Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ACT! For America: A Report on the OSCE Meeting in Vienna

As reported here previously, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe met twice recently in Vienna to discuss the need to fight “racism” and “xenophobia”. The following report on the OSCE meeting earlier this month was prepared by Bruce Lieske of ACT! for America.

Gerhard Engelmayer, ESW, and Bruce Lieske

Report on my Experience at the OSCE Meeting

10-11 November 2011, Vienna, Austria

Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting

Prevention of Racism, Xenophobia and Hate Crimes through Educational and Awareness-Raising Initiatives

by Bruce Lieske

It is my opinion that very few Americans know what the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is — when and why it was founded, and what it has done. The opportunity to attend this meeting presented itself because of my friendship with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Austrian chapter head of ACT! for America, and the circumstance that my wife lives in Vienna.

Representing ACT! for America, I attended the meeting with Elisabeth (Pax Europa), Henrik Clausen (International Civil Liberties Alliance) and Gerhard Engelmayer (Freidenkerverband — Wien). There were approximately 175 people in attendance. The venue at the Hofburg, Vienna, was similar to a mini-UN. The inner ring of seats/microphones was reserved for some 70 participating countries, including the United States. The outer ring was comprised of NGOs. Most of the speeches were in English, but on occasion speakers from Ukraine, Russia and Austria spoke in their native languages and an immediate translation was available.

The four of us sat together and we spoke several times in response to a presenter. The response to a presenter is called an “intervention.” On one occasion my intervention addressed the issue of the definition of words. I said that if we truly intended to be united as different cultures, we needed to clearly and closely define terms, especially the term “Islamophobia.” I told the assembly that “Islamophobia” means different things to a Muslim and a non-Muslim — and illustrated my point with a story.

The OSCE is an opportunity for organizations like ACT! for America and The United West to influence governments. NGOs have virtually the same opportunity to speak as the representatives of participating States at these meetings. The representatives of participating States undoubtedly have influence over legislation in their countries, which means that ACT! for America and other similar organizations have not only the power of the press, but can possibly influence legislation.

Therefore, ACT! for America has a mini-pulpit in Europe and we ought to use it — in order to help our European friends stem the power of stealth jihad, and bring this problem out in the open. It must, however, be done tactfully, clearly and diplomatically. I recommend more people from ACT! for America attend these meetings in the future. It would be excellent if Brigitte Gabriel herself could attend.

In order to underscore the need to push back against the Islamization of Europe, let me add one other bit of information. On October 13, 2011 The King Abdullah Center of Inter-Religious and Inter-Cultural Dialogue was inaugurated at the Albertina Museum in downtown Vienna. The foreign ministers of the three founding states — Austria, Spain, and Saudi Arabia — attended. The center will be located at the Palais Sturany on the Schottenring in the heart of Vienna. This is patently a new Islamic propaganda center, which according to the protocols of founding, will have diplomatic immunity, pay no taxes, and is verboten to the Austrian police. The governing body will be staffed by two Muslims, three Christians, a Buddhist, a Hindu and a Jew. I read that the Jewish rabbi took a lot of flack for his participation, but I also read his interesting response. He basically said that he needed to know his enemy (not his words) — but actually that this is all about the Christians. Thinking Christians realize that Islam is the greatest enemy of Christianity, and I suspect that Muslims believe the reverse. History records two previous Islamic campaigns against Vienna. I think the third one is in high gear.

Rev. Bruce J. Lieske
VP, ACT! for America/Orlando

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Therefore, ACT! for America has a mini-pulpit in Europe and we ought to use it ... ???

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"...— in order to help our European friends stem the power of stealth jihad, and bring this problem out in the open."

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