Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The “Autonomous” Occupiers of Cologne

We’ve reported many times on the antifas, the violent “anti-fascist” groups that harass, heckle, stone, and beat up anyone who objects to mass immigration in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and other European countries.

These collections of anarchists, communists, and greens are also known as the “autonomous”. One such group has set up an “Autonomous Center” (autonomen Zentrum in German) in Cologne. It is very similar to an “Occupy Wall Street” camp, but has been in business since long before the OWS movement started.

The anti-Islamization group Pro-Köln is planning a demonstration against the “Autonomous Center” in Cologne this weekend. The Pro-Köln activists insist that the autonomous be evicted from their squat, and that the property be returned to lawful use. The Left is determined to stop Pro-Köln from marching.

Many thanks to JLH for this translation from Politically Incorrect:

“Pro” Demonstration Against “Autonomous Center” in Cologne

For about a year, leftist extremists have illegally occupied the former KHD employees’ cantina in Köln-Kalk. Night-long parties, trash, graffiti, vandalism, and petty crime make living unbearable for residents in all surrounding streets. In the so-called “autonomous center” itself, there is an accumulation of sexual attacks and other crimes.

For months, residents and conservatives from various parties have been up in arms about the aggressive extreme leftist occupation in Kalk, which is terrorizing a section of the city. Several times, the citizens’ movement Pro-Köln has demanded in municipal bodies that the property be closed and evacuated — thus far, in vain. Shortly before cleaning the property out, the police were called back by SPD mayor Jürgen Roters, so the mob rampages on — on the backs of Kalk residents. This does not seem to perturb the “people’s representatives” of the colorful cathedral city, since it is apparently the feeling here that not only representatives of alien cultures but also experience-oriented, local youths — seen in a culturally sensitive manner — must have a right to anti-democratic self-fulfillment. A politically correct hobby that one can happily support financially.

Pro-Köln is demanding the most expeditious closing and evacuation of the “autonomous center” and has announced a demonstration for Saturday, November 19. The protest procession begins at 11:00 a.m. on Kalker Hauptstrasse and passes by Kalk post office, where an interim rally will take place, then to Wiersbergstrasse. There the main demonstration will take place in front of the autonomous center. Thereafter, back to Kalker Hauptstrasse.

Among others, Taylor Rose of the conservative Tea Party movement, which also takes a hard line against criminality and leftist extremism in the USA, will also speak at the demonstration. Rose is active at this time as a university lecturer in Europe and will give a talk in German on the subject “Law and Order as it is in the USA.”

The leftist scene is calling for a total blockade of the section of the city on November 19 with the motto: “Kalk macht dicht” (Lime seals up). Beginning at 9:00 a.m., Kalker Hauptstrasse will be blockaded, to prevent the demonstration against the leftist autonomous center. The federation of German unions is playing a dubious role. The blog, Quotenqueen writes:

…On this coming Saturday in Köln-Kalk, there will be a demonstration against the political terror from the left, manifested even in municipal meetings, which radiates particularly from an occupied workplace (QQQ reported). Besides legitimate counter demonstrations, illegal blockade actions for the violent prevention of a legitimately announced gathering are being prepared.

Pro-Köln reports at a press conference:

The citizen demonstration of the Pro movement and residents against the leftist autonomous center in Köln-Kalk on Saturday, November 19 is conjuring up some shady characters on the opposing side. E-mail correspondence between the leftist party functionary Heiner Kockerberg and various left-leaning persons and groups in Cologne has come into the hands of Pro-Köln. Among others, the DGB (German Federation of Trade Unions) replied and agreed to participation of the DGB Youth in the counter demonstration with their own banner “Kalk macht dicht!”

This exchange is especially explosive because Heiner Kockerberg — a functionary of the leftist party presently being surveilled by the security service — also clearly indicates the connection of the legitimate counter demonstration with the planned illegal street blockade on Kalker Hauptstrasse.:

Kockerberg unmistakably informs all recipients of his e-mail “There are separate calls to the planned sit-in blockade and the demonstration, but there is a close organizational and political cooperation.”

So is the DGB Youth working directly or indirectly with the political criminals? A suspicion that should not be allowed to go unanswered.

This does not make the job of the police on Saturday any easier. It is a question of securing the right of assembly for all peaceful and announced demonstrators. Illegal street blockade and other militant disruptions must be stopped. Pro-Köln trusts the standards of the constitutional state and that the Cologne police will protect the great good of right of assembly for all properly announced participants. With this in mind, the mobilization of the citizens’ demonstration for the closing of the leftist autonomous center is working full out.

“No law-free space for leftist extremists! Not in Köln-Kalk or anywhere else!” Under this motto on Saturday beginning at 11:00 a.m., residents and members of the Pro movement will move over Kalker Hauptstrasse to the occupied former employee cantina in Wiersbergstrasse. No longer may justice give way to injustice!

Furthermore, an inquiry by Pro-Köln in the city council brought to light a shocking account of the leftist danger to Cologne: In just two years — 2009 and 2010 — exactly 290 leftist-extremist crimes were committed in the cathedral city. In 2009, 188 crimes were recorded in the city which were accounted as “leftist” motivated. This comes from the answer of the administration to the question from Pro-Köln at the meeting of the executive meeting on November 7. In addition to information about leftist criminal acts in Cologne in 2009 (188) and 2010 (102), Pro-Köln wanted to know ho many leftist crimes had occurred in 2008. According to the administration’s information, there were 154. So left extremists committed 444 crimes in only three years. Citizens of Cologne can only be amazed that this dangerous situation is either not noticed or denied by establishment politics.


Anonymous said...

What fascinates me about the Left is that it only needs to look at the Islamists' militant reaction to the Left in Afghanistan when the West stupidly assisted Islamists against the Soviet occupation.

Why will Islamists look at the Left in any kinder way now?

Just as well that we now have China to ensure that the Planet does not revert back to a religious totalitarianism.

The best that we can do in the West is leave China alone to do what it has to do to stop the Islamist Tide overwhelming the Planet.

Russia has still not forgiven us - just watch RTV and it's incessant anti-West propaganda.

If I was the parent of one of those Soviet soldiers who were mutilated by the Holy Warriors I would feel the same way about the West.

Juniper in the Desert said...

The malevolent spirits of the Baader Meinhof gang, Charles Manson and the Brigate Rosse have returned...

Green Infidel said...

Here are these clowns in action in Warsaw, Poland last Friday. They came from Germany for Poland's Independence Day - to block (and try to attack) a march in honour of the occasion.

And a comment which sums up the worldview of many (most?) of Antifa's members:

"Nation (no matter if the german, polish or chinese one) is an ugly and dangerous construct. Deal with it. And yes for sure it is right to spit on uniforms. Your everlasting problem (as nationalists) is that you leer at the nationality of the spitting people instead of looking at the questioned national symbols."

Yes, that's right - nations are dangerous things... let's instead have one, or three, nations in the World, 1984-style. And it's right and proper to spit at someone's uniform.

Make no mistake - these "antifascists" are not there to protect groups from Nazi attacks. Their goal is to label anyone they don't like as a "fascist" (including anyone in a uniform), and proceed to attack them 30-on-one with stones, batons and gas (all found in their leftist hideout in Warsaw last Friday). They are the Islamists' ultimate useful idiots in Europe.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Green Infidel.

Most Western leftists are now predisposed to be Useful Idiots for Islamists.