Friday, October 31, 2008

Update on Slovenia

I have written previously about Slovenia, but not very often, because Slovenia has a very small Muslim population and no mosques at all. Consequently, the Euro-jihad news tends to cluster elsewhere.

Map of Slovenia

Yesterday a reader from Slovenia named Janez Gorenc happened on my old posts and left a comment on the earlier one. The thread is so old that most readers will miss what he had to say, so I’m reproducing his comment below. I’ve edited it slightly for punctuation and clarity:

Just a few clarifications. First, the ethnic origin of Slav is from the word slovo, meaning “word”. Therefore we related to ourselves as to the ones who can speak, whereas the Germans, who were our neighbours a good 1500 years ago were nemci, mutes. There are other explanations as well, like the one about slaves, but most linguists find the one I gave first the most plausible.

Second, the post “Slovenian Journalists Speak Out Against EU Censorship” is wrong. The 571 signatures on the letter to the EU commission were about our government, which was ostensibly imposing censorship on our media. The journalists who had signed the letter never provided a single piece of evidence to support their claim but it was their little private war against the incumbent prime minister, who is (alas!) centre-right wing.
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As for the mosque, Ljubljana — or Slovenia for that matter — still has none. Unfortunately, the current major of Ljubljana, a half-Serbian himself, is pushing hard for its construction, as if he believes it will be some sort of badge of honour for Ljubljana. However, there have been complications so the project isn’t getting anywhere far.

And when one problem is solved, another springs up. Someone will just have to stand up and tell the truth — most people here don’t want a mosque, they don’t want any Islamic group setting their demands like we can see in Italy or even Austria.

When some Iranian athletes a few years ago wanted a cow butchered halal-fashion, the whole of Slovenia jumped to its feet. And on top of that our public television aired “Not Without My Daughter” that very evening. So PC isn’t a malady many Slovenians are ailing from.

I must say that there are times when I think we are rather backward and too xenophobic. But I more and more see that it is a trait necessary today if one wants to survive.

Wonderful blog, this. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes,
Janez Gorenc


Aeneas said...

Slovenia will not be immune to Islamisation if the EU has its way. The policies of the EU elite seem to me to be keen to impose Islam on the whole of Europe. My advice to Slovenia - leave the EU before it sucks the vitality out of your culture, subverts your institutions, and corrupts the body politic of your country. The EU has already become the new Evil Empire.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

"already become the new Evil Empire"

Sorry, but that is twaddle. It may have ambitions, but its still pretty freaking far from the USSR.

Leaving does make some sense, but on the other hand, someone has to hold the line, and while consensus decisions are not finally abolished in the EU, well....Slovenia is as good as anyone. And a lonely Slovenia has litttle hope to be an island in an Islamised Europe anyway, so "FIGHT" is still MOTD.

Spinoneone said...

Slovenia has it's work cut out for it. The Brusselocrats won't let go until they get compliance. Slovenia is the most homogeneous nation in the EU. The World Fact Book says Muslims are 2.4% of the population, virtually all of them from Bosnia and Serbia. Slovenes are 91% of the population. Self-defense should be possible, but who knows....te

Afonso Henriques said...

Great to hear it from Slovenia!
Keep that way.

But people, seriously, Slovenia is a ridiculously small country (less than 1% of the population of the U.S.) and as such it simply cannot chose to walk away from the E.U. nor can Slovenia pick any kind of fight with a big E.U. don't matter how brave they are.
The immigrants will be sent. To be xenophobic may well be the only way to prevent Slovenia from falling into the situation where Western Europe is at.


And Bela et all,
Slovenia is in shape, but it has no power, it is insignificant. My Nation is insignificant. All Scandinavian individual Nations are insignificant; even Spain is insignificant.

Some talk about a Polish-Ucranian axis. Not only is that "highly instable" but also insignificant.

Italy is not, Russia is not, GB is not and France and Germany...

P.S. - By insignificant I mean no power to "change" the situation in the Continent.

Aeneas said...

Big things have small beginnings.

Someone needs to stand up to the EU and small countries leaving here and there will start a trend. There are already people in the larger European countries that are agitating against the EU and all opposition to its plans helps.

If the EU continues then I would expect Europe to be effectively Islamic within a generation. If that is what you want then scoff and say that nothing can be done and that this outcome is inevitable. If we all live in small and irrelevant countries then perhaps we should just shut up and take our medicine and settle down as good EU robots.

The EU model is now spreading to the US and the same methods of subversion will be used there too. The proposal for a 'Mediterranean Union' already implies imperialistic pretentions on the part of the EU. I therefore stand by my comment that it is the new evil empire. It will perhaps be far more effective than the Soviet Union as it worms its way into the institutions of the entire Western world and rots them from within. At least the Soviet Union was honest about what it was trying to achieve.

Of course I would expect Slovenia to remain within the EU, because the majority of its people are probably as docile and compliant to the will of their political masters as most people are in my own country. Eventually, however, by only thinking for the short term Slovenia will cease to be Slovenia. Perhaps the end of Western culture is a price worth paying for having a good time today.

Czechmade said...

Chain reaction. You may start a Ljublana school of thought. Those voices locally timid (maybe) can be reinforced by various Europeans. thereafter you can claim it is NOT a movemant of local importance. You call it simply European and start chipping on the dogma EU=European and with time passing it becomes a topic mentioned each time you mention EU.

Mind the difference: Slovenia was Austria like Czech Rep., Slovakia and Croatia were part of Hungary inclusive one of the three regions of Rumania as we know it now plus Slavonia (now Serbia)roughly. Correct me., if I made some mistake.

In the moment I enjoy the reservations EU boys have against our EU leadership. Sarkozy tried to have parallel EU zone ministers and/or shift the Czech leadership to Sweden instead.He was stopped by the Germans sofar. We are bad guys in the eyes of EU. And we are greatly benefitted by keeping our currency for several years already. We got rich by not having Euro. How is the Danish currency doing under present day "crisis"?

Slovak currency is over next year.