Saturday, July 17, 2010

We Are Inspiration

Below is the speech that would have been given in Dudley today by EDL leader Guramit Singh if he and other leaders had not been prevented by the police from attending the demo:

We Are Inspiration
By Guramit Singh

Last time we demonstrated in Dudley I was inspired more than I’ve ever been since I first joined the EDL.

EDL Dudley rooftopWhen that angel from Russia stood on this stage and addressed us, I was in awe — never in my life have I seen such courage in a person so young, and while she was giving her speech I was thinking to myself, “How in hell can anyone treat women as Islam treats them? They promote the suppression of women, child marriage, the procedure of FGM, just to name a few of their barbaric codes of conduct. You have issues like these in your communities, yet you chose to ignore them, and expect us to agree with the building of more mosques…?”

Well, it ain’t happening, not on my watch! No more mosques!

In wars between Sikhs and the mogul Muslims our women used to stand side by side with us in battle. Guru Nanak once said “from women kings are born”.

So on this day, the 17th of July 2010, in Dudley, we the English Defence League will pledge in front of the world that we will never surrender till this kind of suppression of women is over. We will honour, love, and die for our women, because they will bear the future kings of the EDL.

English Defence League: put your hands together for the women who stand by our side, the EDL Angels!

For they are our inspiration.

Another event that inspired me, which also happened in Dudley, was when Kevin peacefully put a pig’s head on the mosque. Unfortunately, because Kevin was so keen on not breaking the law, he decided not to wear a balaclava, and the CCTV spotted him. He’s now serving his sentence and has our full support.

Another event that I will never forget was the rooftop protest carried out by two brave hearts of the EDL, Leon and Snowy. They now face charges of burglary and racial hatred; they were dragged down after members of the Muslim community threatened the police with inciting a riot.

Isn’t that illegal? why would a burglar take thousands of pounds worth of equipment into a derelict building? and how is waving a flag of Israel “inciting religious hatred”? Only because it offends Muslims, a classic case of the government appeasing Islam again. They refuse to stand up to militant Islam because they’re scared of being called racists.

Well, Mr. Jihadist, we don’t care! Call us racists, because we know you are the racists. We fight against a fascist, racist ideology, and we will wave our flags of Israel until your minions are driven into the sea.
- - - - - - - - -
Dudley, put your hands together for Leon, Snowy and Kevin the Dudley Three, for they are our inspiration.

You, my brothers and sisters, are our inspiration. For far too long have our country’s cries gone unheard. For far too long people have not known of this silent threat to mankind as we know it.

We are all leaders — we are not average members of society. The blood that runs through our veins is of EDL DNA. We will let the world know the truth: militant Muslims stand on the same streets in this country we once wiped up our own people’s blood, due to their murdering in the name of their religion. They hold placards that say, ‘Those who insult the prophet Mohammed are to be beheaded.’ In the 21st century they still behead innocent people in Mohammed’s name.

They bow down to a man who at the age 54 married his foster brother’s daughter Aisha, who was 6. He then consummated the marriage when she was 9, making him 57, and yet they still want to rule a world in his name, and through his teachings If that’s the case, the prophet Mohammed can kiss my arse! He is subject to criticism; do not be afraid of exercising your freedom of speech, because now more than ever its needed.

At every demo you inspire. Even when faced with threats of violence to myself I will always stand firm. The Muslims cannot scare us. We will not be moved; we are brave hearts, lions; we will stand at the highest peak on this planet with a flag in one hand and a clenched fist in the other while a tear runs down our cheek, and we will scream “EDL!” and hear your hearts tremble.

In the Islamic proverb the mountain came to Mohammed. Well Mr. Jihadist, the mountain is on the way and it carries the army of the English Defence League.


Unknown said...

He must be pleased that the EDL then went out to smash every window in the Dudley Sikh Community Centre and attack at least one Sikh driver.

Van Grungy said...

Who is gnasheruk?

Why is it such a douche?

I say put the pictures back up because 'fair comment' allows anybody to print the pictures as part of a bigger story...

By attributing and linking you have done what you are supposed to do legally...

If I am wrong, please correct me..

Baron Bodissey said...

Van Grungy --

You're on the wrong comment thread.

But anyway, gnasheruk probably has the law on his side. I'm not entirely sure, but if he can prove ownership of the photos, and complains to Blogger, he can probably have this blog shut down.

So, being vulnerable to such actions, I tend to respect all copyright assertions and take contested items down promptly.

Van Grungy said...

gosh darn it all to heck.