Saturday, November 19, 2011

While Big Media Snoozes

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Autumn Fundraiser 2011, Day

A note to readers: Dymphna has been under the weather for the last few days, which is why she hasn’t written any recent posts for this fundraiser. Normally we take turns, but she isn’t able to get to the computer right now. That’s also why some of you have been getting thank-you notes from me rather than her — she loves to write notes to people, but she can’t. You can tell how unwell she is when she can’t write the thank-yous.

For those who have been emailing her: I’m collecting your emails to her, and she’ll read and answer them when she’s feeling better. Hopefully later today.

We’re up to W now, and this morning’s testimonial comes from Diana West. Regular readers have seen her words (and occasional videos) here at Gates of Vienna.

I used to read Diana’s columns long before we started this blog, long before the blogosphere, before we even had the internet. I first encountered her syndicated column in The Washington Times, and it became one of my favorites. Later, when I learned my way around the Internet, I read it in the Jewish World Review. It was my good fortune to meet Diana a few years ago in Washington D.C., and we have stayed in touch ever since.

Diana is one of those rare Americans who grasps what’s happening in Europe. When most Counterjihad-minded Americans become aware of the situation in Eurabia, they typically react by saying with cold certainty, “Europe is lost.”

You, the few, the readers of this blog, know that this statement is untrue. Millions of Europeans have woken up to the threat posed to their nations by Islam, and are ready to support real change in their governments’ policies. They are constrained by the oppressive restrictions imposed on them by the EU and its member states, and are frustrated by the limited options available to them at the polling booth, but they are aware of the nature of the problem.

Most Americans, however, even if they are alert to the danger of Islamization, do not realize that their government has already been subverted. They are not aware of the infiltration of the White House, the Pentagon, the Congress, and the federal bureaucracy by the agents of the Muslim Brotherhood. Federal, state, and local governments have been corrupted at all levels by Islamic petrodollars. Yet, because the U.S. military is fighting “extremists” overseas, the average American believes that his country is on a different track from Europe.

Europe is being Islamized from the bottom up, with the support of its political leaders. The United States is being Islamized from the top down by its political leaders. Our ruling class has already been suborned. It’s bought and paid for.

Americans support their armed forces, even when those same armed forces enforce the interests of Islamic supremacism, as they so recently did in Libya. Most Americans do not understand that their military has been compromised by Islam at the highest levels of command.

But Diana West does. She is one of the lonely few here in the USA who speak the truth of what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. And she’s also a friend to the European Counterjihad.

I’ll get down off my soapbox now, and turn the podium over to Diana herself:

Big Media may operate 24/7, but it informs us citizens less and less.

Diana WestRemarkably, Gates of Vienna, a David-sized blog, is able to step into this dangerous news breach and do a Goliath-sized job: report on, feature commentary on, and, most important, translate foreign-language reports on the transformative events of our times, while Big Media snoozes.

For news of both the jihad and, more important, the counter-jihad, Gates of Vienna is indispensable reading.

Thank you, Diana. And a big thank you to our readers, who have given so generously over the last few days to keep this blog in operation.

More specifically, yesterday’s donors checked in from the following locales:

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That’s it for the moment. I need to catch some shuteye. Later.

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Pierre_Picaud said...

All is not lost in Europe. Maybe in 20 years or so. But not now.

As long as there are still more of us than there are of them: all is not lost.

Sagunto said...

P_P -

You got that right!

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

p.s.: Dymphna, hope you get well soon. Take care, and all the best from us here.

Jewel Atkins said...

Get well, Dymphna. Glad to see Diana West cheering you on. Good on her!

Dymphna said...

Thanks everyone.

BTW, Diana West stands courageously alone, or almost alone, in her trenchant criticism of the ways in which the 'wars' in Afghanistan and Iraq have not been waged with any efficacy. Imagine a medal for NOT fighting. Sheesh. Right at the level of "you can't make this stuff up".

Her take on Gen'l Petraeus is particularly well done.

Wish we had HER at the top. Now that Petraeus is a real Washington insider with his new appointment, we'll be another generation getting to the ugly truths of this mess.

We have an expert military, but our chiefs of staff in "The Building" (as Boyd called the Pentagon) is a whole 'nother story.

I wonder what morale is like...given our hollowed out economy, I can see those who have got ten years in the service looking out at civilian life with dismay. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place.

Dymphna said...

@ P_P --

I want you to be right about those numbers but unfortunately in this case it's not so.

When an aggressive minority in ANY place refuses to respect the rule of law, thumbs its nose at the idea of integration (we WILL accomodate them or live to regret it).

Especially when the ruling class backs them up and refuses to support ordinary citizens, things begin to cave in.

A microcosm of this reality is the way municipalities have been doormats for the "Occupy" phenomenon. They have been permitted -- even encouraged by ppl like our President -- to wreak havoc and mayhem and to make regular life quite difficult for those who must get by them to get to their businesses. The city authorities sit around doing nothing while huge bills pile up for overtime police services, trash removal, etc. The public health authorities do nothing. I'm sure they'd tell you their hands are tied even with new TB outbreaks and severe STD caes.

It's all the same phenomenon: a lack of will at the top.

Here in the US, at least where Islam is concerned, it's a top down situation with no collusion except among the unions, et al. In Europe, it seems to be a bottom-up spread, but it could not have happened without the laxity of those in charge. So maybe it's the same.

However, pls don't think that as long as you "outnumber" your adversary that you're safe. Too many are ready to cave at the slightest frown that somehow they might be "fascist" if they complain. Thus, until the natives will stand up and say ENOUGH long and loud -- to the offenders & to those who brought them in -- nothing will change.

Geert Wilders stands almost alone. Who has Marine LePen's back?...we could go over the list of countries and it would be sad roll call. We've all been trained to be 'sensitive' and 'fair', etc.

Tell me how to change the prevailing wisdom so that it sails nearer the truth...

Anonymous said...

I think that the important thing is to find out what you are positively for rather than worry about what you're against. Neither Islam nor Marxism nor anarchists should be the focus of those seeking to advocate and defend the principles of freedom.

It is important to understand the enemy, true. But before you can begin to understand what you're up against you have to know why you're against it...and that means knowing yourself, your values and exactly what it is that you're defending.

And when you can clearly espouse that, you don't need to worry about those who won't stand with you. If you're clear about what you stand for and they don't stand with you because they're afraid to stand up against anything, then that's their problem, not yours. You've given then the chance to be on the right side.

And I do believe that respect for the dignity and moral importance of the individual is the right side, and will ultimately prevail against any odds whatsoever. Totalitarianism ultimately cannot help but fail because it goes against the fundamental nature of humanity. No matter how long and bloody the struggle, the victories have always gone to those willing to recognize and respect the inherent moral autonomy of humans over their own choices and destiny.

It's not like I'm on the side of freedom because I'm a good guy or anything like that, I just decline to make a fool of myself by picking the sick horse in this race.

Chiu Chun-Ling.