeds. A little patience and a little help is all that is required.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Sam Grant is right here. Even if one accepted the insane thought that Mossad would kill a person like Haider (only Nazi/Islamist types would buy into that, I think), Mossad could have done something very simple:

Sit back and wait.

A guy with this nightlife has a very high chance of removing himself from the gene pool without any external involvment.

Given that even reasonable Israeli reactions to Hamas attacks are widely condemned, anyone inside Mossad dumb enough to propose assassination of high-ranking foreign politicians would probably be relegated to toilet-cleaning for the next couple of years of his career.

a former member of Haider’s ex-party

Being myself an official of a political party, I can tell you there's a very good reason that people like these are 'former'. FPÖ would have dozens, probably hundreds, of former members, who have been politely asked to leave, or kicked out, for peddling Nazi-style conspiracies such as this one. You'll always be able to find a 'former member' willing to say stupid things.

While I usually like Jerusalem Post, I find this article below their standard. Bad elements in the FPÖ policies need to be countered, but this article does little to achieve that.

Honestly, I don't think this story is post-worthy here at GoV...

Czechmade said...

To bring the quote to a nazi Monty Python perfection:

Yes, Mossad killed him by...waiting!

(Hereafter follows a spot of spoon bending by will-power) Many viewers are almost convinced.

The newspapers next day bring this:

"Waiting...a secret weapon of many?"