Friday, October 31, 2008

Bart Debie and Frank Vanhecke

I just received an email from Paul Belien of the Brussels Journal with an update about Bart Debie and the connection between Mr. Debie’s case and that of Frank Vanhecke.

When you look at what has happened to these two men, a pattern emerges. These are political prosecutions by the Belgian establishment designed to intimidate and silence Vlaams Belang and anyone else who opposes the current socialist despotism in Belgium.

Frank Vanhecke on the ground in Schuman Square

In both cases no underlings were targeted, only party leaders. The people who committed the alleged crimes — assuming that “racism” is a crime, and that it actually occurred — were never prosecuted. The authorities are aiming head shots at Vlaams Belang, with the intention of removing it as a viable political force.

Given the concerted media effort to demonize the party as “neo-Nazis” — which has had international success, as exemplified by the snookering of LGF — the corrupt Belgian establishment’s political strategy has become clear: destroy Vlaams Belang by any and all means necessary, and prevent any possibility for an independent Flanders.

Here’s what Paul said:

I just checked all the Belgian newspapers of this week. Not a single word about Bart Debie and his predicament this week. Not a word (for more information see Diana West’s recent blog posts here, here, and here).

Meanwhile, next Monday afternoon (5:30pm), the European Parliament will vote on whether or not to lift the parliamentary immunity of Frank Vanhecke, the former party leader (until last Spring) of Vlaams Belang.

The Parliament’s “rapporteur”, the German Christian-Democrat Lehne, has advised the MEPs to vote in favour of lifting Frank’s parliamentary immunity. Hence, there is no doubt that the European Parliament will indeed do so.

Once this is done, the Belgian authorities can prosecute Frank on charges of racism.

Some background info from my article of 12 September 2008:
- - - - - - - - -
The Belgian authorities hold Mr Vanhecke responsible for the publication of a text in a local party publication in the town of Sint-Niklaas. The author had blamed a wave of vandalism at a Christian cemetery on immigrant youths. As the culprits were minors, Belgian law prohibits disclosing their identity, thereby preventing the VB to prove beyond doubt whether or not the youthful vandals were, indeed, Muslim immigrants. Though the author of the text is known and is NOT being prosecuted, Mr Vanhecke is, even though he had not written the article, nor seen it before it was published. The authorities hold him responsible for the article since he was the national VB leader at the time of publication.

The European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs is currently discussing whether or not to lift Mr Vanhecke parliamentary immunity. On Monday Guido Naets, the former spokesman of the European Parliament, asked the Committee to turn down the Belgian request. Mr Naets pointed out that Vlaams Belang is a Flemish-secessionist party which aims for the independence of Flanders from Belgium. He declared that this, and not racism, is the real reason why the Belgian authorities want to thwart the party by banning Mr Vanhecke from standing in the coming European elections. “In the almost 30 years that I have known Frank Vanhecke […] I have never been able to catch him out on any form of racism whatsoever,” Mr Naets said. “Vanhecke will be prosecuted because he is a symbol for a party that wants to abolish Belgium. For all these reasons I beg the European Parliament, beginning with this Commission not to become an accessory to a political lynching and an attempted smear attack of a radical Flemish party, in which racism is being used as a cheap excuse.”

As you can see, Frank’s case holds striking similarities to that of Bart Debie’s.

Bart was convicted on racism charges because some police officers of his department beat up criminals while allegedly making racist remarks about them.

Although Bart was not present when these incidents occurred and the identity of the police officers who committed the actual offenses is known, they have not been prosecuted, but Bart has. The court held him responsible for “creating a racist atmosphere in the police force,” although he himself made no racist remarks, nor beat up anyone, nor ordered his officers to beat up anyone.

Frank Vanhecke is being prosecuted for allegedly racist remarks written in a local VB pamphlet in a provincial town by a local VB member. Although the identity of the local member who wrote the article is known, the latter will not be prosecuted, but Frank will be. Did he “created a racist atmosphere in his party” without ever making racist remarks himself nor ordering anyone to do so?

If convicted (and there is little doubt that this will happen) Frank might also have to spend at least one symbolic day in a crowded, smelly cell among ordinary criminals. He will also be robbed of his civil and political rights and he will be no longer be able to stand in any elections.

Frank heads the VB list for the European elections next June. The Belgian authorities clearly intend to “behead” this list by taking out Frank, who is very popular with ordinary voters. This will force the party to have someone else, e.g. Philip Claeys — a good guy, but less popular and not so well known as Frank — to head the list.

The current plight of the Europeans is frequently dismissed by some of our American readers, who say, “It’s their own fault. Europeans repeatedly vote to keep the socialists in power, so they deserve what they get.”

The above information illustrates why this is not true. A systematic and successful manipulation of the system has effectively disenfranchised most Europeans. The socialist mandarins of the EU and its member states use blatantly illegal strong-arm methods to make sure that voters have only three choices in elections: Socialism, More Socialism, and Full Eurabia.

It’s not possible to vote for any other alternatives. And it’s especially not possible to vote in a nationalist anti-EU party, no matter how popular its policies are, no matter how strongly it reflects the will of the people.

Such electoral outcomes are simply not allowed.

If Americans want an analogy in their own country, they can look at immigration policy. Here in the USA, the current immigration regime is immensely unpopular. Enforcing the border has overwhelming cross-party support among ordinary people.

Yet both major parties favor open borders. Both parties steadfastly refuse to enforce existing laws. The American people simply can’t vote for anything else.

This is the way tyranny is introduced into democratic political systems:

1. The electoral structure is gamed to favor those who already hold power,
2. The media are manipulated or co-opted to demonize any serious opposition to the existing corrupt system,
3. Any political opposition that manages to fight past #1 and #2 is destroyed by dirty, underhanded, and illegal means to prevent their electoral success, and
4. The masses of ill-educated voters are bought off with the bread and circuses of socialist giveaway programs.

This is the way Western Civilization ends. Forget the revolution. Forget the dramatic moment of violent destruction.

No bang. Just whimper.


spackle said...

Astounding. Truly astounding. Until leftists with a conscience stand up or start suffering the same political oppression I dont see anything changing. And I wont hold my breath.

Henrik R Clausen said...

I'm trying to have the press look closer at this. Wrote to the Belgian embassy, too.

Phaeton said...

There is no such things as the "left" anymore. What we currently call the 'left' is some sort of joke.

These issues strike deeper than the left or right spectrum even allows. They strike the cultural soil that gave birth to both, and will require the the two to recognize common cultural ground.

Afonso Henriques said...

"If Americans want an analogy in their own country, they can look at immigration policy."

Excellent article Baron! Really.

One thing upsets me though. I know you are being invaded. I know of Mexifornia. But...

In a recent adventure of mine into a left wing blog, they talked about how bad Americans are. They are even building a wall to prevent Mexicans from crossing the border. Is this true?
If so, how do the Mexicans keep coming? How can Americans say/feel that the parties in charge aloud immigration?


Henrik R Clausen said...

Until leftists with a conscience stand up or start suffering.

The latter is much more likely than the former. In a way, it's not only 'The Left', it's all of us. Because we don't understand or appreciate the principles that makes democracy work, what Rule of Law is really about etc.

Then we vote people into office who *pretend* to understand this. And, when things get real, the confidence that the Left has in them permits them to commit all kinds of weird or downright evil things.

But there are much too few, anywhere, who speak up on things like this. As in so many other aspects of life, we expect others to do things for us. This time it isn't happening, and we'll have some scary consequences.

'Suffering' will be a mild word for that.

Baron Bodissey said...

Afonso --

I wish there were such a wall. What a joke!

The wall was mandated by Congress a few years ago when trying to curry favor with voters. But only a tiny portion of it has ever been built. Yet another example of laws that are not enforced.

Much of the "wall" on the southern border consists of a string of barbed wire -- if that.

Afonso Henriques said...

Thank you Baron. In fact they provided a link with photos but I didn't bother to look at them. I was having a virtual good time bashing Obama.

But the guy who provided the link claimed in a dramatic way that "the wall goes 50 meters into deep sea so that no Mexican can pass it".

Thank you Baron.

But... barbed wire? Really? I remember some three years ago seeing portions of a soap opera from Brazil called America. In it, Brazilians and Mexicans (90% of them were white, mind you) went to pass the border. They also had to pass for a barbed wire "obtacle" so I guess the projet is going extremely slowly. In the end, they pass it but then have to face a river, evil Texans hunting them and then, half of them die in the desert.

It is indeed a drama.

Henrik R Clausen said...

But... barbed wire? Really?

Yup, just like the infamous Iron Curtain. One of the practical ways it fell was that Hungary couldn't afford to maintain those long stretches of barbed wire.

They took it down.

Hungary then became a strikingly popular destination for holidays within the East Blok, in particular the areas near the border. The rest is history.

spackle said...

As far as "the wall". One of the things that tickles me the most is when the left (and sometimes the neo-cons) claim a wall, barrier or whatever one calls it cant be built. It would just be to massive to cover all those miles. I seem to recall a guy named Hadrian who did it a couple of thousand years ago quite well. China has a little wall too. Priceless.

Aeneas said...

The way to oppose the abuse of power by the Belgian government is to support calls for the independence of Flanders. In fact there needs to be an international campaign for a free Flanders, if for no other reason to irritate the Belgian Government that seems will to resort to such despicable methods to silence what can now only be described as political dissidents. This may seem like a departure from the central aim of counter jihad but it seems that the Belgian government are enablers of Islamisation and therefore counter jihad activists should thumb their noses at them and irritate them as much as is possible within the law. The way Europe is going laws will probably be changed so that you are not allowed to criticise the political establishment.

It is so obvious what we all can do with regard to the appalling situation in Belgium. We need to help create international grass roots support for a free and independent Flanders. We need to do this to irritate the Belgian government that seems so keen to undermine the freedom and right to self determination of the Flemish people. We need to educate as many people outside Belgium of the need for an independent Flanders. Start by going to the following website and signing up to the newsletter:

I believe that if Flanders can gain independence it will send a shock wave through the entire EU, and undermine the efforts of the EU elite to create Eurabia.

Please do what you can to publicise the plight of Flanders and of all freedom loving people suffering under the jack boot of EU tyranny.

Conservative Swede said...


The current plight of the Europeans is frequently dismissed by some of our American readers, who say, “It’s their own fault. Europeans repeatedly vote to keep the socialists in power, so they deserve what they get.”

The above information illustrates why this is not true.

Well, your explanation here won't stop Bela from having sadistic fun over the fall and suffering of the Flemish, and other Western Europeans, over his bowl of popcorn.

And who can stop him? As you described, the whole stage is so totally rigged to our disadvantage, and popcorn is plentifully available. The people who take pleasure in other people's suffering and demise, will have so much to find joy in from now on.

Czechmade said...

Bring some politicians from Czech Rep. and Slovakia. They can tell you all the details of a quite partition.
The Flemish refer to our no problem partition in their media quite often.

Why don´t you create some semi-official embassies like Tchai-Wan in minor states of Europe - which might support you? You can offer lectures and Flemish language courses with a sort of liberary etc. You may call it Flemish Cultural Centre. Catalans offer in Prague free Catalan language courses for many years already - at the University. You have to be visible for years.

Come to Prague, we are heretics by nature.
Go for Scandinavia and Central Europe. 5-9 offices would do.