Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Drunkard, a Cross, and a Crash

Our Bulgarian correspondent RR sends this brief article from the Arab Times about a drunken Muslim’s outrage over a publicly displayed cross:

‘…It is haraam’: Police have arrested an unidentified person for driving under the influence of alcohol for deliberately crashing into the vehicle of a Kuwaiti man, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

The incident happened when the drunkard was driving along the coastal road in Mangaf. The suspect reportedly saw the logo of a foreign football club on the vehicle of the Kuwaiti and just because the logo includes a cross, the suspect took objection and chased the Kuwaiti.

The suspect reportedly told the Kuwaiti it is ‘haraam’ to place a cross on his car, collided with his vehicle and escaped.

RR comments:
So a driver (his nationality is not disclosed) became angry upon seeing the logo of Barcelona (containing a cross) on another person’s car, to the extent of chasing the car with the cross and crashing into it. Knowing the traffic in that country, such a crash was definitely risky.

Interestingly, the action is ascribed to a “drunkard” which seems strange, as such a fervent Muslim enemy of the Cross is hardly expected to drink alcohol. Maybe this is done to disclaim responsibility.

No wonder they murdered the 17-year-old in Egypt when they found a cross on him.


alcade said...

I've no doubt the Muslim advocacy organizations are busily engaged (as we speak) in issuing press releases denouncing this man's act of intolerance.