Wednesday, November 16, 2011

*Still Sticky* New Comments Policy

This post up has been bumped again to make sure people see the new commenting policy. Newer posts from Tuesday are below. Please take special note of our Autumn Fundraiser.

From Fjordman:

I will never say a bad word about those who wish to remain anonymous when posting comments on the Internet. I have some experience in the matter and know very well what it can cost to write about Politically Incorrect subjects under your real name.

But please, pick some kind of name and stick to it. I don’t care if it is Canadian Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Gray Unicorn or Zeus. Just pick any random name you can think of and stick to it as much as possible when posting comments here. That way, it is possible to create something resembling an online conversation, which is very hard if you have “anonymous” vs. “anonymous” all the time.

Senator Jack S. PhogboundReaders have been complaining that Google/Blogger makes it difficult, if not impossible, for them to log in when they want to comment. Now that we are moderating comments, it occurred to me that there’s no reason not to allow “anonymous” comments, with no log-in required.

I’ve just set the comments so that log-ins are no longer necessary. For those who have been having trouble registering or logging in, try commenting anonymously. You may then sign your comment, or not, as you wish. Anonymous or otherwise, any comment that stays within our guidelines will be accepted.


Anonymous said...

I think this is an excellent idea. I've avoided entering comments more or less because I don't want to mess with signing up for an account, although the option is still there for those who want to establish identity. I suspect blog stories will receive quite a bit more in the way of comment traffic from now on.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Whereas I would prefer to sign openly any comment I make, the PC brigade have made free speech dangerous (legally & politiclly) and the Islamists have made it dangerous physically.

Until we rid ourselves of these problems, those of us with families will be happier being "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I agree with both Anonymouses.
Call me anything but Ishmael or my real name

Dymphna said...

I'm so glad we did this. Sorry it didn't come up sooner...I don't blame ppl for not wanting the hassle or the exposure. Only on the Left, the consenus media, is one allowed to speak freely.

It's an ill wind that blows no good. We never would've been at this point without that kiler smashing so many lives...

Anonymous said...

I've been unable to sign in for years!

Anonymous said...

never trusted Google, still don't.
almost as bad as faceache.
good move.

Anonymous said...

never quite trusted Google, still don't.
a good move on your part.

Anonymous said...

Thank you,
Not that I want to comment often, but at least we now can, echoing all the above sentiments, again Thanks

Anonymous said...

Very nice to know that this option is here. Finnish lurker.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you open up for anonymous comments. I've been reading your blog for years, but never posted a comment. Please keep up the good work. You are definitely one of the best blogs out there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I have for many years wanted to comment on your site, but only comment as Anonymous. I certainly do not trust Google. I really appreciate this.

Anonymous said...

I too have had a lot to say but haven't wanted to go through the performance of account openin. It's just a shame this platform calls everyone "Anonymous"! Good move, anyway. I'm sure you can look forward to a lot more contributions now. AF

Anonymous said...


I wondered who is "that killer who smashed so many lives", and then answered myself, the 'prophet Mohammed'.

But then I pondered who was his boss, and came up with Satan.

I love Gatesofvienna. God bless and keep you folks for your courage in speaking truth to leftist-jihadist power.

Anonymous said...

This is good news i have tried unsuccessfully before to log in.


Anonymous said...

Great idea baron , it will make it alot easier to comment . Sometimes i just have few minutes to spare , and give it up .

Ole Burde , Zikim Israel

Anonymous said...

Excellent News

No I am not 'anonymous' but I get sick of having to open an account.

Ivan Winters
Democratic Nationalist

Anonymous said...

Allow me to welcome those people who did not feel comfortable going through the login process. I love reading comments, especially those comments which disagree with my own. I appreciate everyone taking the trouble to engage in dialog.

Having said that, I also urge commenters to find themselves a pseudonym and create a typepad account name. The reason is that having a consistent handle (blog name) allows readers to put together a mental picture of you and your opinions. It facilitates an ongoing discussion.

If this prospect is daunting to some, perhaps we can have a more detailed instruction set. With computers, what seems obvious to some is an insurmountable barrier to others.

Anonymous said...

the PC brigade have made free speech dangerous (legally & politiclly) 11/12/2011 10:04 PM

I would like to add

The PC brigade have made free speech dangerous (legally & politically, & socially)

Salome said...

It's also possible to log on as 'Name/URL' with a pseudonym and no URL, so that you don't have unwanted people 'following' you on your Google or OpenID account.

Anonymous said...

This is a good move. I can't sign otherwise even though I have Google ID. Google won't let me sign in now except by diverting me first to a web page where it wants me to build a blog. Well, ef Google; I don't want to build a blog. And I think it's time to perceive that Google is not serving the forces of good. Remember the scene from 1984 with the two protagonists realizing their predicament and then the voice from the the wall confirming it?

"We are the dead."

"We are the dead."

"You are the dead."

2Hotel9 said...

I hate dealing with google/blogger, it refuses to allow me to login, and yes, I have gone through the whole contacting their tech support, wiped out my account and started over, etc, and it still does the same thing.

Have you guys considered Disqus? A lot of places I read at use it and it appears to work quite well. Or, as well as anything works on Algore's intratubes thingie.

Dymphna said...

@ Ronald B-

I have the same problem with Typepad. Sometimes i just don't comment because Typepad can't seem to hold onto my name and password; thus I have to register again each time.

Perhaps because we have a blog I've not run into any unusual problems with Blooger comments on other blogs. It does burp sometimes, so I always copy my comment and then look at it in preview just to be safe.

It is more problematic if I'm signed into my gmail account. Can't be signed into both google mail AND blogger. At least I can't. And it's obvious from the hoops I have to jump thru to comment as "dymphnagates" that either my cookies or Blogger would prefer by blog account.

Someone said "Faceache"?? Great name!

BTW, I think if a person began with his nick at the top of his comment, then ppl would get used to the person's online "character. As Ronald B. said:

having a consistent handle (blog name) allows readers to put together a mental picture of you and your opinions. It facilitates an ongoing discussion.

Indeed! So signing at the top AND the bottom would give you this option. You can be creative and not worry that anon won't take whatever nick you create -- another problem with registering.

BTW, I noticed back during Breivik that the creepy ppl had no problem in registering. It wasn't hard to spot them, though: if you clicked on the blank profile it would show that the registration was brand new, with the current month and a total of two views. Rummaging thru my clue bag whilst looking at their ugly words permitted me to come to find the most likely conclusion - i.e., they hadn't come for the cheez doodles or courteous dialogue.

Anonymous said...

At last, and thanks. Now we can speak freely and, by necessity, anonymously. But, that said, I am of a mind that with that freedom must come reasoned argument and a reasonable degree of courtesy. And, yes, I am also in personal agreement with Fjordman’s suggestion; please do pick a handle and be consistent with it, it will help us all and perhaps that way we may come to know each other and at the very least begin to understand what each of us, each in his or her own small way, is trying to contribute.

Regards, Seneca III.

oldguy said...

Good to be aboard.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm going to call myself Tonya Greipenweiner, since anonymous is already taken.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the new policy. -Evanston2

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea! ... I've been paranoid to log into my google account so I could comment. I have no problem standing up for my views, but if you put something on the internet, it will never fully disappear and I really don't want to be on anyone's radar...
Will comment actively now. Everyone going by "Anonymous" might be a bit awkward in the long run... I'm gonna call myself ... Hyperbole88 :)

Jewel said...

Have you ever thought about using a commenting service? I use Disqus, and I have found it to be superior to Blogger for just this reason. Plus, Disqus will transfer all of Blogger's comments and save them.

Nick said...

I've had a "Memcache" error message a few times when I've tried to comment using a Google account. It's a bit of a pain.

FlaviusJulius said...

So you guys don't use your real names? Why didn't I think of that?

Lawrence said...

I never had a problem using my Google login.

I have a specific Google account for the purpose of posting relatively anonymously in these kinds of blog discussions.

I don't know how anyone could track my Google account back to me given that I associate no personal information with that account.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have learned at least 2 lessons from Breivik:
1. you cannot win democratically.
2. you cannot win using terrorism as long as your enemies are in charge of the propaganda machine; Nelson Mandela only pulled it off because the propaganda machine was in his favor.

In practice, there are no differences between Breivik and Mandela.

Feli said...

One man stabbed to death and six others injured in Bilbao (BY AN IRANIAN MAN)

The incident broke out at around 9.45am on Zabalbide Street close to the entrance of the nearby metro station in Santutxu, when a (MUSLIM) man of less than thirty years of age and reported to have had a vacant look in his eyes began shouting and attacking passers-by with a knife, Bilbao’s Councillor for Security Tomás del Hierro informed EITB.

The assailant, a 31 year old Iranian, has been arrested and screaming "They killed my family and I will kill you all!" Before undertaking a knife to his victims.

Jewel said...

Geez, he must have been 'mentally ill' which is euphemistic for Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Finally, thanks!!!

I have often desired to comment but the reality is that which is not PC, even if it is against any form of violence or supremacism, is not PC ...

Anonymous said...

From 1 Anonymous to another, the differences between Breivik and Mandela are galactic.

The ANC caused less loss of life in 30 years than the Taliban does in one month.

They had a policy of not targeting civilians.

Other militant 'liberation' groups did but they began to disappear after the '94 democratic elections.

South Africans have removed Supremacism in the form of Racial Apartheid.

In the Religious Apartheid of Islamists, the Muslims are like the Whites were in Apartheid SA, Jews and Christians like the Coloureds and Indians in Apartheid SA, and the Rest of the Infidels would be like the downtrodden Blacks were in Apartheid SA.

The worst insult Racist Whites had for Blacks was the word "kafir".

Ironic, hey!?

Until the Palestinians learn from Mandela and the ANC they will never achieve what South Africans did.

Viva, Mandela, Viva!

anestos Canelidis said...

I have tried to leave comments in the past and could not but now I can.
Anestos Canelidis

YIH said...

I Don't care what you do with my
In fact, this will be me my last comment.
If the USA is unfit for you why are you still here?

Dymphna said...


Yes, I like what i've seen of Disqus. But inertia is's on the list of "gosh we should ________________...Fill in blank. Like clean out the blogroll. We even have a volunteer but it's finding the time to explain how to do it so it fits into the B's table for the BR.

I have bunches of "shoulds". So tell me offline if you would, how hard this was.

Not sure I understand what you're saying. You've put up a comment but,

(a) you don't care what we do with it and

(b)it will be your last one, anyway?

From which it follows to ask (c):

Then why comment at all?

As for the USA being unfit for anyone here, who said that? Could you point me to the source, pls?

Or do you subscribe to the left's view (used to be the right's view, but times change), of "love it or leave it"? IOW, no disagreement allowed?

Courteous argumentation is often a way to arrive at a new viewpoint, a melding of one's own former pov along with a synthesis provided by another commenter with new information.

We are involved project of some years' standing, a discussion of what is transpiring across the west, and how we can salvage what is good while changing what isn't working. That work is hardly a motive for leaving.

As you're obviously leaving our comments section for all time, via con Dios and all...

NB: Has anyone noticed that the new anon sign-in allows lots of ppl flouncing out like YIH appears to have done? I'll bet that's satisfying for some, hmm? Too bad they can't make blogger leave noises of doors slamming in the background.