Monday, July 19, 2010

Policing Their Own

In my post earlier tonight I reported that Muslims inhabitants of a sharia enclave in Nørrebro in Copenhagen are effectively acting as police in what they consider their own territory. Now it appears that the German authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia have made the policy official: they are sending uniformed Turkish police into their own sharia enclaves to try to maintain order.

The following article was posted today at Politically Incorrect. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

North Rhine-Westphalia: Turkish Police in “Problem” Districts

Turkish police

Because problems that have “immigrated” are not being taken care of any other way, Turkish police in their own uniforms will be deployed in “problem districts” of NRW. Why not just hand over our police to Turkey? In business, it’s called “outsourcing.” It’s great, saves money.

Die Welt reports:

The German police union intends to send Turkish police into so-called “problem districts” in North Rhine-Westphalia. They are supposed to deal with ethnic Turkish youths.

“This cannot go on,” said the provincial head of the union, Erich Rettinghaus, in Duisburg. “Maybe that will be an effective technique. We should give it a try.” The Turks in their own uniforms are to go on patrol with their NRW colleagues.
- - - - - - - - -
“The new NRW interior minister is from Duisburg. He knows the problems,” said Rettinghaus. He said that it was no secret, there were conflicts with youths with a “migration background” in certain parts of the city. He did not want his suggestion to be taken in any way as a capitulation or an admission of failure by the German police.

The experiment would be scientifically accompanied, the union chief suggested. As an example, he mentioned the German-Netherlands police patrols. Understanding and integration must not shatter at the EU border.

Let us hope that the “de-escalation attempts” of the Turkish police (see photo) do not stop at the border.


EscapeVelocity said...

Why not just declare the area Turkish territory, and officially cede power to the real authority there?

Zenster said...

Letting the fox guard the hen house. Another one of those time-tested winning strategies.

ole said...

It is far too late to be sentimental about the creation of the muslim-only ghettos .
Instaed we must ask ourselves what represents the worst case scenario , because this IS probably the start of a war , and in war when you're outnumbered, the worst case scenario is what have to be delt with first.
Does anybody still imagine that Islaam would just go away or become "nice" without the Ghetto ?
Much better to let the ghetto become a sore festuring WOUND in society , one that might eventualy lead to another "kosovo" (=amputation ),but this is NOT the worst case scenario . The worst case is EUROPE as a whole becoming internaly dominated by Islaam.

Kairos said...

Escape Velocity: I live in this land that you want to declare as "turkish territory." There are many people here who do not understand what really happens and just suffer from the problems the immigrants bring with them. Our gouverment and the media try to hide the truth and blind the people, but more and more of them are waking up.

Many of the children that I teach, especially the Turkish, want to go to the police. It is a fair chance for some who probably won´t get another job. Some of them dream to go to Turkey later and to be a part of the army there.

The demonic side of this war is that good young people become instruments of the Turkish gouverment and the international jihad.

We never will "integrate" them and make them Germans, because we have nothing to offer what proud people could like about Germany (thanks to our allies who did forbit us all this so that we do not wage a third world war). The Turkish are proud people, they are proud - and they do not like to see above their fences.

@ ole: A kosovo- scenario is (in 5-10 years) really probable in NRW. But as you say all European countries deal with the same problem. Worst case for me is the outbreak of a civil war - and our gouverments save the enemies and fight against us. This is more likely than you might imagine.

First white Europe has to step out of the pit of self- hatred and self- pity, than the liberal ideology has to be banned, than we can deal with islam.

So far I see not much hope.

@ Baron B: If you need people who translate German texts into english you can count on me.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces


Asset strip and outsource how to destroy the West in two easy moves, the “Big Society” of Cameronism.

Unknown said...

this is merely a proposal made by a police union and is in no sense official, nor can I imagine any german government admitting failure to that extent.
But who knows, we live in interesting times ....

ole said...

@ Kairos
I do not think anymore that the worst case scenario is the outbreak of civil war . A much worse case exists in the possibility of creeping islamisation without ever reaching any "breaking point" violent enough to cause the necesary changes . It seems likely that getto-violence , when boiling out to the surrounding arreas , will cause the breaking point by confronting midlleclas-suburbia on a PERSONAL LEVEL whith the monster they have created...

Jack said...

@ Escape Velocity

I am sorry but that is one of the stupidest things i have heard in a long time.

That so called "Turkish Territory" is territory that countless generations of ethnic Europeans have fought and died for in defence.

Bu simply declaring it a turkish territory, we are pretty much saying, yeah we surrender, its all yours heres the keys.

Have we lost all sense of patriotism ? i am damn proud of my country you should be damn proud to live in Britian. Netherlands etc etc

Homophobic Horse said...

Well what do we do Jack? The whole structure of international politics empowers, enables, and protects Turkish/Muslim aggression.

What do we have? Nothing. We're the soft target, victimising us has no consequences or repercussions.

To put it another way: Kill, kill, kill the Boer. It doesn't matter; you can hack at the jugular of your own country with impunity; it's alright so long as the immediate victim is whitey. This can become just another part of normal life.

EscapeVelocity said...

Jack, if you are going to have Turkish Nationals police your country, province, town, county, parish, etc....then you might as well sign it over, because in reality, you have already ceded control over it to the Turks.

Zenster said...

EscapeVelocity: Jack, if you are going to have Turkish Nationals police your country, province, town, county, parish, etc....then you might as well sign it over, because in reality, you have already ceded control over it to the Turks.

Worth repeating. Anyone who doubts this should reflect upon whether, in all of Islam's history, there has ever been a single case of successful power-sharing with Muslims.


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