Friday, July 30, 2010

The Dudley Two Go Free

Remember the Dudley Two?

EDL Dudley rooftopLeon and Snowy are two English Defence League members who were arrested back in May for occupying the roof of the existing building on the site of the proposed mosque in Dudley. They were held in jail for several days and then charged with burglary and breach of the peace.

Now comes word that the charges have been dropped, and both men are free. However, one of them had his arm broken when he was beaten by the police — I suppose that’s just a little souvenir to remind him of his visit with Dudley’s friendly law enforcement community.

According to The Dudley News:

Charges Dropped for EDL Rooftop Protestors

TWO English Defence League members, who were arrested during a rooftop protest, have had all charges dropped against them.

Leon McCreery from Stockport and John Shaw from Knaresborough were arrested during the incident over the May Bank holiday, after being taken down from the roof of a disused factory in Hall Street by riot police.

The pair were bailed following an appearance at Dudley Magistrates Court, but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has today announced it has dropped all charges against them because of “insufficient evidence”.

Gill Casey, District Crown Prosecutor for CPS Wolverhampton, said: “When considering whether a case should be prosecuted, the CPS applies the Code for Crown Prosecutors in two parts. The first is the evidential test where we have to be satisfied that there is enough admissible evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction. If the evidence satisfies the first test, then we have to consider the second part the public interest test.
- - - - - - - - -
“In the case against John Shaw and Leon McCreery a preliminary evidential test called the threshold test was applied. This was permissible because they were considered a substantial bail risk if released from custody and not all of the evidence was available to the prosecutor at the time that the charging decision was sought by the police. Additionally it was considered to be in the public interest to commence a prosecution.

“I have now had an opportunity of carrying out a review of all the evidence and have applied both parts of the Code and I have made the decision to discontinue the prosecution on the basis that there is now insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.”

A rumor is circulating to the effect that Muslims in Dudley are now rioting in protest over the release of Leon and Snowy. I don’t have any confirmation of this intriguing report, but another news story seems to support the contention that Dudley’s “youths” have indeed been rioting.

Hat tips: Gaia and Vlad Tepes.


Zenster said...

A rumor is circulating to the effect that Muslims in Dudley are now rioting in protest over the release of Leon and Snowy.

Good, let the Muslims show their true colors for one and all to see.

In keeping with their most excellent strategizing, the ERL should try to arrange for more unsupportable arrests like this, preferrably at high profile events similar to the one at that proposed mosque site.

In this way, repeated releases of EDL defendants based upon grounds of insufficient evidence will tend to spark more frequent Muslim riots and obtain a two-fold result. First, it will contiue to cast Muslims in the worst possible light (as if!) and second, it will confer a potential degree of ensuing legal immunity upon EDL members as they get a reputation for wriggling out of arrest charges on a routine basis.

This latter outcome raises the possibility that other anti-shari'a groups like the BNP et al might derive some degree of shared protection from a spreading perception that mistaken arrests will only cause more outbreaks of Islamic violence.

Knowing Britain's spineless lickspittle judicial system, the response likely will be to contrive whatever evidence is needed for assuring convictions that appease the Muslim community. Let's all hope that some sharp-witted barristers will commit pro bono services in the cause of defending the EDL's brave counter-jihad efforts.

christian soldier said...

doesn't england/or the EDL have a community organizing group like the muslim's CAIR - that can bring a law suit on behalf of these two- brutalized men!?!!!

Seneca III said...

Christian Soldier, I have long held that we the British Resistance should form a nationwide organisation known as ‘The Non-Muslim Council of Britain’ as an antidote to the (partly Government funded!) ‘Muslim Council of Britain’.

It, the N-MCB, should have the same agenda and the same manifesto as the MCB but from a reverse, totally non- muslim perspective.

This format would make it difficult for our Dhimmified thought police to attack – although they will try.

CAUTION - PLEASE NOTE: The last time I went to the main MCB website my virus shield blocked it emphatically having identified malware. No surprises there, then.

Seneca III

trencherbone said...

The EDL are currently protesting the abduction, pimping, rape, murder and mincing into hamburgers of Charlene Downes in Blackpool.

laine said...

Can the info linked to in Trencherbone's post be real? And if so, why wouldn't it be front page screaming headlines in every major western newspaper with their love of sensationalism trumping their politically correct shielding of minorities? Are the Arabs involved Muslim? There's the blood libel of Jews whom Arabs accuse of grinding up Arab children into their matzoh balls but Arabs themselves actually carry out this sort of thing? I've started a file "Muslims/Arabs behaving badly" but this would make anything else in there superfluous.