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Indonesia, Terrorism, and Barry Soetoro

For most of his childhood, Barack Hussein Obama lived with his mother and stepfather in Indonesia and went by the name of Barry Soetoro. During that phase of his life — despite his campaign’s assertions to the contrary — little Barry was, at least outwardly, an observant and devout Muslim.

Barack Hussein Obama in Indonesia

Our Flemish correspondent VH has researched Barry Soetoro’s time in Indonesia, and also provides a summary of the current political situation in Indonesia in the following report.

Indonesia, Terrorism, and Barry Soetoro
by VH

The execution of the Bali Bombers, who called themselves “holy warriors”, but were called Muslim cowards by others, is imminent. Rumors say it might be this weekend, others claim it will happen November 7 or at least before November 20.

The three Muslim terrorists — Amrozi, Imam Samudra and Ali Ghufron (aka Mukhlas) — feared their execution: “convicts who go before a firing squad sometimes do not die immediately, causing unnecessary suffering,” they let their lawyer plead. These diabolos never considered this when they ripped apart and burned alive hundreds of Western kuffar and Indonesian citizens. But the execution will be in good hands: the elite firing squad is testing and warming up their equipment.

The (outstanding) Australian expat service this week sent around a warning message: “There have been recent arrests of high level terrorist operatives in Indonesia, but we assess terrorists are continuing to plan attacks. These attacks could take place at any time, including in places frequented by foreigners. Previous terrorist attacks against Westerners in Bali and Jakarta indicate these areas are priority targets. You should take particular care to avoid places known to be terrorist targets. See the Terrorism section for details. […] The Indonesian Government announced on 24 October that the three individuals convicted for involvement in the 2002 Bali bombing would be executed in early November 2008.”

Since the end of Ramadan, Bali is especially crowded with police. Not only around the ferry connection to Java, but also in the southwest of the island. Sudden roadblocks appear on various locations with dozens of officers checking motorcycles, cars and identities.

There is a rumor that postponing the execution was necessary to make them “nyanyi” for the last time (“make them sing,” squeeze the last drop of information out of them) and arrange for the necessary security in the country: Muslims threatened to retaliate when their fellow mass murderers would be shot. And the Australians are getting scared because of that.

The most peculiar rumor, however, is that a sort of hudna was agreed with Muslim leaders: they get their pornography bill passed in return for not becoming violent over the upcoming execution of the three Muslim butchers on death row and for the conviction of Rizieq Shihab.

Rizieq Shihab of the FPI (Islam Defenders Front) was sentenced today for “inciting hatred and instigating violence against participants of a peace rally [a rally by the National Alliance for the Freedom of Faith and Religion] at the National Monument [in Jakarta] in June”. According to the judge, he was “generating animosity and mobilizing others to commit violent acts against people and people’s property in public”. No Muslim has complained about the verdict (yet).

The other half of the deal has been executed: the Muslim Porn Bill has been passed. Muslims finally got their chance to consign “multicultural” Indonesia to the dustbin. The Religious Fascists are one step closer to making Indonesia another fully doomed colony of Saudi Arabia.
- - - - - - - - -
“Cries of joy and shouts of Alhamdullillah [actually they screamed: ‘Allahu Akhbar’] came from the balcony of the House of Representatives.” But “this has nothing to do with the Islamic parties,” a Muslim activist lied. A representative of the “Muslim Sisterhood”‘ said: “Insyaallah (God willing), Indonesians will eventually undergo a moral revival — the basis of a country — and later economic revival.”

Eight out of ten parties supported the bill. Only the PDI-P from Megawati Sukarnoputri and the Prosperous Peace Party opposed it. “The legislators are politicizing morality and religion. They are using this issue as a political vehicle for their battle for power,” the Komnas Perempuan [National Commission on Violence against Women] stated.

The bottom of the basket filled with random islands known as Indonesia fell out today: “Pancasila”, the five “beliefs:” Monotheism and equality of the main religions, Humanitarianism, Nationalism (unity of Indonesia), Consultative Democracy, and Justice. This was an invention of Sukarno to keep the assorted bunch of islands he inherited from the Dutch in one basket.

Neither Islamism, Socialism, Nationalism, nor Western freedoms should compete for power over one another. All should remain equal in value: a multicultural, multi-religious experiment avant la lettre that had to fail, just as all forced multicultural/multi-religious societies will fail when they do not develop in a natural way, but are orchestrated or forced together and lack a common denominator.

In the sixties, Communists (die-hard Socialists) had trouble sitting still in the Pancasila basket, went on a rampage, trying to seize absolute power by assassinations and violence, and were in return whipped by Suharto. Now the Islamists are giving it a final try and risk causing a disaster.

They already succeeded in North Sumatra and further South. The dominos keep falling all across the archipelago. Only today in Tangerang, a large city next to Jakarta, the moderate Muslim who loves the sound of crushing wine bottles and invented “make-up in handbag equals prostitute” and the “curfew for women” (all out of religious belief), Wahidin Halim, was re-elected as mayor. Ladies who dare to go out during the daytime can expect before long to be obliged to wear the mobile curfew: the Arab burka.

Now pornography (e.g. nude hands, ankles, or a swaying hip in an age-old ritual dance) is forbidden and ladies are given the choice to stay in the house or in jail. Islam has the answer to all problems it invents: like the male closet lust. Four or more obedient wives to unveil for Muslim carnivores; pre-teens for dedicated Muslim pedophiles. All legal (Sharia), all free, perverse, live, religious and private. The animated photocopy of Mohammad’s pre-mediaeval barbarian life. The only thing missing in Saudi Indonesia is a herd of camels in front of the hut, a slave market in the alun-alun (village square) and a dead desert.

People wonder whether the army will one day intervene to save the basket case called Indonesia. They kicked out the Dutch in the past, saving Indonesia from becoming another Vietnam or Cambodia, and should be brave enough to kick out the Arabs, now that it’s time to do so. But the majority of the soldiers are “religious believers” themselves, and an island like Bali is one of the key contributors to the cash box of the Muslim brothers in Jakarta.

Others think that islands like Papua, Bali, Celebes, Flores, etc., will refuse to become a colony of Islamic backwardness, and declare independence. In Bali this is a serious issue: in Solo, a city on the island of Java, it is suggested that “it should be protected under a fully enforced law. Ideally, the law would allow education, the economy and ideology (culture) to co-exist [with Jakarta’s Islamist politics], with none dominating the others.” Even Java itself risks falling to pieces.

Perhaps some islands might even consider leaving the Indonesian basket to join the still civilized Australia, Singapore, or even the Philippines. The Indonesian Army is no match for the stronger Singaporean and Australian Armies. The worst-case scenario, however, is a long-lasting low-level civil/guerilla war, as might happen in other regions in the world that are confronted with the pest-variety in their midst called “Moderate Islam”.

Obama and the USSA

What helps Islamic imperialism is the dhimmitude of the Free West. If Islam is a raging fire that turns all that is passes by to dead black dust (and it does), the West is providing the wind, the extra oxygen, instead of extinguishing it. As everybody knows in Indonesia, the American Socialist President candidate Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama Jr.) is a Kenyan-born Indonesian Muslim — at least he still had an Indonesian passport in 1981 when he went to Pakistan. He was not just an everyday Muslim in Jakarta, but one with a “fundamentalist” Socialist/Islamic upbringing.

Barry Soetoro did not only — like every Indonesian Muslim — follow compulsory Islamic classes in primary school. His observance was not cursory as his sister states, but by regular prayer and weekly by teachings.

He went often to the mosque for praying [translated]: “he was very often in the prayer room, Barry was then quite a religious Muslim.” His biological father, Barack Hussein Obama, was the Muslim economist from Kenya. Before marrying Ann Dunham, Hussein Obama married Kenyans and had seven children. All of Barry’s father’s relatives were religious Islamists. “We often previously asked him to the prayer room close to the house,” said Rony Amir, Barry’s teammate when living in H. Ramli Street, Jakarta.

Most remarkably, he was sent out by his Muslim stepfather and Muslim mother to study mengaji, the reading and reciting of the Quran in Arabic. [1]

So-called “moderate” Indonesians would never send their child to such mengaji classes; therefore his parents were not of the “moderate” sort, but were devoted Muslims. Indonesians are waiting for him to come out the closet, and believe his “Christianity” is nothing but kitman.

After the election he will admit to being a devoted Muslim, many say in comments. “I’m drawn to the idea of an American president who can wear a sarong with style, and who feels nostalgic when he hears the call to prayer,” writes a commenter in the Jakarta Post.

Barry Soetoro the Chameleon: he might be the sock puppet of the Weather Underground, the militant leftists who planned to murder 25 million Americans.

He supports his Kenyan family member, Marxist/Islamist demagogue, and instigator of the slaughter of Christians, Raila Odinga, who also had the same slogan: ““Kenyans are now yearning for change”, and in return supports Obama. Odinga kicked out Jerome Corsi for writing a critical book on Obama, and Obama didn’t oppose it. Obama did also not oppose burning Christians alive.

Anyway, whether or not Obama wants to implement the Cloward and Piven Strategy and have the white American middle class queue at the soup kitchens of the State and turn the USA into the USSA, Indonesian Muslims will be excited to see a Kenyan-born devoted Indonesian Muslim become the President of the USA.

It will embolden the Islamists to roll out sharia from west to east over the archipelago. Nothing and nobody will stop them. As Barry Soetoro could recite so well: ““Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! / Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! / I witness that there is no god but Allah / I witness that there is no god but Allah / I witness that Muhammad is his prophet…”

[1] Mengaji: “The Quran that is used by these teachers to teach these kids is mainly written in Arabic. These kids are thought how to read the Quran with the correct Tajwid, which can loosely be translated as punctuations. Once they have gone through the entire Quran, the kid is considered to have “Khattam Quran”. This means that the kid has finished reading the Quran from cover to cover. Often a large celebration is held to commemorate this occasion. […] These children are forced to attend these Mengaji Classes, where they are made to sit in front of the Ustaz and read according to the proper Tajwid. They make sure the pronunciation is correct because otherwise they might be saying blasphemous things without even knowing it.”


Dymphna said...

In looking through post listings on our dashboard, I noticed with surprise that this essay has no comments. Not a one.

Birds chirping. Silence.

This is amazing. Two trackbacks — and good ones, I might add — but nary a word on our blog addressed to this wealth of material.

It is worrying that this essay is passed over as though it’s not even here. The Russian thread went on endlessly, though Russia is of peripheral interest to us AT THE MOMENT compared to Obama’s origins. After all, where he comes from and what his influences are could have a direct and lasting impact on about half the people who read this blog.

So I have been contemplating why the post is simply ignored and my pondering led to this comment. Since nary another soul has seen fit to respond to it, I will write at length. It doesn’t make up for the lack of response, but it does make me feel better to let it all hang out.

Certainly the material presented in this post is fascinating. Not just what we learn about Barry Soetoro’s early childhood experiences — though they are crucial to the fate of America if he wins the election. It reminds one of the old saying “give me a child until he is six and he is mine forever.”

As our poster makes clear, little Barry internalized the Koran early on. He did it the same way I internalized the Latin Mass at that age. Just as I can still recite the “Gloria” or the Introit of that ancient liturgy, no doubt O can still chant parts of the Koran in perfect Arabic.

In other words, such intensive training, for better or worse, stays with you. It doesn’t go away just because you “grow up” and move on to other things. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s apt lines about the depth of childhood’s faith and of one’s “lost saints” is operative here.

Thus li’l Barry’s formative experiences in Indonesia (before he was shipped back to Hawaii) plus the growing cultural unrest and instability in the region are crucial in two areas: the first is the implications they have for our election here in the US, and the second is for the coming destabilization of the area.

This could mean big trouble for Australia, at the very least.

So why do you think this post about Obama was passed by in silence? Does the disturbing knowledge about his childhood formation combine with the fear we have that Obama’s handlers will turn us irrevocably toward a European “solution” for what was the exceptionalism represented by the US character? We all be socialists now??

Are we now to be judged safer by the world because we will be tamed by a talker rather than led by a man of action? To those America-hating Europeans who so love Obama, who would vote for him if they could, here is a warning: be careful for what you wish. When the One takes over, your exultation may change to dismay as the realization sets in that you’re on your own to handle the thugs in the larger world. Obama will be too busy talking to those same thugs to notice your plight.

The Obama juggernaut, so carefully planned and executed by Bill Ayers & Co (the same Ayers who thought the deaths of 25 million Americans a small collateral price to pay for the triumph of his plans) may appear to many as an inevitable rape. With no way to stop it, we numb out and wait for it to be over. We hope he won’t inflict more damage than Carter did, when in reality Obama’s handlers are more brutal than FDR ever dreamed.

The abnegation of the US media regarding Obama is another tipping point. This slide to the bottom where they will live now with the other mud-feeding fish makes them a new species of “journalists”.

What they have done in this election makes their treatment of Bill Clinton look harsh in comparison. If they were “in the tank” for the latter, they are actually flushing their heads down the toilet for the One.

Who feels up for the quixotic task of fighting these piranha for Obama? You only have to look at what they did to Joe the Plumber to know you’re in dangerous waters. That attack could not have taken place without the active cooperation of the frenzied press as they followed the Leader.

So I interpret the passing over of “Indonesia, Terrorism, and Barry Soetoro” as a kind of unvoiced despair. This hopelessness applies not only to the coming election, but to the ratcheting up of the violence and increasing Islamicization of Barry’s childhood home place.

Here is some information from one of the links in the post:

The marriage of an underage girl to a wealthy Muslim cleric in Bedono village, Semarang regency, Central Java, has sparked controversy in the community.

A Muslim boarding school head, 43-year-old Pujiono Cahyo, known also as Syech Puji, married 12-year-old Lutfiana Ulfa at his home on August 8. He told reporters Friday that the wedding ceremony, held at 3 p.m. local time, was witnessed by thousands of guests.

“The wedding was carried out openly. If people want to comment, please do. I don’t care about the legal threats because I have my own basic reasons. I know the limitations. If she hasn’t menstruated, I won’t have sexual intercourse with her,” said Puji.

Puji is the director of PT Sinar Lendoh Terang and owner of the Miftahul Jannah boarding school, an impressive building along the highway between Semarang and Yogyakarta. Apparently his first wife, 26-tear-old Umi Hani, was the one who suggested he marry again.

“She was the one who proposed it. Then, a campaign team went looking for a prospective wife. So, not only politicians have campaign teams,” he added jokingly.


“So, what have I done wrong? My reasons stem from a book titled Aisyah Saja Nikah Muda (Aisyah Herself Married Young), written by Ummu Aisyah.”

Just another Muslim who has to check his girl-wife’s underwear every month as he awaits the consummation of his marriage to a child. Ho hum. Yawn. Just another cultural difference.

I am grateful to the author of this post for the work he did in collecting so much unpalatable material. What depressing work!

Here he explains the character of the area, and what people deeply believe about Obama:

So-called “moderate” Indonesians would never send their child to such mengaji classes; therefore his parents were not of the “moderate” sort, but were devoted Muslims. Indonesians are waiting for him to come out the closet, and believe his “Christianity” is nothing but kitman.

After the election he will admit to being a devoted Muslim, many say in comments. “I’m drawn to the idea of an American president who can wear a sarong with style, and who feels nostalgic when he hears the call to prayer,” writes a commenter in the Jakarta Post.

Let us hope that all he feels is “nostalgia”. Let us hope this nostalgia doesn’t translate into an even more fervent advocacy for a furthering Islamization of the US begun by George Bush. The moles in our government must be ecstatic. Obama proves to them that Allah has blessed this campaign in ways they could not have imagined. The state of our economy, and that of the whole world, is proof to them that Allah lives and interferes in human events.

Based on the lack of response to this particular post, I’d say the rest of us are numb by now. The United Socialist States of America has already begun. All the One need do is take up the reins of the funeral carriage in which rests our comatose economy. He and his henchmen in the Imperial Congress will bury it alive with nary a whimper from any of us.

The present is surely as sickening as living in Munich must have been in the 1930’s.

Anonymous said...

Mmmh. I'm no Obama expert. I would like, however, to raise a flag here. You people seem a bit apocalyptic about such matters.

Islam is not a disease you catch just by being exposed to it, you know. It's not a virus. Plenty of children have had a religious education, or fits of religious fervor (Christian, for instance...), only to forget everything about it once they grew up.

I'm sure all this has been carefully researched, and it does say a lot about islamisation of Indonesia. I'm not so sure about islamisation of Barack Obama.

In all those horror stories about Obama being a closet communist or muslim, I always find the same thought process: A knows B, B has met C, C was friends with D, D taught E, E supports F, therefore A and F think the same. Not so.

Using this method, I'm sure someone could establish a link between George W. and Olivier Besancenot, the French Trotskyite leader.

That does not mean Obama's policies might not be complacent towards Islam. French president Sarkozy's are, and he's certainly no Muslim. But maybe that's one worry we needn't entertain.

christian soldier said...

Didn't Barry take a tip to Kenya --on my dime (taxpayer $$) to stump for Odinga?
Did Odinga turn a blind eye to the recent slaughter of my Christian sisters in Kenya?

Arius said...

The election of Obama will represent a titanic shift in America. Your reference to the 1930's is apt, when the 'wotanic frenzy' washed over the temples of civilization in Germany. This is a similar time. After over fifty years of progressive deconstruction of the old ethic America is now about evenly split between the tired representatives of the old ethic and that which thinks it’s new but is actually an anti-ethic with feet of clay. The latter can be essentially characterized by what it is against: the West, Christianity, white people, Jews, and democracy. It is difficult for us to see the archetype that animates (what I call) the anti-ethic because its source is foreign to us. White progressives led the deconstructionist charge; the resultant void is being filled from the psyche of blacks and Islam. There were only a few in 1932 that could see the catastrophe to come, among them Carl Jung who said after WW2 ‘what if again something goes wrong with the psyche’?

Like Hitler that told us what he intended, Obama has telegraphed his intentions. What about his call for a civilian national security force? What about the public projection of the messianic complex on Obama? What of his obvious narcissism, typical of tyrants and dictators? What about his direct connections to supporters of the Islamic jihad? What about his fake conversion to Christianity, at best an anti-white anti-Jewish pro-Muslim Christianity? What about Nation of Islam personnel in his inner circle of advisors? What about his long direct association with Stalinist Communists, Marxists, Socialists, Islamists, and terrorists. What about Obama’s support for the Islamist Odinga that is complicit in the death of thousands in Kenya? And how can you explain the American media ignoring or covering all this up? You can’t use magic wand thinking to white wash all this away, and there is much more. For such a man to become President of the USA something has gone wrong in the American psyche. This speaks of an immense psychic reversal. Carl Jung refers to the process in the psyche in his Alchemical Studies at the top of page 245.

America is heading to catastrophe.

Dymphna said...

arius said:

For such a man to become President of the USA something has gone wrong in the American psyche. This speaks of an immense psychic reversal. Carl Jung refers to the process in the psyche in his Alchemical Studies at the top of page 245.

If it is not too much trouble to type this piece out or to scan and send it would you do so? I think it would make interesting reading.

NOTE: for those who would dismiss Jungian ideas, this is not the place or time to do it. I simply haven't the patience for detours and deflections. If you want to sneer at Jung go do it on your own blog.

Just a heads-up for anyone so inclined. For all I know, everyone is fine with this and I'm just on a hair-trigger. However, this rule, which applies only for this post, is an exception.

It is only fair to announce when the rules change, however briefly the new rule is in place.

Félicie said...

I'm going to sound like a total nut, but is there such a thing as a mass hysteria induced by a secret weapon (for those who forgot to put on their tinfoil hats)?

I was talking on the phone with my mother - a convinced neocon for the past 30 years - with whom we usually disagree on politics (not because I am a liberal, but because I'm closer to being a paleocon or traditional concervative, and I tend to have a lot of disagreements with the Bush administratin policies). In the past, my mother used to ventriloquize all the familiar neocon talking points. This time, I did not recognize my mother. She sounded like a deranged liberal. She said that she would have preferred to vote for Hilary (in the past, she went ballistic at the very sound of Hilary's name), but, since Hilary didn't win the nomination, she is going to vote for Obama. He is not perfect, but, at least, he is not a war-monger like Bush. America has been too aggressive lately. This should be te end on the unipolar world and America should stop being the world's policeman. I had to pinch myself as I was hearing this. I was having and still have a bizarre feeling that I am participating in the live re-enactment of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and my mother has been abducted by space aliens. hence my question: could they be sending some secret radio waves to mess up with people's brains?

Zonka said...

Could they be sending some secret radio waves to mess up with people's brains?

Do you have an irresistable urge to vote for Obama? If yes, then you'd better put on that tin foil hat...

Félicie said...

Zonka: "Do you have an irresistable urge to vote for Obama? If yes, then you'd better put on that tin foil hat..."

Ha-ha, but I am not in the U.S. (so they are not reaching me), but my mother is!

heroyalwhyness said...

Quote: " Indonesians are waiting for him to come out the closet, and believe his “Christianity” is nothing but kitman."

Indonesians aren't the only population believing Obama's kitman performance. . .

Swedish article posted in Malmö by Behrang Miri :

Allah can let Obama bless America

"What we instead hear and see is a patriotic Barack Obama who loves his country, is a proud Christian and a member of the United Church of Christ and who never forgets to say "God Bless America" after each made speeches.
Allt för att kunna bli accepterad av mainstream Amerika.
Everything in order to become accepted by mainstream America.
Jag hoppas verkligen att det finns en anledning till Baracks umgänge med Hollywoods elit.
I really hope that there is a reason for Barack socializing with Hollywood elite.
Jag hoppas verkligen att Barack är demokraternas version av Ronald Reagan och att han tar över Vita Huset.
I really hope that Barack is the Democrats' version of Ronald Reagan and he takes over the White House.
Jag hoppas verkligen att han, när han väl är där, ska kasta ut sitt största skelett ur garderoben -
”Yes Amerika, you choosed a muslim as your president”. I really hope that he, when he clearly is there, to throw out its biggest skeleton in the closet - "Yes America, you choosed a Muslim as your President."

dienw said...
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dienw said...

Perhaps we are silent because we are fully aware about Obama and his history, we already know he is a Muslim practicing kitman and taqqiya; we see the tidal wave coming; we understand clearly the import of what about to happen: all we can do is vote knowing there is rampant fraud; we will vote knowing that the fraud has been prepared for many years; we know that if by a true miracle we win there likely will be riots and claims McCain stole the election. We understand yet are surrounded by people who are blind to the danger: they think there will be election in '10 or 2012; or they think their guns will forestall the tsunami: the shock, as difficult as it for us who see, will devastate the credulous population.

leadpb said...

Facts, and even fascinating speculations, do not matter in the mind of the general public. Only the *impression* matters and here Obama is a winner.

It doesn't matter how many reams of documentation are presented that he could be a Muslim, a Communist, a destroyer of the US Constitution. *It doesn't matter* because incurious liberal minds are committed to their disinterest in contrary information about Hussein. Actively utilizing facts and fresh information to modify one's opinion or thoughts is something exercised by a relatively small percentage of the population. Probably any population.

As a counter-force we can try to recognize the lessons to be learned under adverse conditions and act accordingly. The information presented on a site like GoV is almost exclusively for those already convinced of certain dangers (just my guess). But maybe, just maybe, our beliefs and energies do have some indirect effect on those we live among.

The Left has a hard core base that they will not ever give up. We need the same on the Right but I think we are a bit shapeless and splintered currently. In other words, with reduced political power but also with the vitality and strength of forming something new and compelling. When the general population only feels a pull from the left, we know what happens.

spacecase said...

I suspect this very possibly real and disturbing side of Obama has not gotten much attention here, simply because it has not gotten much traction here in the US. We all have our suspicions, but there has been no definitive proof for any of it. No certified birth certificate, no document showing he became an Indonesian citizen, no definitive proof he practiced Islam, etc.
Therefore, it has become a dead issue...for now.