Wednesday, November 23, 2011

“This Has Got to Stop”

In this segment from his program on SUN TV, Michael Coren interviews two Canadian men who have been persecuted for “hate speech”.

His first guest is a Christian pastor named Mark Harding, who was charged under hate speech laws for creating pamphlets describing the treatment of Christians in Muslim countries. His second guest is Damian Goddard, a sports broadcaster who was fired without warning by his network for stating in a private tweet, on his own time, that he believed that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this excellent video:


Anonymous said...

Absolutely absurd that we have allowed things to progress this far. Hate speech?!! WTH?!

Yes, the West is ripe for the taking. The people of the West can no longer defend itself from ideological conquest inevitably followed by demographic conquest.

Anonymous said...

The two persecuted men should sue the government of Canada for breaching their human rights. Take it international and shame the dhimmi creeps!

babs said...

Your linking to the Sun Network is just one more bonus for GOV readers.
I highly doubt that many people at all have been or are aware of the attack on speech in Canada. Therefore, most people in the States cannot see what is coming in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Sapa Tapa my tag.

I wish we had a reporter like Michael Coren and SunTV who are prepared to argue against this PC crap. Open up a channel in the UK you will be top of the ratings.

Here in the UK all of the MSM, and of course, the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, are terrified of raising the issue of radical Islam, as we are being lead into a Sharia caliphate encouraged by the EU and our government.

I hope these two guys get justice, but i doubt it through the muslim controlled EU. Like the UN, Islamists have taken control of political offices using our laws and finances.

If there is anyone who can answer my one question, which the UN, EU, MPs' press or Imams cannot, or will not answer: Why is Islam treated like a fragile egg? Mohammed did not think of Aisha that way.

Islam, its doctrine, teachings, beliefs, whatever ever way it is described, is a threat to the West and our way of life.

Andre said...

I thought the EU was (is) in very bad shape, but the ordeal these two courageous men have gone through boggles the mind.

Einstein was right, when he remarked that to things are infinite: the universe, and human stupidity. And he wasn't sure about the universe.

Anonymous said...

Even most of those who think they are aware of the level of suppression of free speech are often mistaken. The American government, at the very least, has resorted to occasionally "disappearing" trouble-makers by their "accidental" deaths. I have no idea exactly how widespread this is...most victims have not survived to talk about it, and it really is something that you have to witness personally to believe. Even to me, such stories still sound incredible on their face.

I can only imagine what the true situation might be elsewhere.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Jye Dante said...

"If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." -- George Washington

Anonymous said...

Mark Harding is by far the more persecuted, although that does not take anything away from Damian Goddard, who was obviously moved close to tears at hearing Harding's story.

I believe a credible definition of "fascism" is the idea that government and its bureaucracies are the highest value in a society. Both Mark Harding and Damian Goddard were persecuted because they publicly represented opinions not shared by government bureaucrats. It is most important that civil servants NOT be given immunity from political pressures. Civil servants often wish to ply their power without interference or opposition from the public.

I believe that both Mark and Damian defend the principle that all issues can be openly debated. They in no way advocate that their opponents be silenced through threats, convictions, or retributions.

Anonymous said...

As far as a definition of fascism is concerned, I prefer sticking with how the fascists (who coined the term) defined it in terms of their own interpretation of the symbolism of the fasces. Yes, it does involve glorification of the state as the highest good which all other elements of society are bound to serve, but it also relates to the inherent violence of government as something that should be embraced as the solution to every problem rather than minimized as an evil that is only justified in limited circumstances.

I'd apply "tyranny" as the descriptive term for a system of government in which those who hold office are not accountable to the same laws they impose on others.

This may seem like mere language conservatism. But the push to continuously redefine the basic elements of political discourse is part of a conscious effort to deny each generation easy access to the arguments that last defeated failed political ideologies. I have no objection to the natural evolution of language, but the way that words like "liberal" "progressive" "communist" "socialist" and especially "fascist" get distorted is highly artificial and intentional. It needs to be resisted.

Chiu Chun-Ling.


MARTYRS TO FREEDOM - This has got to stop...

Why give yourself a lot of unnecesary trouble, why rave about a lot of far-fetched reasons to the state of affairs. Before you on the whole can start reflecting about what treatment suits a certain malign disease you must diagnose it.

What is the primary couse of this stubborn malady whose symptoms are unresonable defence of PC, of diversity, multiculturalism, culture marxism, gender-science, xenophilia & islamophilia and of the opinion that immigration is compulsory or an absolute necessity.

Quite simply: STUPIDITY.

Not a stupidity caused by low IQ or brain defects but a refined and exclusive form of FUNCTIONAL stupidity - even FUNKTIONAL IDIOCY. This contagious plague is spread principally among the gentry, massmedia and power elites all over the Western World, perhaps over the whole planet, in which case you can talk about GLOBAL IDIOCY.

Einstein noted that there is no limit for the malignity of this plague and since the days of the two Zenos some 3-4 centuries B.Ch. it is known that even the gods fight this malady in vain. Schiller revived the old statement in 1801 by putting it in the mouth of his heroine in the play The Maid of Orleans:
Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens.

The old Counter-Jihad-Movement should perhaps examine this new way of looking at the matter. Mohammadanism remains the same old stupid attempt to attain or coerce religious submission worldwide. It is a pseudoreligion whose prophet probabely never existed but whose
apologets and advocates might easier be controlled or destroied by attacking the cardinal point.
- - - - - -
More about this theme here.