Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Racism Is Stalking Norway

Norway, like other Western countries, frowns upon citizens who want to take care of their own.

Over the last several years an asylum crisis has building in the country. Unprecedented numbers of asylum seekers are arriving in Norway and must be fed, clothed, and housed at state expense. Localities are overwhelmed with the expense and logistics of accommodating the new arrivals, and many native Norwegians are uneasy with what’s going on.

Needless to say, any opposition to official Multicultural policy is unacceptable, and any expression of sentiment on behalf of Norwegian culture and traditions is considered a manifestation of “racism”.

Here’s the latest on the asylum crisis, as reported by to Aftenposten:

Asylum Center Hit by Threats

Another asylum center near Oslo was the target of vandalism and threats of a racist nature over the weekend. Meanwhile, a pastor from Sierra Leone who was involved in another allegedly racist incident feels his case has been resolved.

Debate has been raging in Norway after a series of recent incidents viewed as both anti-foreign and racist. The latest in suburban Bærum left state officials disturbed.

Police were summoned to the new asylum center at Dønski in Bærum, set to open next Friday. Its exterior walls had been smeared with threats against both officials of the immigration agency UDI and prospective residents of the center.

The threats implied an acute fear of foreigners (called fremmed frykt in Norwegian), and included sayings like “Keep Norway pure” and “UDI pigs, be careful.”
- - - - - - - - -
Police had no suspects. They believe the vandalism was carried out Saturday night.

One of the threats made a direct reference to a recent sniper attack on an asylum center in Asker. “The next shots will land here,” read another tag on the building.

Pastor fought prejudice

Meanwhile, in another racist incident earlier this month, a pastor from Sierra Leone has won official apologies after he was prevented from carrying out his duties at funerals in the mountain community of Oppdal.

“I’m sorry that (Pastor Joseph) Moiba has experienced rejection and felt unwanted,” said Bishop Knut Andresen. “There is to be zero tolerance for racism in Norwegian society and in the church.”

Kirsten Almås, the senior pastor who had gone along with parishioners’ requests that Moiba not conduct funeral services for family members, also indicated she regrets replacing Moiba with another pastor. “The warning lamps should have blinked and the motives for the request (that he be replaced because of his skin color) should have been examined,” Almås wrote in a statement.

Moiba met both Andresen and Almås last week and said he felt his complaints have been taken seriously. “I won’t be replaced (again) by another pastor if the motive is skin colour,” he said.

There is to be zero tolerance for racism in Norwegian society…

In other words, the natural, normal, and God-given tendency of Norwegians to prefer people like themselves is ruled off the turf. It’s considered illegitimate, unacceptable, and evil.

Norwegians have been traduced by their political and religious leaders, and they are not alone: the same thing is happening all over the Western world.

We are no longer allowed to have places that we can call our own, inhabited by people like ourselves. Every other imaginable ethnic group in the world is granted that privilege, but not white Europeans.

We’re expected to know our place — only there isn’t one.

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Fjordman said...

Just to put things in perspective: Some of my neighbors have a son who is mentally ill and normally spends some of his time in a special institution. He was recently forced to leave that institution because they want to make room for more asylum seekers from Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere, who usually come here with false papers or no papers at all but are allowed to stay, anyway, funded by my neighbors and me.

Beach Girl said...

Baron and Dymnpha - you were just quoted on the Michael Savage show. Michael read from this post and the Gates of Vienna coming out of Norway.

Good going! Michael Savage has an audience of around 5 to 10 million listeners at any given time.

Fjordman said...

Since I'm already here: My upcoming book Defeating Eurabia was completed this weekend. It will probably be published in stages here at the GoV two weeks from now, so that the entire book will be available online at the end of October. I will stipulate some preconditions for the use of my material. As a first draft, it might look something like this:

The book Defeating Eurabia has been published online for free. My intention was to say that anybody who wants to can republish it, on the Internet or in print, but in order to prevent abuses of my name, I will stipulate a few preconditions for those who want to republish it:

I should be credited as the author. This is almost too obvious to mention.

My material should be published unchanged. The book is 130,000 words and contains a disproportionate amount of Scandinavian material. Those who want to can remove the chapter called Islamization and Cowardice in Scandinavia. This would take away 10,000 words and make the book slightly shorter. The preferred solution is to use the entire book as it was published at the Gates of Vienna blog, but I will accept republishing it minus this one chapter.

My material should not under any circumstances be mixed with other people's writings. The second this happens, I lose control over how my ideas are presented.

I will not allow people who support violent totalitarian ideologies, Communists, neo-Nazis or others, to use my material. Those who republish my book should share the spirit I have written the material in. Even though I am very critical of Islam, I will not allow or support attacks on random Muslims. Those who desire this are not allowed to use my material.

Those who republish my book should support the defense of European civilization - and the defense of Israel as well. In my experience, those who disapprove of Israel's right to exist are either anti-Semites or just plain stupid. Sensible people should support Israel's self-defense against Jihad. If you don't do this then there's probably something wrong with you.

Those who violate one or several of the above mentioned preconditions are not allowed to use my material and DO NOT republish it with my approval or permission.

Fjordman said...

I want to make sure that those who use my book are civilized human beings who share a very minimum of the spirit in which it was written. Apart from that, as long as you fulfil the preconditions mentioned above, I do not care about your religious or political views. I consider the situation and the impeding threat of Islamization to be so serious that I want to spread warnings against this as far and wide as possible, as soon as possible. This means that I do not necessarily agree with those who republish my material, and they don't have to agree with all of my views; they just happen to find some sections of my book relevant.

Defeating Eurabia can be translated to other languages, as long as the translation is precise enough to accurately convey the original meaning of my text. The same stipulations as above, with the exclusion of violent, totalitarian movements etc., will also apply for translations. I should naturally be credited as the author, and the book should be republished unchanged.

As long as these minimum requirements are met, you can republish the book online and offline. You can republish it in print and if necessary charge some money for it to cover whatever expenses you had in publishing it. I have not included footnotes in the text, but since the material has been published online originally, those wanting to check my sources should read the online version of it and follow hyperlinks to the various books or articles used. They will usually be included in the online text, or can for the most part be found on the Internet.

Please note that the permission to republish in print goes only and exclusively for the material included in the book Defeating Eurabia, not the rest of my online material.

Fjordman said...

Beach Girl: That's really cool. I know for a fact that this blog is being read by a number of fairly important people. We should keep that in mind while posting comments here.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I'm merely curious to why you are willing to exclude the chapter about scandinavian cowardice and islam? Shouldn't that rather the contrary be exposed much more? It's your work and you can do what you want with it, but as I already said, I'm just curious...

costin said...

Fjordman - I can't wait to read the book. Congratulations! at least parts of it will be translated in Romanian for a blog where I post with 5 other people (patrupedbun.net)

Baron & Beach Girl - I see that Michael Savage just linked to this article on his front page.

The things are starting to take shape

senatortombstone said...

I was just flipping through channels when I happened upon "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," which airs on MTV. While this sort of show is offensive to my tastes, I felt compelled to watch an argument between two white girls. Apparently, one of the white girls made a comment that Asians only worked on fingernails and she may have even suggested that is all they are good for (I can't be sure, as I didn't view that portion of the show). The other white girl took great umbrage at this statement and screamed at the other girl, calling her names and threatening to stab her in the neck. The girl who made the comment was referred to as a waste of human life, which perhaps is a little ironic in light of the overall content of the show and the goal of the participants competing to be Paris’ new BFF.

What freaks me out though is how enraged this one girl became after hearing a comment that was at worst a sarcastic stereotype. Death threats for being “racist?” I was astounded to see how passionate and angry a vain, glory seeking narcissist could become over anything besides herself. She seemed the type to care and stand for nothing besides her appearance, but here she was ready to execute a racist.

It goes without saying that same salvo would not be launched against a non-white for making racist comments, neither by whites or non-whites. In fact, if a white were to criticize a non-white for making a racist comment against whites, other whites would probably justify the comments and criticize the white for criticizing the racist non-white.

According to the left, the only meaningful thing a white person can do is to advance or defend non-whites. The only way a white can be a hero is to defend non-whites from white bigots. This girl felt she was being a hero by attacking this cowed “Racist.”

How did the left create a culture in which it is considered evil for a white to defend himself, to defend his own? How were hundreds of millions of whites convinced that true goodness and morality is in sacrificing their own for sake of others who are nearly 100% ungrateful and hateful towards their benefactors?

Is it about atoning for our past “sins?” How many of our daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, and cousins are we to sacrifice to rape, before we consider ourselves forgiven and say enough? I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some leftists who consider it an honor and privilege for a white woman to be raped by a non-white; a sort of cultural exchange. I mean, the leftist elites are the ones who’ve unleashed this crime wave against Scandinavian women.

In the US the black and brown-on-white crime rate is several times higher than the white-on-black and brown crime, but the media only chooses to highlight much less common latter and pretend the former does not exist.

Again, how many more of our lives, money, and security do whites have to sacrifice to non-white thugs before somebody says enough?

Unfortunately, as we speak, the elites are offering up the whole of Europe to Islam and the Southwest of the US to the Hispanics.

Unknown said...


Du borde överväga att ta bort de mest stötande uttrycken ur ditt licensförslag - om vilka du anser är dumma och civiliserade, osv. Inte för att du har fel, utan för att det ser ser illa ut i en text som aspirerar på legal status. Om du vill kan jag skriva ett fint engelskspråkigt förslag åt dig som uttrycker samma sak, men som ser mer seriöst ut. Jag gör sådant professionellt. Även om du föredrar att göra det själv rekommenderar jag att du tänker dig för en gång till beträffande just de formuleringarna. Ser i övrigt fram emot att ta del av din bok!

English-speaking folks: just recommending FM some changes in his license proposal. I, too, am looking forward to see the book.

Oscar1986 said...

Europe's did not see this third massive invasion of the Muslims

The mode of attack is the lack of assimilation, which is talked alot about now. Why have the Muslim migrants who have settled in Europe, in North America, and other places, have failed to become part of those countries in which they settle, in the way that so many other waves of other immigrant poeples have done? . ...
Important differences in what one means by religion come into play. For Muslims, it covers a whole range of different things--marriage, inheritance, and divorce are the most common examples. Since ancient times in the Western world, and in the Christian world, these have been secular matters.

The differance of church and state, spiritual and phisical is a Christian distinction which has no place in Islamic history and in the modern Islamic mind. . They are still living in history, we live in the presant you cannot combine the two without conflict.

bernie said...

Oscar1986, assimilation is unIslamic. Islam is political or it is nothing. Those who think it is a religion are misinformed. Mohammed was a conqueror not a Holy Man. The Quran is a military Handbook not a Holy Book.

Those who treat Muslims as followers of a religion will one day wake up in an Islamic political state.

Unknown said...

interesting how the "western world" used reources from the "non-western world" under colonialism, brought in immigrants in the thousands to "build up" their devastated countries after the world wars (in which they further wasted the natual resources of the non western world). Now that their countries are all built up they just want immigrants and their children to pack up n leave? what do they think about immigrants, food packets to be used and thrown away?

besides, a lot of immigrants come as student to learn from the western world cos the western world has advanced resarch faciltiies etc. the western companies retain the immigrants with good jobs cos they get quality work for reasonable prices.

A lot of "nationalists" don't seem to want to work as hard as the immigrants and yet they expect jobs etc. to be handed to them on silver platters???

Intersting though proces id say. all in all vry amusing. a place for their own indeed! Immigrants helped build up these lands n hence hold a stake in these lands too!

NOIDWWW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NOIDWWW said...

" Every other imaginable ethnic group in the world is granted that privilege, but not white Europeans."

You honestly believe that..??

If that were the case then "white Europeans" would only be found in Europe - rather than in all four corners of the planet.

Read a bit before you decide to preach to the (effective) world.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_colonization_of_the_Americas - estimates range up to 100M being wiped out




I will leave you to find a link about the ex-"Jewel in the crown"

This all led to de-facto global control of most resources by the "disadvantaged white Europeans" and the continued control or possession of lands that do not "belong" to them.

Not Norwegians to be sure, but as you seek to suggest that Europeans are, as it were, a singular entity I am sure you will allow me this indiscretion.

If you want singular control over "European Lands" then to maintain moral equality start campaigning for Europeans globally to relinquish their control over other lands and to return home.

This might also be of interest


4.5 Million Norweigens in the USA (a;one). I wonder what that would do for resource contention back home. That in addition of course to the loss of the global hegemony underpinner that is the USA.

Men inget problem! Bring 'em home i say!

Yes.. I agree there is a surfeit of immigrants coming to Europe presently but their crimes in the main do not equate to those of your European forefathers. They are generally at the bottom of society effectively with their begging bowls in hand knocking on doors. The equivalent Europeans simply kicked those doors down and took over.

The Internet is a wonderful thing in that it gives a platform to many who otherwise would NOT have a voice. The problem is that just as in the real world there is a gap between reality and peoples understanding of it. For some that gap is bigger than for others.

What was that saying about monkeys and Shakespeare?

I look forward to version II..

Homophobic Horse said...

"The Internet is a wonderful thing in that it gives a platform to many who otherwise would NOT have a voice. The problem is that just as in the real world there is a gap between reality and peoples understanding of it."

I couldn't agree more!

Meanwhile, I'll use this as an opportunity to highlight an example of exactly what Fjordman means.

A moron called Richard Goldstone, the writer of the discredited and supercilious "Goldstone report" which accused Israel of war-crimes in it's recent operation "Cast Lead" in Gaza, also wrote in his justification for the establishment of international tribunals for the prosecution of war-crimes (in this particular case Bosnia):

"because this was the first time after the Holocaust that such occurrences happened in “Europe’s backyard.” The war in Bosnia led to the formation of tribunals on crimes against humanity, he said, because European men with “blue eyes and light skin” again carried out actions similar to those observed in the Holocaust."

Julia Gorin commented:

"Holy. Crap. Here we have nothing less than an admission that the world is in the business of prosecuting the more “white”-featured side in a given conflict. Goldstone apparently missed the fact that the designated victims in Bosnia were at least as light-haired and blue-eyed. Or has he never seen a photograph of Bosnian Muslim fundamentalist wartime president Alija Izetbegovic?"

"This kind of “thinking” is how we get into the business of supporting Hitler’s recruiters over their victims who now fight back — which is exactly what the Bosnian president had been in his younger days, an SS recruiter. Nonetheless, the politically correct villain was chosen (the “white” Serb) and given the black hats to wear — and the equally politically correct victims were chosen (the “brown” Muslims), and given the white hats. Even if the Bosnians were as white as the Serbs, their religion had “brown” origins. The newsflash for Goldstone and the many who “think” as he does is that one of the more subconscious reasons that the world sympathizes with Palestinians over Israelis is that most of the lighter skin and blue eyes in the region are found in Israel."

So there you have it, there's the central justification for world "government" and world "justice": racist demonising and dispossession of European ethnic groups, in this particular case Serbs.