Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Aftermath of Cologne

Our Flemish correspondent VH has kindly translated an article and video from Junge Freiheit concerning last month’s aborted anti-Islamization congress in Cologne

When you watch the video, notice the Antifa (Antifascist Action) shirt on one of the “counter-protesters”:

Anti-Islamization Congress: videos documenting abuses

Cologne demoPicture: Demonstrators grab a participant of the Anti-Islamization Congress

A recently published video documents the attacks of counter-protesters on participants in the Anti-Islamization Congress in Cologne.

The film shows how aggressive and violent counter-demonstrators in Cologne attacked visitors to the Anti-Islamization Congress when they tried to reach the Heumarkt, which was blocked by counter-demonstrators. It makes clear that the violence against the participants does not seem to have come just from the first line, the so-called “Left-Autonomous”, but also apparently from ordinary counter-demonstrators.

Only yesterday [September 25] the Cologne Mayor Fritz Schramma (CDU) defended himself against accusations that he had openly praised Leftist extremist perpetrators of violence, those who on the verge of Congress fought with the police.

Meanwhile, the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch, praised the Cologne citizens for their deployment. “Around 150,000 Cologners have done something unique and not only shown their face, but also acted,” said Knobloch, according to the Cologne Stadt-Anzeiger yesterday at an event in Cologne City Hall.

Transcript from 02:15:
- - - - - - - - -
02:15 The young man and his mother, who are looking fruitlessly for help of the police, are neither from Pro-Köln, nor from a Rightist party.
02:15 But their civil courage to demand access to the demonstration induced the incited people to spit, to kick and to beat them. Is it abysmal stupidity, or does it also excite the police to exile the victims by sending them off to expose them again to maltreatment?
03:07 Only by fleeing into a hotel could mother and son escape the assaults.
03:20 “Minister president [of North Rhine-Westphalia] Rüttgers [CDU, Christian Democrat Union] thanked the demonstrators for their efforts on behalf of tolerance and humanity.”

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