Saturday, November 26, 2011

Culturally Enriched Child-Rape in Gullestrup

Cultural Enrichment News

A horrific crime was committed last weekend in the vicinity of Gullestrup, a suburb of Herning in central Jutland. Kitman compiled the following report on the case, based on translated excerpts from Danish media articles and the blog Uriasposten.

Warning: The post below describes brutal violence against a small child. Readers who are sensitive to such descriptions should not read past the jump.

Rape in Gullestrup

Earlier this week a rape case made headlines in the Danish press: “After Rape, a Lynch Atmosphere — Now There is War in Gullestrup”. But this is no ordinary rape case: the victim is a ten-year old indigenous Danish girl, and the suspected perpetrator is a 16-year-old boy of Somali background.

Ekstra Bladet talked with a friend of the father of the victim, who informed the paper that they would meet up, some 25 men armed with knives and baseball bats, and then go from door to door until they found the perpetrator. This however, was not the father’s intention.

Today further details of the case emerged in the local newspaper:

16-year-old charged for very brutal rape of 10-year-old

The rape committed against a 10-year-old girl from Gullestrup last Saturday, was much crueler than the public was told. That was revealed today at the initial questioning in Herning, as the accused rapist from Gullestrup appeared before the judge at 1:37pm

The accused, who pleaded not guilty, is facing three charges.

Besides ordinary rape, he is also charged with anal rape and forced oral sex. And in addition, he is charged with attempting to rape another 9-year-old, who luckily escaped from the scene of the crime and alerted her parents.

According to Ekstra Bladet’s paper edition, the accused recently returned from a so-called “educational tour of Somali culture and Islam” which allegedly changed his personality. “He and his little brother stumbled upon some [Somali] militants. They were brainwashed, and he became very quiet and thoughtful.”

He was only able to return without a passport “because he received help from his schoolmates and a former teacher in Gullestrup”.

The suspect fits the description, and the police claim to have secured “forensic evidence which definitively places the suspect at the scene of the crime.”

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Anonymous said...

I should perhaps count myself lucky that I do not understand the mechanism by which a human being, when exposed to some purified form of utter moral vileness, internalizes it as a pattern for future behavior.

Of course it is one thing to assert that this Somali youth became so "culturally enriched" because it was the native tendency of his heart. Seeing Somali militants living out his unacknowledged dream of sexually-charged violence gave him the narrative to justify the rape of non-Islamic children as an act of Jihad. This explanation presumes that another youth exposed to the identical stimulus would have only been horrified, perhaps to the point of suffering some kind of psychosomatic incapacity.

In all, this is an idea that I can accept, though it is not popular with those who wish to view human nature as entirely conditioned. It restricts the incomprehensibility of this Somali teen's moral insanity to a sort of black box inside of him as an individual. I still don't understand it, but there is no particular requirement that I try.

On the other hand, it requires the idea that some people start out with these sorts of horrific desires and will act on them as soon as they receive sufficient self-justification, while others are essentially lacking in any innate desire of this kind and would thus not respond in the same way. This contradicts the prevailing 'common-sense' of the day where human nature is concerned. Everyone is presumed to be the same, deep down, and it is entirely a matter of conditioning what a person will come to accept as right and wrong.

On this "enlightened view" of human nature, it is wrong to blame anyone for their bad actions because it was obviously the result of bad programming, they having no innate power to decide to emulate one morality over another, but being subject to the most powerful environmental stimulus.

What I cannot shake is the question of why we should ever care about the fact that a person wasn't responsible for an action if the theory of human nature on which we base this judgment prevents any humans from ever being responsible for their actions. If this Somali youth cannot bear sole responsibility for this horrific act, then why should anyone else be morally constrained from treating him according to their own programming?

Or, to put it rather less charitably, if humans are just machines that act out their programming, what is the particular problem with treating them like defective appliances once they go wrong? I don't hold my toaster morally accountable for whether it works properly, but if it becomes a fire hazard I send it off to be crushed or melted or whatever they do to junked toasters. Precisely because I don't hold it morally accountable I have no qualms about treating it like a broken machine. I can replace it with a new toaster.

And yet, if I were to buy a new toaster and throw that one away while keeping the one that threatens to set my kitchen ablaze, I should seem a fool to any sane observer. Because whether or not you regard toasters as morally accountable for their behavior, the proper response to a toaster that malfunctions so as to endanger your kitchen is to bin the toaster that malfunctioned.

Call it justice or pragmatics, the answer is identical.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Anonymous said...

Takuan Seiyo:
A few years ago I flew from Stockholm to Warsaw. It's a quick 500 miles, like NYC to Detroit, but might be a trip to another planet. On the way from the Warsaw airport, I told the cabbie how things stand in postmodern Scandinavia. He replied that had anyone raped his daughter, he'd quit his job, quit everything and not rest until he tracked down and killed the rapist.
One recalls Ingmar Bergman's "The Virgin Spring" too. So where did the trojan sneak in that scrambled the mental programming of the Scandinavians?

Anonymous said...

Why are all of the infidels so upset?! The infidels should be honored.

The Muslim 'youth' was simply looking for a couple of wives.

Of course, under Sharia Law, once a Muslim man rapes a girl, she is considered an adulteress - under pain of whipping and/or stoning and/or death - unless she redeems her family honor by marrying her rapist.

Thus, clearly the answer here is that the ten year old girl MUST marry the Muslim 'youth' at once.

After all, Sharia Law is 'equal' to Western law and is followed by one fourth of the world. How can one fourth of the world possibly be wrong - especially when Muslims are following the explicit example of their ideal Muslim man Mohammed?!

Like Mohammed's Aisha, the nine and ten year old girls were ripe for the taking. In fact, the girls were lucky that the Muslim 'youth' would accept them - with them being unclean and unveiled infidels.

Ah, infidel Denmark, as Mohammed himself said of Aisha, "Silence is consent."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the European countries will begin to learn that human beings are not simply blank slates, that they are shaped by both their genetic and their cultural backgrounds. If you import people from a violent, fanatic culture into your country, it is reasonable to expect these people to act violently and as fanatics. I cannot see any reason why one should expect a different outcome.

Anonymous said...

Well at least he didn't kill the victim.

George Pal said...

“... injuring the outer world with other than traditional procedures of warfare” – Rebecca West

Ms. West had in mind that part of the anti-social and criminal class enlisted by the Fascists to terrorize, brutalize, intimidate, and demoralize. An apposite description of islam, muslims and the shared social, cultural, and political pathogens they spread and the war they wage – all out and without exceptions.

Please, someone, anyone, any European... get pissed.

Anonymous said...

Importing somalis is worse than importing rabid pit bull terriers. They should be classed as dangerous animals (apoligies to dangerous animals)

kloutlichter said...

In Britain getting pissed means getting drunk.I know what you mean though and one day people in europe will snap.I would like to think that the whole situation will be dealt with before we all reap the whirlwind but it wont.Until people in general realise what lies ahead,then there will be nothing done.A friend asked me what I was scared of concerning Islam.I said I am just as scared of our reaction,cos when we get started ,the west is very good at dealing death.

Sagunto said...

Egghead -

Spot on!

This brutal rape was pre-arranged, well sort of, as a prelude to the forced, as in legally enforced, marriage you envision, by the Danish representatives elect.

And sure thing, the judges should be called upon to respect the "fact" that sharia is wholly compatible with Western jurisprudence and law.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sagunto!

Lest anyone think for a minute that we exaggerate here, think again.

In Egypt and in India, the Muslims kidnap local non-Muslim girls, rape and 'marry' the girls (in no particular order), and then assert that the non-Muslim girls must stay with their Muslim 'husbands' because the girls are now Muslim.

The Muslims cause general mayhem and riot if the girls escape back to their non-Muslim communities and the Muslim demands to retain the non-Muslim girls are refused.

Hell incarnate is being loosed upon us as the Western world yawns and says, "Gimme oil."

The way that these two girls were treated is EXACTLY the same way that Mohammed treated Aisha and his other captured sex slaves and EXACTLY the same way that millions upon millions of Muslim men around the world treat their 'wives' in enforced marriages - whether those marriages be child marriages, cousin marriages, polygamous marriages, temporary marriages (child prostitution), etc.

Fröken Sverige said...

"Swedish girls Jenny and Linda were on their way to a party on New Year's Eve when they were assaulted, raped and beaten half to death by four Somali immigrants. Sweden's largest newspaper has presented the perpetrators as "two men from Sweden, one from Finland and one from Somalia", a testimony as to how bad the informal censorship is in stories related to immigration in Sweden."

I guess some of you already seen that pitcure of poor Jenny...

At least one of the rapists have already raped another person. He changed his name after prison and raped:

A 84-year old woman!


Anonymous said...

This sort of case does tend to raise the question of what degree of crime we ought to consider the propagation of pornography that glorifies rape fantasies.

But that should not in any way detract from the punishment meted out to the rapist. Plenty of people have reacted to the story of Aisha with the moral outrage that we would expect of anyone with a conscience. This rapist reacted by emulating it.

It was a choice. And he must be made to suffer the full consequences himself.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Anonymous said...

The photo of the rapist was taken at a party organized by Dansk Flyktningehjælp, Danish Refugee Aid, according to a comment at Uriasposten

"Bemærk teksten ‘hvad weekenden byder på i Herning’… Fotoet er i øvrigt taget til en fest arrangeret af Dansk Flygtningehjælp…"

Anonymous said...

Chiu: "Plenty of people have reacted to the story of Aisha with the moral outrage that we would expect of anyone with a conscience."

Plenty of indigenous non-Muslim WESTERN people have moral outrage if those people are made aware of Aisha's 'marriage' to Mohammed.

Muslims have a palpable lack of moral outrage about Mohammed's 'marriage' to Aisha - except where Westerners would label Mohammed as the child pedophile that he was.

In truth, through the ages, plenty of Muslim people have emulated the conduct of Mohammed with Aisha - and his many other non-Muslim female sex slaves (aka war booty).

Plenty of other Muslim people excuse Mohammed's conduct as being a product of his time - which is a myth because Mohammed's request to 'marry' a six year old girl is described as shocking to Aisha's parents - a good indication that Mohammed's behavior was unusual for his time.

The irony is that Mohammed's perversion was unusual in his time, but Muslim people around the world have both consciously and consistently chosen to make child pedophile 'marriage' quite common - even temporary 'marriage' which is merely child prostitution.

Islam is real-life actual child pornography brought to life for the benefit of evil people.

Anonymous said...

the electorate inflicts this on itself by means of voting for establishment politicians - thats the problem

EscapeVelocity said...

Indeed anon. The problem is that Western Civilization is committing collective suicide, even though some Conservatives dont want to (racist xenophobic fascist filth).

Anonymous said...

I hope that this is not a start for Danish version of Finnish Enrichment Experience
1) 1993 raped 13-y girl at knifepoint
2) 1995 murdered 15-y girl with a knife
3) 2005 on a 3-hour unguarded leave from prison 4-y child sexually abused and assaulted

Totally Enriched

Anonymous said...

I think that I can heartily agree with Egghead (and I mean no disrespect in using that name) on the tendency of Muslims, particularly the more visible part of them, to be composed of those who feel enticed rather than outraged by the sexual perversions of child-rape and rapine against infidels generally. I do hold up my experience of discussing Islam with those who were appropriately ashamed of such things, but took them as a lesson in the humility that mankind must show before Allah. But the majority of Muslims will defend the morality of doing such things with violent denunciations of any who question that which they deem the teachings of Mohammad.

While it is certain that not all pederasts and rapists are attracted to Islam, nor are all Muslims pederasts and rapists, I believe a strong case can be made for considering devotion to the Quran as scripture a very significant warning sign that a person may entertain such fantasies. It ought to be considered the same as any other infamously pornographic work of that nature. It is true that there are certain literary and historic values served by not banning all such literature outright nor criminalizing possession of them where there is some notable purpose other than prurient interest to be served.

But those who insist on possessing and promulgating such materials must inevitably bear the burden of suspicion that naturally falls on them. The law ought not to touch them till their is proof of actual crime, but the same standard must not be applied to those who are under a responsibility to protect their loved ones from being victimized.

Chiu Chun-Ling.