Monday, November 28, 2011

A Message from Fjordman

People have been inquiring about the success of Fjordman’s recent fund-raising effort, and he sends this FAQ to answer some of their questions about the Fjordman Relocation Fund.

A message to all readers and donors to the relocation fund

1.Yes, I have a bank account and I put all the donations there. Obviously I don’t want to publish my bank account number on the Internet.
2.Yes, I do get the money you donate to me via Vlad Tepes’ PayPal account. Just be sure to mark it “for Fjordman” so Vlad will know to set it aside for me.
3.Yes, People have been most generous. I am grateful for that.
4.Yes, I have been acknowledging your gifts. Due to the turmoil in my life, it will take time to get through all of them but all donors with a working email address will receive a response from me.
5.The primary goal of this fund drive was to find a safer place to live, thus the title for my fundraiser. Due to my donors’ generosity, I was able to cover the expenses associated with moving out of my old flat in Oslo. From there, I went to a safe location elsewhere.
6.Another expense has been legal costs. I never thought I’d receive enough funding to begin to pay for those. I hope people don’t mind that some of their gifts were allocated for this. Yes, I will have to deal with most of the legal costs later, but all of you have given me a good start.
7.Yes, I have been investigated and finally let go by the police. Technically I am only a “witness”, though what I was supposed to have witnessed is still a mystery. However this “witness” status entitled me to having my apartment ransacked and my computer equipment and personal belongings confiscated by the police. Ironically, had I actually been charged with something, I would’ve had the right to legal counsel. But since they simply “investigated” me without ever giving me a reason, I now have to pay all the legal expenses myself.
8.The reason for legal representation was the police investigation. Had my lawyer not been present, the police dealings with me might have been worse. Even my lawyer was taken aback at how I was treated in his presence.
9.The latest police information is that I have been “checked out” from the Breivik case. As I tried to tell them in the beginning, the police didn’t find anything to tie me to Breivik because there was nothing to find in the first place. I even got my socks back, after 100 days in captivity.

— Fjordman


Anonymous said...

Glad they let your socks go ... that must have been traumatic!

But maybe the socks have learnt their lesson and will now become the Western Useful Idiot Socks that they are meant to be.

This means being in denial of any of the human right abuses by the Side that is in Political Vogue even if the atrocities outnumber those committed by the Side that is Not in Political Vogue by a Few Billion Galaxies to None.

Please make sure that when your socks go and camp out during Occupy Oslo that they have some rabid Islamist in Disguise there as well teaching them the Great Democratic Example set in Tahrir Square in the Arab Spring as coined by Robert of Arabia.

By the way when they have Palestine back can we please get your socks to ask for Constantinople back ... any chance?

Maybe if they really ask nicely, you know, be nice to people and they will be nice back, God Allowing, as I believe he is oft forgiving and merciful?

I also have some chums who would like to get what is now Indonesia returned to the Buddhists and Hindus.

Also, since they are asking there are those Big Buddhas in Afghanistan somewhere that were built in those rocks before The Prophet reached Puberty?

Sol Ta Triane said...

Mr. Jensen,

Re: 8. I'm sorry to hear of your treatment a while back. I wonder what you thought of Dymphna's article, the one where she suggested that it's foolish to talk directly to the police? She linked to a lecture on the topic.

It seems like one should be able to speak freely based on innocence and impetus to help, and yet we may be doing ourselves great harm. Do you think you would have let your attorney do the talking if you had to do it over again?

babs said...

Dear fjordman,
I have read everything you have posted at GOV over the last 5 yrs at least.
The idea in a western free society is that anyone can express their ideas. I'm sure you (and your socks) know that.
While I did not take much interest in your articles about the etemology of beer, I support your right to publish them
In fact, I strongly support your rights.
Please know that I stand beside you and I want to hear what you have to say.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

What! They let your socks go! Shame on them! Don't they know that witches have been hanged for the havoc they wrought from merely pulling off their stockings!

(We have this on the certain authority of no less than Mark Twain, in "The Prince and the Pauper.")

Anonymous said...

I imagine that more witches have been hanged for the havoc they wrought by not pulling off their stockings (or other articles of clothing).

Certainly, it was wise to avoid being alone with the police. I might have had a different outcome myself had I provided better to have witnesses available to my own situation...though I'm not certain what I could have actually done given how things turned out. Unfortunately, my current circumstances admit of little more than well wishes.

Not talking to the police at all is difficult unless you have a large community willing to outbid them in violence to deter their intrusions. But by their actions they will soon enough create more of those than already exist. Whether any of them will be a good place for those defending the values of Western Civilization is another question altogether. One that I hope may be swayed by articulating those values clearly in contrast to the ideals of the various enemies gathered in combination against the West.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Anonymous said...

Did you not go the police yourself? Did you expect the police to just belive you when you said you had nothing to do with Breivik? In stead of complaining about the police being thorough, should you not be happy that you have been checked out of the case? You say a lot of smart things, but in this matter I am a bit confused? Its Breivik, not the police, who draged you into this is it not?

Anonymous said...

The police are the ones that decided Fjordman was a person of interest. Or that was decided higher up, it is more than possible that Breivik is an actual 'project' of some agency within the government. I personally don't see much use in pursuing that line of thought, but it would be foolish to deny the evidence that's beginning to suggest it.

Anonymous said...

No, it would be foolish to think Breivik is some sort of agent. Yes, Fjordman was a person of interest to the police, because of what Breivik said i the manifest, not because the police didnt like him. Once again, blame Breivik, not the police.

Anonymous said...

Breivik (putatively) mentioned lots of people in "his" manifest. That of them, Fjordman was selected as a "person of interest" and then treated in the manner he was is entirely the responsibility of the police.

I hold Breivik fully accountable for his own actions, and the police fully accountable for theirs. This is a logically consistent position, no matter how much you happen to dislike the idea of people in general being accountable for their own actions rather than the actions of anyone else.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how Fjordman has been mistreated. The police had to check him out after what Breivik did and after what he said in his manifest. Fjordman himself went to the police and asked to be checked out. The police followed police prosedure, and Fjordman was checked out. What has been done wrong?

Anonymous said...

Um...the detainment, ransacking, and general asshattery, perhaps?

These were in no way necessitated by "procedure" towards a cooperative witness. If they were, nobody would ever bother cooperating with the police rather than forcing the issuance of a warrant for their arrest, on which the police would be more restrained in their pursuit by legal mechanisms to defend the rights of the accused.

I personally will never cooperate with the police again, as a result of how they treated me (attempt to murder me once, shame on you, attempt to murder me twice, I'll be ready for you).

Chiu Chun-Ling.