Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/22/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/22/2010After weeks of insisting that Geert Wilders’ PVV would never participate in a coalition government, Dutch political leaders have changed their minds. Even Labour agrees that a VVD-PVV-CDA coalition may be in the cards.

It can’t come too soon, because the dhimmification of the Netherlands is proceeding rapidly: a hospital removed three paintings from its walls because they included depiction of pigs. It chose to take action after a single person — a non-Muslim — complained, saying that Muslims might become offended.

In other news, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the Climate Bill — a.k.a. “Cap and Trade” is out of the picture before the midterm elections. He has counted the votes, and the Democrats don’t have the sixty necessary to end a filibuster.

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Zenster said...

Newt Gingrich: Proposed Ground Zero Mosque is Religious “Double Standard”

There should be no mosque near Ground Zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia.

Where was this sort of language almost TEN YEARS AGO? Newt is trying to act all presidential and this is just part of the show.

For instance, what in Hell was Gingrich doing parading around with Louis Farrakhan pal Al Sharpton? If this is what Newt thinks will widen his support base, we need to look elsewhere for candidate material.

Preferrably in the direction of Alan West!

Zenster said...

… Democrat Andrew Cuomo, who has defended the right of the mosque to exist under religious freedom.

That's right. Go ahead and extend religious freedom to a group for whom religious freedom does not exist.

That odd stacatto sound that you hear in the background is Cuomo's teeth chattering as his brain attempts to reconcile near-psychotic levels of cognitive dissonance.

Zenster said...

Swedish Women Vote to Keep Their Tops On

Swedes, long famous round the world for their relaxed attitude to nudity, are now some of Europe’s biggest prudes, according to a new survey.

Maybe Swedish women are beginning to connect the dots and realize that parading around half-naked is a great way to end up getting gang raped by any number of cultural enrichers who's importation they so enthusiastically supported.

Zenster said...

Two Muslim Women Marched Out of Swimming Pool in French Holiday Village Because They Were Wearing Burkinis

Police were then called to the drama on Wednesday after the husband of one of the women threatened the pool’s lifeguard with a bowling ball.

All that awaits is for the authorities to pin a one-strike charge on the husband for making physical threats against the lifeguard.

Zenster said...

Gaza: Armed Forces Commit to Reduce Civil Victims

So, can we take this to mean that Hamas will not be throwing quite so many people off of high rise rooftops? Or will they just make their victims sign backdated Fatah recruitment papers before giving them the heave ho?

Zenster said...

Four Iranian Deputies in Gaza Next Tuesday

After a bloody blitz carried out by Israeli special forces on May 31 against a flotilla that was sailing towards Gaza and resulted in a total of nine deaths, Iran’s Red Crescent stated that it would send two vessels towards Palestinian territory to challenge Israel’s blockade. But to date the initiative still has to be implemented, with the Red Crescent even blaming Egypt for denying the units passage through the Suez canal. [emphasis added]

Ah yes, notice how these jihadists trumpet so loudly about their intent to challenge the Zionists at each turn and then, every bit as quickly, start finding excuses to avoid taking on the IDF who would just as soon kill them as step on another cockroach.

As always, the Lions of Islam™ are long on talk but short on action. Or, as they say in the Middle East: