Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/19/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/19/2011The last living son of Col. Muammar Qaddafi who’s still on the lam has been captured. Rebels associated with the new Libyan government bagged Saif Al-Islam and have put him in prison. Given the secrets he reportedly knows — he is said to have the goods on Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and other European leaders — it seems unlikely that Saif will live to see his day in court.

In other news, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria said that his group would accept protection from Turkey, rather than the infidel West, from his country’s government. Bashar al-Assad’s security forces are attempting to put down a rebellion in Syria in which the MB plays a significant role.

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gama said...

Seif al-Islam { sword of Islam } Gadhafi , not very long ago was the darling of British academia, chased after as prized company , he was the socialite par excellence of the chardonnay socialists- their noble Arab . Seif al-Islam seduced the BBC, and wooed macadamia with his mask of philanthropy , posing as an altruistic humanitarian , a swaggering vanity paid for with his bags of gold coins { booty from Libya } !
Now a fugitive from Interpol and the International criminal court for crimes against humanity,having returned to Libya to wage a campaign of torture and mass murder to secure the dictatorship of père et fils , guaranteeing his sinecure . His mask of noblesse cracked beyond repair , will he , like Papa Mouammar , seek sanctuary in rat infested sewers ?
This accomplished chameleon, not long ago was charming the pants off British ' bon pensants ' , the Brit elitist { with their pants around their ankles } simply couldn't get enough of the ' sword ' ~!?!

{Will these sans-culotte enable the term of Saif's sweet surrender?
Sharpening the sword for an encore of feral debauchery . }
Europe is morally bankrupt, intellectually bankrupt and financially bankrupt, an assortment of third world caliphates are eager to jump that old whores bones and make her scream with joy- ' Allahu Akbar ' !

Enlightened elitist, in their dusty ossuaries , are no doubt tripping over each other , ready to butcher { hallal } a fatted calf to feast in celebrating the possible return of their ' prodigal son ', all will be forgiven and forgotten - Inch'Allah !
They were unanimous in there gracious embrace of Mouammar { pbuh } when he professed his personal Epiphany, weren't they~!?!