Friday, November 18, 2011

Preserving the Beacon

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Autumn Fundraiser 2011, Day Five

As mentioned previously, the theme of this week’s fundraiser is “Community”.

All week Dymphna and have been leveraging our own community of frequent contributors and fellow-travelers to provide a testimonial for each day’s post. We’re proceeding in alphabetical order, beginning with Norm Berdichevsky on Tuesday, then Fjordman on Wednesday, and Elisabeth yesterday.

Tip jarToday it’s the turn of Takuan Seiyo. Regular readers know Takuan from his many contributions at The Brussels Journal, VDARE, here, and elsewhere. If you’re not familiar with his writings, scroll down our sidebar and take a look at some of the articles listed there.

Given the positions he takes on the most controversial subjects, it’s no surprise that he has to take a lot of heat for what he writes. His uncompromising stance on Multiculturalism and the heedless destruction of Western society is not for the fainthearted. His essays dispel the illusion that we can just keep doing what we’ve been doing, that we somehow can muddle through. Business as usual will not repair the damage that has been done over the last seventy years or so by what he calls the “Snatchers”.

Don’t know what the “Snatchers” are? How about the “Pod People”? No? Read his posts!

Takuan Seiyo sends this note to our readers:

The Beacon at the Gates of Vienna

Even among the good ones, there are those who talk the talk and those who walk the walk. In this age of pillage and depravity, the latter are very few. When it comes to alerting Western peoples to the catastrophic course on which their UIFI (Useful-Idiots-for-Islam) leaders have taken them, you can count them on your fingers, though there are roughly 1,200 million Westerners. Moreover, of those few, the majority have a narrow lens: American, Catholic, Jewish, Security-oriented etc. Gates of Vienna is unique in seeing and synthesizing the larger picture, as though it looked down from the Kahlenberg hill and lit a bonfire for all to see and draw strength from, just as it happened on the night of September 12, 1683.

Siege of Vienna

Except now, the West is in chaotic retreat, and doesn’t even know it. Few notice the bonfire. While the Loon and Crook un-Sobieskis at the top pursue only their own psychotic schemes of power, riches and limitless hubris, the would-be foot soldiers at the bottom are too busy dousing their brains with Penn State, UEFA Cup, Kim’s cleavage and Jay-Z’s latest hit.

It takes fresh timbers to keep stoking the hope-renewing bonfire. The middle-aged couple that tends to it at the Gates of Vienna does it with its own limited means, necessarily forsaking more mundane — but paying — pursuits that would stoke its own kitchen fire instead of the one built for all of us, on Kahlenberg.

Please think of your and your people’s probable path after this bonfire at the Gates of Vienna is extinguished too, for lack of material sustenance. Help to preserve this rare beacon in the enveloping dark.

Thank you, Takuan Seiyo; you are too kind. And you have helped make this site what it is.

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Yesterday’s contributors came from these far-flung places:

Stateside: California, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Virginia

Far Abroad: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and the UK

Many thanks to all who have given. These are hard times, and grievous times. Your generosity continues to amaze and gratify us.

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Anonymous said...

Magnificent observations by Takuan Seiyo!

And an excellent acronym, UIFI.

Indeed, Useful Idiots For Islam.