Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The News from Norway

The Flag of the Norwegian Ummah

Norway made jihad-related news twice last week, first with the torching of an asylum center — populated mainly by illegal Muslim immigrants — and secondly with the arrest of three suspected Al Qaeda terrorists.

Our Norwegian correspondent Zylark has compiled a report about the week’s events:

It’s been a busy week with regards to Islam and Norway.

On Tuesday we got the news that there were violent riots in two open deportation waiting accommodation camps for illegal immigrants. That is, two publicly-financed and open camps for people whose asylum applications have been rejected, where they have a roof over their heads, receive food, and even get a weekly allowance whilst awaiting voluntary or forced return to their country of origin.

It beats living on the street, one would think. But these, of course, are fake asylum seekers, whose applications have been rejected, mostly due to the uncertainty of their identity, if it is not in fact known to be fake.

They do have some complaints, but generally it boils down to them not wanting to divulge who they are and their countries of origin, because without knowing such details, Norwegian authorities can’t send them out of the country back to where they come from. These people seem to think that if only they can stay in Norway long enough, legal or not, they will eventually be granted a permanent stay of residence here in Norway.

Of course these people can’t function in Norway outside of crime whilst in this self-made limbo. They can’t establish something as basic as a bank account. Much less get a proper job or apartment. All these things require a Personal Number, equivalent to the US Social Security number. So they have essentially three choices:

1. Say where they are really from, who they really are, and get sent back on the first available flight.
2. Keep mum, keep quiet, keep illegal, and stay underground doing whatever crime will finance their stay.
3. Keep mum, keep quiet, but stay in the voluntary open deportation waiting accommodation camps. Where they have a roof over their heads, get fed, and even get an allowance.

Some of those who chose option 3 were not all that pleased that indeed their situation is not about to change for the better anytime soon. In short, they won’t be granted residency. Apparently part of their grievance was that the food was not halal enough for them, even though the menu has been made public, and there is not a ham in sight.

Not to mention complaints about the lack of things to do, apart from sleep, eat, watch TV and talk amongst themselves. And yes, some of these fake asylum seekers have been in a state of limbo for quite some time, but whose fault is that? Choose option 1, and within a reasonable time, a week to a couple of months, I am sure Mr. Asylum Seeker would be back in whatever village or town he came from.

So… On Wednesday, in one of the two camps, some residents decided that enough was enough. Our generosity was severely lacking. So they decided to torch the place. They issued an ultimatum: either they would be moved to better accommodations by midnight, or “something” would happen. At midnight something did happen: three barracks were torched. Burned to the ground.

Strangely enough, almost all the inhabitants had packed their baggage, and evacuation was a breeze.
- - - - - - - - -
The police arrested 23 of the main suspects. Ironically, some of them might just get what they wanted, better accommodations and a longer stay in Norway, courtesy of our criminal justice system. Jails in Norway are not what I think these people find entirely objectionable. They were designed in accordance with the Norwegian mindset that restriction of freedom is punishment enough, and apart from that they are institutions of rehabilitation that aim to convince criminals that there is a better way to live. Which is all fine and dandy for, say, a Norwegian who is punished more by the shame of being incarcerated in the first place, but less helpful when applied to Islamics who basically think of it as a resort, where one may actually make money and even pension-points.

Today, the first of these arsonists had to appear before a judge in order to secure further incarceration. The small amount of information released from that little scene read as a virtual window into the Islamic mindset…

He was sentenced to four weeks of preliminary incarceration awaiting further investigation. When the verdict was read to him, he got up and called the judge a racist. Later he flipped the bird, and then continued with chants of “Heil Hitler!”

Soooo… The judge is a racist. That was playing the victim card — not his fault; it is society’s fault. Flipping the bird — well, yes, he was angry; we get that. Perhaps if he had been able to keep his emotions somewhat in check, he would not be before a judge in the first place. But the real gem is when he started with the chant of “Heil Hitler!”. Seriously. He called someone else racist?

What is wrong with these people? Are they mentally challenged? Are they entirely unable to see themselves as others do? What is their major malfunction?

A few others who were behind the arson, or at least knew about it but did nothing to prevent or give warning, returned earlier today to the same camp, entirely voluntarily. And they complained that they had no good place to sleep, that it was somewhat cramped.

I wonder why?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

And then we have the three terrorists, thwarted by some good intelligence work, albeit somewhat prematurely.

Someone somewhere leaked to some press agency that something was about to happen, so the secret police had to act before they really wanted to. The situation was under control, the chemicals that were supposed to be used in the terror action had been swapped with more inert substances, the suspects were under constant surveillance, and all was fine.

But this will lead to the three being charged with planning terror attacks, rather than the more serious crime of attempting to carry out terror. It would have been preferable if they had been caught red-handed.

Yay for the press!

Of course, the Norwegian press have run a number of stories of how nice and proper these people are. The usual: being good neighbors, quiet people. Because normally terrorists have a sign on their door that says “Islamist terrorists inside, do not disturb!”


Though for some reason our politicians, and not least our press — who could have a field day scoring massive points by going against Islam — seem to waffle. Assuring us that all is fine. Nothing to worry about.

This, I loathe to say it, seems to be normal.

And perhaps it is. But that does not make it right, nor something we should resign ourselves to.

— Zylark

This article was published in two parts at Big Peace.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Same thing happened in Britain a few years ago, Yarls Wood etc. The authorities catch some, let the others melt into the background. They eventually run someone down in a car, or as you say, get involved in crime again. Why is it alright for US to be tormented and tortured by these beasts, but they can't go back to their hole of origin?

EscapeVelocity said...

These are just misunderstanders of Islam. Every religion has a few.

Jack said...

We have the same problem in Australia.

Recently a boatload of criminals, oops i mean " asylum seekers " kicked their heels in and refused to leave an Australian customs vessel, they then demanded to go to Australia and made further demands that they should be granted perminent residencey immediatly they then threatened to commit suicide if their demands were not met.

Also Muslim prisoners (which make up a substantial percentage of the prison populion 3 guesses why) demand Halal food, and then have the cheek to complain its too salty. I say suck it up eat the crap or f**k off back to wherever the hell you came from terrorist scum.

Anonymous said...

It's high time we abandoned some of the democratic niceties we have grown accustomed to.

Say, you burn down some asylum center where you're fed courtesy of the taxpayer ?

When the police comes, let them start by beating a few illegal immigrants to a pulp. Before any paperwork gets done. Before any judge gets involved. Let the arsonists feel the love.

That's what they do to them in their countries of origin (at the very least). I mean, in theory, in France, arson is a crime, up there with premeditated murder and rape.

Look, I think we should open up to the Other, learn from his rich culture, and adopt a few of his mores. You know, as a gesture of courtesy to our hosts. We're being too ethno-centric, really.