Sunday, October 26, 2008

11-Year-Old Girl Set On Fire For Wearing Lipstick

This news report from India doesn’t mention the religion of the people involved, but the names indicate that they are probably Muslims:


IBNLive reports “Eleven-year-old Nazmeen can barely speak. She suffered 99 per cent burn injuries after her neighbour set her on fire - all because she dared to wear lipstick. Nazmeen was attacked by the man she called nana (grandfather). On Friday, Saleem told the little girl not to wear lipstick. When she defied him, in a fit of rage he allegedly molested her before pouring kerosene on her and setting her on fire. “He was beating me and when I said that I would complain to my father, he started abusing him. Please punish him,” says Nazmeen. Police have arrested 55-year-old Saleem, who runs a shop in the Ghatgate area.”

Hat tip: DJ.

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Anonymous said...

How disgusting.

Zenster said...

Islam is as Islam does.

Czechmade said...

In India there is no confusion with names/religion. The muslims have always names from Arabic/Persian.

It is therefore very difficult the other way - to identify an Indian muslim as an Indian.

costin said...

Pamela from Atlasshrugs says that girl's uncle is indeed muslim