Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Western Suicide

Below is a guest-essay from Queen, a regular reader and commenter at Gates of Vienna.

The West is Destroying its Most Valuable Financial Asset: Political and Social Stability
by Queen

The Ravening BeastWhy is the West deliberately destroying its most valuable financial asset? With little raw materials left to exploit in much of the West, and in other developed nations such as Japan, we have to wonder why it is that the developed nations are considered “rich”? What do we have that other, more truly resource-rich nations don’t have? Sub-Saharan Africa, for instance, has vast stores of diamonds, gold and oil, but it is the poorest region in the world.

The answer is simple. Our most valuable financial asset today is political and social stability, painstakingly built up at the cost of several centuries of blood, sweat, toil and tears. And yet, with mass immigration and multiculturalism, we are busily throwing away our most valuable financial asset as if it were so much worthless trash.

Investors do not invest in politically or socially unstable countries. Real estate developers do not build office complexes or housing developments in politically or socially unstable countries. Political and social stability is the reason why a tiny studio apartment in London or Manhattan is worth much more money than a palace in Bangladesh.

Many liberals and progressives state that poverty causes crime, but there is evidence that the opposite is true: Crime (and violence, a symptom of political and social instability) causes poverty. Mexico is a poor country, yet it shares the same dirt and two oceans as wealthy, technologically advanced Canada and the US. Tellingly, Mexico also has the sixth-highest homicide rate in the entire world, and the second-highest kidnapping rate. Much of the country is under the de facto political control of vicious drug gangs.

Today, even the wealthy and comfortably middle-class people of Mexico are fleeing the country because of the insecurity created by violence, corruption and political instability. Foreign companies that invest in factories in Mexico often pull up their stakes and move away in just a few years, because the political corruption and constant need to provide bribes to corrupt Mexicans officials (and protection pay-offs to criminal gangs) has made the cost of doing business too high for any ethical commercial entity. This, of course adds to the country’s poverty and joblessness, which in turn adds to the political instability and violence. An endless negative feedback loop is created by a nation’s lack of political and social stability — a feedback loop that becomes extremely difficult if not impossible to halt.
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As we all know, the West is busily heaping up its own funeral pyre in an orgy of irrational self-destructiveness. Our cultural heritage and our grandchildren’s peace of mind won’t be the only victims, however — our primary source of wealth is also being tossed, willy-nilly, into the flames as well. A Balkanized, conflict-ridden West full of competing and eventually warring ethnic groups will be poor and undeveloped, just like Mexico, the Middle East, Latin America, and tribally conflicted Sub-Saharan Africa.

Peshawar crowdFor those of the global elite who support mass immigration of culturally incompatible Third-Worlders into the developed nations, because they do not care about the survival of Western civilizations, values, cultures, traditions, historical peoples or heritages, I pose a question: Okay, what about financial stability, then? Where will you put your precious money or build your lucrative real estate complexes when the West finally loses its most valuable financial asset? What happens to all of those million dollar condos in London or Manhattan when those cities become culturally, politically and socially indistinguishable from Karachi or Mexico City?


talnik said...

"Why is the West deliberately destroying its most valuable financial asset?"
For the greater good of world socialism. It's deliberate, ongoing and, BTW, I have the feeling we won't be enjoying each others' company on the web for much longer. Is it just me?

Whiskey said...

No, the One will shut down blogging as part of the Fairness Doctrine. The camps will open soon.

improvementmethod said...

Political and Social Stability: If we looked at it from another point of view maybe the loss of political and social stability is what will wake Westerners up to the danager. The loss of something that has been worked for stability will be very scary, it leaves the possiblity of hijack by undesirables as well.

thll said...

How can they stop us enjoying this company? Can they stop us communicating between the lines? They've already lost the argument and because of it their time is limited - whatever they do to bolster their position.

Fjordman said...

Talnik: The fact that Western elites are deliberately destroying their own nation states is undeniable. WHY they are doing so is more challenging to answer. As we've indicated here before, we should probably think of Globalists as a coalition of rather different groups who nevertheless sometimes happen to have overlapping goals.

Why the Marxists and Marxist-influenced groups support these developments is easiest to answer: They hate the West, the inventor of capitalism, and want to destroy it so that the world can be "liberated" from its corrupt and corrupting culture. They also champion a form of genetic Communism where all groups in the world should be merged culturally and genetically, if necessarily against their will, starting with whites. This will lead to the Age of Aquarius where humanity will be united in eternal peace since all causes of war - differences of any kind - have been permanently eradicated.

We will then live under the rule of the United Nations, which itself follows the enlightened guidance of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. We will have flowers in our hair, dance in the moonlight and smoke weed while listening to diverse, non-capitalist music by Sufi Muslims from Morocco that doesn't promote global warming. A bit like John Lennon's "Imagine," only with a little more sharia.

Homophobic Horse said...

" They also champion a form of genetic Communism where all groups in the world should be merged culturally and genetically, if necessarily against their will, starting with whites. This will lead to the Age of Aquarius where humanity will be united in eternal peace since all causes of war - differences of any kind - have been permanently eradicated."

That Obama regards Kenyans as "my people" goes to show that the socialist project to breed a post racial, post national, ideologically purified New Man has failed yet again.

The chiliastic project to start a new-age of universal peace and brotherhood on the basis of worldliness has already been tried at the Tower of Babel.

Fjordman said...

Cont: However, the Marxists are by no means the only people behind this Globalist alliance. There are also just plain corrupt politicians and others (some of them probably bought by the Saudis) who desire a form of international authoritarianism as long as they happen to be on top of the pyramid. They are hostile to people (many of them whites) whom they perceive to be potential rivals for positions of power and influence. They want to rule as an authoritarian class over a large mass of serfs.

There are Big Business supporters who desire cheep labor through mass immigration and let others, usually the white middle class, foot the bill for the social costs of this immigration while they themselves benefit from it. Of course, as Queen indicates, this may not remain true forever, since eventually mass immigration will completely destroy these countries.

As she has correctly indicated before, there is an unholy alliance of Socialists, authoritarian politicians and Big Business (not small business). We have an elaborate welfare state interfering with all aspects of life, which also cooperates with major corporations. In earlier times, such a constellation was called "Fascism."

Homophobic Horse said...

And Eurabia is in principle comparable to Lebensraum.

Western Initiatives said...


The West's greatest resource is not stability, but white people. Everything flows from that.

Pardon me for being so blunt about it, but it's important to tell the truth in public while our political masters still allow us the freedom to do so.

Conservative Swede said...


There are Big Business supporters who desire cheep labor through mass immigration

This is an often repeated argument, but I claim that it misses the point. The right-wing embraces immigration on purely ideological reasons. And this is an ideology they share entirely with the left. But neither of them see this as ideological themselves, the see it a proper moral conduct plain and simple.

They are all equally internationalist (whether the Marxist or the Capitalist kind), with respect to mass immigration they are ideologically identical (with possibly the right-wing more ideologically fervent on this specific point). Us non-internationalists often want to interpret their behaviour as being rational, as having a motive of self-interest, such as the temporary advantage of importation of voters or cheap labour. But then we have failed to understand what makes them tick. In religion and ideology there are no good reasons for actions, it's just like blindly following a divine command. Acting in any other way is considered evil. And this way of acting stems entirely from this conception.

Also regarding the talk about leftists urging to destroy the West. We find the same among libertarians, who see the West as socialist, and want to tear it down and reconstruct it for that. And even among ideological traditionalist conservatives who see the West as liberal, and want to tear it down and reconstruct it for that. They are all revolutionary Christians at heart, always eager for social engineering of their society.

But the important aspect of left and right internationalists is that they honestly and totally believe that their actions -- mass immigration, spreading of democracy etc. -- are perfecting the good of our societies and the world. To a very little degree, and definitely secondary, they act like they do out of self-interest or the urge to destroy something. From our perspective, however, it surely looks as if they want to destroy, and they most certainly do destroy our society -- but that's an entirely different thing.

If we are going to deal with them, we need to understand what makes them tick. And what makes them tick is that they think they are perfecting the good of our societies and the world. What I have referred to as "The Finish of the West".

Also, by seeing it in this way, we see how this concept of morality is deeply rooted in the West, and how we are affected by it ourselves. E.g. how many here are truly prepared to stop sending Western medicine to the third-world? To let children die in third-world families? Or control the population explosion by e.g. sterilization? Or do you consider all this immoral? In that case you have a concept of morality that is causing the population explosion in the uncivilized world, where it's not sustainable. And this is not really so different from enabling mass immigration, when you think about it.

And a population exploded world of less than 5% people of European descent (yes the good ol' replacement of whites once again), Western liberalism, technology etc. will lose its grip on this planet, and the world population will be imploded back again -- i.e. hundreds of millions dying again, on a planet thrown into chaos. For what??? Why is this considered the only moral way to act?

Once again we see how there is no motivation behind Westerners way of acting, it's just like they are blindly following a divine law (truly like lemmings).

But even knowing how these hundred of millions will be dying of starvation in the future, hundreds of millions that wouldn't have had die, and wouldn't be there to die, if it wasn't for the "moral goodness" of the Westerners.

I think this is completely comparable to an evil scientist feeding up hundreds of millions of creature in his laboratory that he then let die in starvation. But Westerners consider this "good". This is the true nature of Western morality.

I hope I have given people something to think about here.

Conservative Swede said...


The West's greatest resource is not stability, but white people.

Sure. Have them convert to Islam and breed like rats.

El said...

i basically agree with this post, but have to point out that this is a positive feedback loop, not a negative feedback loop.

Anonymous said...

People in leading positions in the west tend to be positivist (and narcissist). Prone to wishful thinking and utopianism, maybe deluding themselves that the consequences of their actions are solely good. Sceptics never get to leading positions.

Yorkshireminer said...

Why does the west destroy its most valuable assets, well to put it quiet simple we don't have them and have never had them for several decades, a paper pyramid is not a financial asset it is a paper pyramid. We have been building it for the the last couple of decades since Ronny and and the plutonium Blond started on the deregulation of the financial sector I think about a decade ago the financial sector made up about 5% of the American economy now it makes up about 20%. We work with a fractional banking system, which means that the money supply has to grow just to service the credit (debt) generated by it, which means the generation of more credit (debt). For an economy to grow you need more energy to produce the geegaw's ( stuff ) to use George Carlin's term just to service this debt. The supply of energy, oil has stopped growing, Peak oil has arrived and we cannot produce more oil more energy and therefore the economy cannot grow and therefore we cannot service our debt. We have painted ourselves literally into a corner, and we cannot get our of it. I have watched the ventriloquist dummies, I think the American term is talking heads spout platitudes on the television trying to make sense of the situation and and find explanations. The explanation is quiet simple, we cannot increase our energy supply to drive the economy to produce the wealth to service the debt, end of story. We have let the financial system run amok, deregulation has let leverage run amok. Bear Stean or what ever the name of that so called financial institution was called was leveraged at 33 to 1 that will say for every $3 of real deposits they had leveraged $100 in loans. The only real wealth they had was $3 dollars is it any wonder that it collapsed when when the real economy ran out of steam and the real owners of that $3 dollar called in there real loans. What we have seen over the last few weeks is our Governments pledging the future earnings of our grandchildren to bail out these greedy leaches. 700 Billion was it, smoke and mirrors just to build confidence so these so called banks can keep loaning again. The so called financial assets you talk about are only worth the value of the underlying productive capacity of the economy concerned, and not the fantasy figures that the banks give out. This decline has only just begun and have not yet reached bottom by a long way. In the case of Bear what ever its name was, the real value was 3 cents on the dollar, and the real danger is that the Sovereign Wealth funds set up by certain OPEC countries will be able to buy real productive assets as good productive firms go too the wall with the bad as this greedy farce unravels. We have seen nothing yet and remember the golden rule he who owns the gold makes the rules. This crisis will most likely herald in the real Islamisation of the west.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

"Why is the West deliberately destroying its most valuable financial asset?"

As a bit of tinfoil hat myself, I can only relate to conspiracy theories I've read through the years. According to some of these the elitist has prepared for this breakdown for several decades now and they supposedly have large underground facilities all over the world, in which I assume they are going to retreat to when all hell breaks loose. So if this is true they probably have all assets they care for down there and the rest they probably don't care for really. They simply retreat there and waits for the virus to run it's course up here.
Most people would view this as ultimate evil. Personally I doubt they see themselves as that. They view themselves as humanitarians, and this is necessery to save the planet from destruction. We, the rest of us up on the surface are simply just collateral damage to them, unfortunate but necessary? Couldn't you picture Kissinger reason like that?

Hesperado said...

"we should probably think of Globalists as a coalition of rather different groups who nevertheless sometimes happen to have overlapping goals." -- Fjordman

And the "anti-Globalist" nebula also seems to embrace within its orbit strange bedfellows, such as

1) pro-Islamic Leftists like Jose Bove


2) anti-Islamic analysts like Fjordman.

Bela said...

Apparently the Western liberal democracy reached it's end not only in Europe where it started but now it's about to take over the last bastion of freedom: the US.

It's is fruitless to delve into analytical bloviating, from right to left and vice versa: the Marxists won.

So let all the poison on Earth hatch!