Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Immigrants to Spain Delay Fiscal Catastrophe — By Eight Years

The Spanish government has announced that contributions made by immigrants to the country’s old-age pensions have delayed the insolvency pension system by eight years.

“Wow,” you say, “and here we thought that the immigrants were a net drain on the economy! Now we know that they’re going to help keep us comfortable in our nursing homes for an additional eight years!”

Yes, think about it: all those millions of legal and illegal immigrants, the destruction of traditional Spanish culture, the establishment of mosques, the suppression of Santiago Matamoros, the reversal of the Reconquista — and for what? An extra eight years of temporary solvency in the country’s pension system.

Do the Spaniards really think they made a great deal?

Spain, like the rest of the Western world, has sold its birthright for a mess of socialist pottage. According to ANSAmed:

Pensions: Spain, Immigrants Guarantee System Until 2029

MADRID, OCTOBER 23 — The Spanish pensions system will not go into deficit over the aging population until 2029, eight years later than predicted in 2005, and this is thanks to contributions from immigrants. This was one of the conclusions of the 2008 report on the national pensions strategy published today by the Government.
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Based on the study, explained Labour and Immigration Minister Celestino Corbacho the executive predicts that the social security reserve fund, the so-called “pension piggy-bank” which will be 60 billion at the end of 2008, will not need to be used before 2023, and even then 8 years later than the date predicted in the 2005 report.

The increase in the margin is thanks to the arrival of immigrants, economic growth and employment growth in the last few years. The Executive predicts that measures to reform the pensions system “will come after 2029”. Corbacho said that the predictions take account of the current economic crisis “which will continue until mid-2009”.

He warned though that “we cannot rest on our laurels” given that new demands for unemployment benefit today “will be the pensioners of the future”. Unemployment continues to grow. The Employment Secretary Maravillas Rojo predicted today that data on unemployment for the third quarter of 2008, published tomorrow, show “a very difficult and harsh situation”. Unemployment reached 11.3 pct in September.

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Afonso Henriques said...

And the case of Spain is more draconian than that of the West.

Spain resembles the European Union.
The Castillan Spaniards usually vote right wing. Regions like Castilla y León, Castilla y la Mancha and others like Madrid are usually Conservative, that is pró (Castillan) Spain.

But we have then the Basques whose independence should have been granted long time ago: They constitute 5% of Spain and vote on the Basque Nationalist Party or in the Socialist Party of the Spanish Workers;

Catalans and Aragonese constitute more than 15% of Spain, they vote to the left;

Ths southern Spaniards, like the Andalusians and the Extemeños vote in the Socialist Party of the Spanish Workers as well. The Andalusians only constitute 20% of Spain.
(P.S. - The people of Southern Portugal and Spain vote to the left because of issues that go back to the Islamic period. They stayed more than 400 years under moorish control and that is a lot... but while in Portugal the Algarve region became normalised, the Southern regions of the country, Algarve and Alentejo, constitute only 10% of the population)

So, in Spain the ethnic vote has power:
-Basques = 5% (Independence Now!)
-Catalans = 15% (Independence please.)
-Andalusians = 20%
- And of course, Gypies and third Worlders who may constitute between 10 to 15% of Spain. They ain't voting right wing, are they?

Basques+Catalans+Southern Spaniards = + 40%
Adding Third Worlders and Gypsies you get more 10% (at least)

See this American report on Spain to gather more information.

It's like the last American elections. "White" Americans voted for Bush in order of 58% but in the overall he did not get 51%.

But Spain is a State constituted by Nations, not immigrants, who did not wanted to be part of "España/Hispania/Spain".

And you know what? The next decade will be horrible to Spain:
1) The right will not win in Spain again in the next years, and you can already see the PP going even further to the centre.
2)More and more immigrants
3) The Basques will realise a referendum over independence that the Spanish State has already permited. In 2012 I guess.
4) The same happpens with the Catalans
5) The death of the man who has united Spain ever since Franco's death: The King Juan Carlos.
6)Will the Spaniards like the rest of the royal family? I don't think so.
7)Tensions with Portugal rise due to the question of Olivença that makes 200 years in 2015
8)Tensions with Morocco rise over the territorries of Ceuta and Melilla and other plazzas in Northern Morocco
9)Tensions with France rise due to Basque actions in the Frech Basque Country.
10) The European Union.
11) More Nationalist activism in Catalonia, Basque Country but also Galiza and Andalusia
13)Spanish government recognised something like the Human rights of monkeys
14)and I'm tired.

By the way, ETA is a armed wing of the party in the Spanish government, the PSOE, not of the Basques. The last actions of ETA were clearly against Basque interests and helped the PSOE in one way or another.

Spain is doomed. Another Civil War is comming. I just expect it not to come over here. But everything can be avoided, just give independence to those who disearve it.