Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bart Debie Has Been Released

I just got word from Flemish sources that Bart Debie has been released from jail, and will be serving his sentence under some sort of electronically monitored and/or house arrest.

I’ll let you know more as soon as I get any details. But this is very good news indeed.

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Defiant Lion said...

That's brilliant news Baron, so glad to hear this.

Of course he shouldn't be serving any further sentence as he's been through enough but thank God he won't face a stretch in that prison.

O. said...

some fighters for a right cause have been periods in jail. mandela, for instance, to give an universal reference. those fighters have kept their strenght through the fight against rotten systems that didn't listen and they were tried to be silenced by the darkness and isolation. they have resisted and they eventually won.

bart debie is such a fighter. his cause is clear. and he fought ONE DAY. he did not even spend the night there. and the rotten system he fights against let him free because he could not stand ONE DAY the infrahuman conditions in which thousands live for years.

bart debie is yet another example of what his cause stands for.