Saturday, November 19, 2011

Welcome, LGF Readers!

Well, this is a blast from the past — it’s been a good few years since we had a link from Little Green Footballs. Hi, everybody!

Fossil lizardUnfortunately, there don’t seem to be as many of you as there used to be — Charles doesn’t pack quite the punch he did three or four years ago, does he?

I almost didn’t spot the URL in our site meter referrals log. Times must be tough over there in Lizard Land.

There was no permalink at LGF, so all you visiting Lizardettes should read this post to see what your Lizard Master is referring to.

For our regular readers: Charles Johnson has mirrored Øyvind Strømmen’s response to the fisking he received here the other night.

If you don’t want to read the whole thing, you can get the gist from the subhead at LGF: “Anti-Muslim blogger Fjordman continues peddling fascism”.

That tells you all need to know.


Anonymous said...

There are no lizards anymore.

Just lemmings.

Jack of Shadows

Papa Whiskey said...

No lizard, he. More like Yertle the Turtle.

Robert L. said...

It's fascinating to me that Strømmen speaks of friends and enemies (viz., Baron is insufficiently "picky about choosing friends and allies"), when the subtext of Strømmen's whole argument is that only uninhibited immigration into Europe is consistent with friendship and non-bigotry.

Strømmen misunderstands the very reason why people organize themselves into polities in the first place. That is, they associate with each other to achieve the good and just things that they hold in common. His view implicitly denies the distinctive characteristic of humanity: that human beings can and do divide themselves into separate communities on the basis of their differing claims regarding the good and the just, which claims then provide the bases for rule in the respective communities.

Nation and citizenship are species of friendship.

From the foregoing, it's not too difficult to infer that Strømmen & Co. are espousing nothing short of rank nihilism, the consummation of which would necessarily entail some kind of world government.


Well, to repeat, any political community properly so called rests upon shared notions of right and wrong, good and bad. No matter the source of these notions (sharia, divine right of kings, natural rights, liberty interests, etc.), they are inculcated in the people by the law or regime. If they do not, there is no community as such, whether national or global. The community perpetuates itself by shaping the character of succeeding generations in accordance with the received form of rule. This implies that each community thinks itself superior to others, at least insofar as it considers its way of life the best for its people or the best simply. If it is a global community, then it thinks that it is superior to all the other partial or national communities that have ever existed or that could exist (this would be the "end of history" of Hegel, Marx, Kojeve, etc. Kojeve, incidentally, might well be thought of as the eminence grise of the European Union. Do a Google search of Kojeve and "universal homogenous state").

Now the reality is that the existence of borders, i.e., the existence of different political communities, reflects not so much mere arbitrariness (as per Strømmen and kindred spirits). Rather, it reflects the fact of human freedom. Human communities are unlike beehives, which are ruled the same way everywhere (i.e., under queen bees). We have different kinds of rule, and therefore different sovereign communities, because we are free to understand ourselves as obligated by different notions of the good and the just.

It is for this reason that the denial of the justification of borders -- and the protection of the particularity of the autochthonous culture which is epiphenomenal to shared notions of the good and just -- is ultimately a denial of freedom.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Little Green Footballs? Isn't that the blog dedicated to proving how a Great Person its blogmaster Charles Johnson is?

No wonder the audience is siphoning away.

Fröken Sverige said...

Dear Dymphna and Baron!

You've got mail!

All the best!


1389 said...


LGF is, for all intents and purposes, a failed and dwindling online cult.

There is an entire blog dedicated to making fun of LGF and to encouraging those who are still members to gather up the courage and the common sense to leave it.